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Gene Decode: Banking Collapse

Gene Decode discusses the banking collapse and sees it as a sign that the alliance of White Hats are moving swiftly. The banks in trouble are “woke” operations on the East and Least coasts that have abandoned solid business principles, and instead were pushing Leftist and socialist agendas. Now, they are pushing daisies! Here’s more from Nicholas Veniamin.

Rogan Drops More Red Pills

Joe Rogan drops more red pills — exposing Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs and her strange comments about money laundering and the Sinaloa cartel. The mainstream media is not happy as the lies, distortions and phony misinformation of the fake news becomes more obvious and ridiculous.

CPAC — The Conservative Political Action Committee — kicks off its annual meeting in Maryland, with a guest appearance scheduled Saturday from Donald Trump. Lara Logan speaks out about the southern border and the illegal flood of migrants encouraged by Joe Biden’s corrupt administration. Pray! More from And We Know.

Tucker’s Stern Ukraine Warning

We don’t watch much TV anymore but we might have to return to the boob tube if Fox News keeps providing a platform for host Tucker Carlson. There aren’t many  commentators as knowledgeable or as straightforward in exposing the Democrats’ grizzly propaganda campaign involving Ukraine.

The lying got more extreme when Hillary Clinton mounted her unsuccessful campaign for the presidency in 2016 against Donald Trump. Joe Biden has accelerated the lying to delusional heights — all to preserve his blatant money laundering schemes. The longer this war drags on, the more likely we are to see World War III.

YouTube Poster

Dan Bongino says the United States appears to be walking into World War III. There are a few Neocons even running right into it!

We Fight for Our Children

Exposure on so many levels: Big Phama, Ukraine, the Plandemic, fraud, DARPA.  The blunder-puss Joe Biden leading the U.S. military into open conflict with Russia, and quite possibly, Communist China as well. Pray! More from And We Know.

Monica Crowley’s Truth Bomb!

Gutsy Monica Crowley spills the beans on what’s really happening in Ukraine, asserting the American people are downright angry about the whole situation.

In the following brief clip from “Watters World” on Fox News, with host Jesse Watters, Crowley says, “The national security state has a vested interest in keeping this war going because they’re all making a fortune off of this. This is a massive money-laundering operation for the globalists and the ruling elite around the world and Joe Biden is right there.” BOOM!

[DS] Just Lost The People

The [Deep State] have lost the narrative. They lost the people and control of information.

They don’t care anymore because they know they need to move forward with their plan and Trump is counting on this. The more they do, the worse it’s going to get for them.

The [Deep State] is planning to cheat in the 2024 election. The [World Economic Forum] already told us to expect a cyber attack. Trump hints at WWIII. Trump and the patriots know the playbook and it will be used against them. More from the X22 Report.

Juan O. Savin: Cabal Cover-up

As the nuclear weapons talk intensifies in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Juan O. Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez to prepare to see a Cuban Missile Crisis-type standoff.

Savin says the whole point of Ukraine to begin with was to cover up the Cabal’s sinister operations, such as the blatant Biden Crime Family graft on a global scale. And now with the escalating talks of nuclear war, the bad guys wouldn’t mind a nuke or two to get rid of the evidence. Savin explains further, plus offers more intel.

The Jackals Reveal Themselves

The [Deep State] is now using anarchy and chaos to keep the news cycle clogged. The evidence is pouring out and they don’t know how to stop it.

Epstein, money laundering, crimes against humanity are all on deck. The [Deep State] is fighting for their lives and the people are learning the truth.

The [Deep State] is now pushing people to go up against Trump in the election. This will fail. Trump is watching the board to see who is loyal and who is not. These people will enter the quicksand never to be heard from again. More from the X22 Report.

The biggest news in tonight’s X22 Report? Susan Wojcicki is stepping down as CEO of YouTube. Great news! Another one of the ugly, CIA-flanked cadre of social media bosses bites the dust. These Big Tech scions have been behind so much of the blatant censorship we’ve seen in recent years.

Wojciccki and her ilk also served front and center in hiding the ugly truth surrounding Jeffrey Epstein. Hey, Susan. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

Her replacement as CEO? Neal Mohan, an Indian-American and another Stanford University graduate, who has been chief product officer at YouTube. He developed the YouTube Shorts platform. More from The Quartering.

The Crime Of The Century

Here’s a wild and woolly video from Brendan Lee O’Connell, a so-called “conservative-leaning” Australian podcaster, drawing from a whistleblower named Mike Gill. It’s Gill’s contention that former President Donald Trump didn’t try to drain the swamp, but rather to take it over. We’ve all heard the stories about Bill and Hillary Clinton running drug smuggling through Arkansas.

Gill and O’Connell contend that what worked for the Democrats is now working for the Republicans. The video charges that much of the illegal fentanyl trade — said to involve hundreds of billions of dollars annually — is run through a drug smuggling ring based in New Hampshire, under the control of its governor Chris Sununu. Instead of cleaning up the racket, they contend, Trump took it over, replacing the old Swamp creatures with his own cadre of drug dealers and money launderers.

It’s said the spoils from the racket are laundered through the Ukraine, the same nation where the covid-19, biochemical weapons and pedophile-child trafficking rings are all based as well. Not only are U.S. politicians involved, but also their families, retired military officers, even Illuminati scum like Henry Kissinger and assorted alt-right media types, including the InfoWars crew and even James O’Keefe.

This video dishes a lot of dirt, mostly aimed at Republicans and conservatives. It’s claimed that Mike Gill was offered $50 million dollars to shut up and walk away, signing releases for banks, former heads of the IRS, lawyers and judges. Says O’Connell, “He never took the deal. THAT is a true hero. This is going all the way. All the way. Front page New York Times.”

(Our opinion: We smell a rat — or two! Lots of dirt is being tossed at Trump, so this could be the handiwork of the Democrats, seeing at how they soon might be facing tough corruption charges themselves. There’s also the chance that Ron DeSantis is involved, as he stands to gain immensely if Trump is thrown under the bus as a Presidential hopeful for 2024.  Why do we bring you the video? So you can begin to understand the infighting and the varied charges you’re likely to hear over the weeks ahead. Things are going to get rough and wild. Hang on to your hats, and also keep calm and collected. You’ll need a clear mind to sift through all the false flags, propaganda and lies, and begin to grasp the actual truth.)

Public Will Demand Declas Docs

The [Deep State] is now pushing the [scare] event. They are feeling pain every step of the way and are now throwing everything they have to try to stop the flow of information.

On one side, we have the warmongers, while on the other side, there are the peacemakers. President Trump will eventually step in and negotiate peace and the people will see this. Peace through strength.