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Unabomber Found Dead

The shocking death of the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, has sent shockwaves across the nation. From his reign of terror to the chilling details of his final hours, Next News Network exposes the sinister reality that gripped our society for decades and delves deep into the dark secrets and unanswered questions surrounding this infamous figure’s demise.

‘Rust’ Gun Was Modified

CBS News reports that the criminal charges against Alec Baldwin in the Rust shooting were dropped because new evidence revealed the gun had been modified and prosecutors felt they could not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Correspondent Dick Brenan said the firearm was modified and sent to the set without Baldwin’s knowledge in a way that would have made it less safe to handle. He added that the disclosure also undermined the prosecution’s contention that the gun could be fired without Baldwin pulling the trigger. Here’s more.

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First Strike: Do We Survive?

Could the United States survive a nuclear first strike from Russia and Communist China? That’s the key topic of debate on this new edition of JustInformed talk.

Much depends on how many Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) are fired, as well as their targets? Would they be aimed at the so-called “nuclear sponge,” the five Great Plains and Rockies states (Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska and North Dakota) that house our nuclear arsenal? Or would the attack focus more on huge metropolitan areas, for instance, New York City or Washington D.C.?

Also, would the launches come from Russia and Communist China, or from submarines close to our shores? There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s dig in.

Is Bird Flu the Next Pandemic?

George Webb theorizes that the abundance of balloon-like objects in the sky could be a mere distraction from the emergence of the next viral pandemic.

Appearing on Tommy’s Podcast, with host Thomas Carrigan, Webb says aerial research on the possible arrival of the H5N1 virus, more commonly know as the bird flu or avian influenza, may be connected to the recent flurry of objects in the sky cutting a swath between Montana and South Carolina.

Could this be the precursor to the next viral pandemic? “If you really think all these scenarios through, it really makes sense that the balloon is looking for something they don’t want us to know about,” Webb says. He added that the objects have been going on since 2020 and they are showing the public the last balloon now that we’re at the end of the story. He explains the process further.

Juan O. Savin: Tracking Nukes

Juan O. Savin breaks down the saga of the Chinese balloon that crossed the country untouched before it was shot down in South Carolina.

Savin, who says the U.S. military knew about the craft even before it reached Alaska, posits there’s more to the story than meets the eye. While the media floated a variety of reports about the craft’s existence, Savin says its true mission was to traverse the heart of the country’s nuclear deployment locations. He elaborates on the details, plus discusses the intricate Russian system for manipulating the Jetstream and a special strata of the U.S. military.

U.S. House Condemns China

The U.S. House of Representatives officially condemns China in a unanimous vote. Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, and Young Kim, D-California, explain and we review the resolution.

Senators in border states blast Biden officials for allowing the balloon to cross into the U.S. We hear opening statements from Biden officials Melissa Dalton at the Department of Homeland Security and Douglas Sims, Director of Operations, at the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Senators Jon Tester, D-Montana, Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, Susan Collins, R-Maine, and John Hoeven, R-North Dakota, all weigh in.

China ignores Biden’s calls after his State of the Union speech and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin sits down with CBS to discuss the response to the balloon. Hakeem Jeffries, the Minority Leader in the House, issues a short statement on behalf of Biden. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire, on Watching The Watchers.

Was Balloon American Vessel?

The U.S. government apparently shot down what it has called a “high-altitude surveillance balloon” near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Saturday. Naval and Coast Guard crews were scouring the coastline for any signs of debris. A Naval salvage vessel has been summoned.

On Friday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed the balloon was Chinese, but denied it was a spy balloon. Here’s a report on the originala balloon sighting in Montana from Breitbart News.

Wild theories abounded. Some worried that the Chinese are trying to conduct surveillance on U.S. ICBMs, or Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.

But another theory arose from Real Raw News. Its reporter Michael Baxter claimed the balloon wasn’t Chinese at all, but instead was launched at Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington state to keep a bird-s-eye view on a gathering of militia in Montana. This gathering was said to involve conservative members from the region, including not only Montana but also Wyoming, Idaho and possibly surrounding states.

Baxter claimed the U.S. military under Joe Biden’s regime didn’t shoot down the balloon because they launched it. They could have also used satellites for surveillance, but Baxter implied that much of the satellite system is now under White Hat control, and thus, out of the reach of Biden’s puppets. Again, we have no way to determine the accuracy of his reporting. We simply bring it to you to offer another perspective in what’s been a wild source of speculation over the weekend.

Here, Martin Brodel offers more details from Baxter’s story.

Balloon To Stay Afloat For Days

The U.S. Department of Defense reveals new details about the Chinese surveillance balloon. Brigadier General Patrick Ryder explains the Chinese craft will float over the United States for days and is maneuverable. CIA Director William J. Burns explains the future landscape. Joe Biden refuses to answer questions.

Republicans Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz join Democrat Senator Dick Durbin in demanding to know more about Ex-FBI Agent Charles McGonigal’s involvement with the Russians. We review letters from Congress to the FBI and the Department of Justice. More from Robert Gouveia in another edition of Watching The Watchers.

Late Friday, there were reports of some sort of explosion over Montana, possibly involving the spy balloon. Also, U.S. military confirmed the existence of a second spy balloon over Latin America.

Joe Biden didn’t comment, nor could he, seeing as how China owns his sorry ass! Here’s more from Fox News.


in times like this, there’s little to do, except recall Nena and her 99 Luftballons.


Dumb Leaders Behind Gas Prices

Trump-era Interior Secretary and Republican congressional candidate Ryan Zinke weighs in on the escalating price of gasoline. Zinke spearheaded Trump’s efforts to lower the price of gas by about $2 a gallon. He explains how this was accomplished and says it can be done again with wiser leadership.

Zinke is running for a new Congressional seat encompassing the western half of Montana. He speaks here with One America News’ John Hines from Washington DC.

Truckers Shut Down Canada

In an incredible display of power and solidarity, tens of thousands of Canadians have gathered in Ottawa to protest their nation’s unlawful vaccine mandates. More from RedPill78.

Much of the truckers’ protest has been centered in Ottawa, but the truckers also blocked border traffic between Canada and the United States over routes running into Montana. This spurred enormous outrage from leftist commentators like Mika Brzezinski, who co-hosts MSNBC’s morning show with Joe Scarborough.

Funny how neither Brzezinski nor her lover Scarborough ever denounced the Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters who took over whole blocks and neighborhoods of Seattle and Portland, segregating them off from society. Hey, Mika, go suck a peach! More from The Salty Cracker.