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Thanksgiving With Tucker

It’s real. You didn’t imagine it. More from FreedomToons.

White Ethnomasochism

Why are white-dominated countries so eager to turn their nations into multicultural snakepits? The ethnomasochism on display in Canada, the United States, Australia and across much of Western Europe is not only puzzling, but singularly revealing. You don’t see the same kinds of suicidal policies pushed in Japan or Hong Kong, or among other Asian and Muslim nations. What’s compelling the West to commit hara-kiri? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.


The Caravan Of Saints

The French novelist Jean Raspail wrote a tale of dystopic fiction in 1973 that has eerily foretold the disintegration of Western culture that has occurred, owing to mass illegal immigration. Raspail’s book was The Camp of the Saints, and it has since been attacked or praised all around the world. Time Magazine, for instance, blasted it as a “bilious tirade,” but William F. Buckley Jr. praised it as “a great novel” raising questions on how to respond to illegal immigration.

Here, Black Pigeon Speaks uses the novel as a starting point to examine the concepts of open borders and multiculturalism, and how they might destroy or set back civilization.

Turkey Pushes New World Order

Egypt and France carry out large-scale exercises in the Mediterranean amid heightened tensions with Turkey. Multiculturalism and diversity have failed. Turkey is helping to usher in the end of the Old World Order. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Candace & Sheriff Clarke

David Clarke, the former Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, joins Candace Owens for a conversation about father absence in the Black community, the war of political ideas, and why multiculturalism is destroying America. More on The Candace Owens Show on Prager U.

Why Preserve Western Values

British YouTuber Carl Benjamin, also known as Sargon of Akkad online, sits down with Candace Owens for a discussion on multiculturalism in Europe, online censorship, political correctness, and why we must preserve western values. More from PragerU.

Putin and Dalai Lama Agree

When Putin and the Dalai Lama agree, then perhaps we have seen a true meeting of the minds. What view do they share? Simply, that classical Liberalism is dead. Putin explained that Liberalism “has outlived its purpose” and multiculturalism “is no longer tenable.” Meanwhile, the Dalia Lama said something quite similar, telling the BBC that “Europe is for Europeans” and “migrants should be sent back.” Lisa Haven discusses these positions.

Here, Dr. Steve Turley analyzes Putin’s comments in greater detail, and argues that Liberalism has been dying for at least 15 to 20 years. All we are seeing now are its last ugly gasps as it descends toward madness and oblivion.

End Multiculturalism

Way of the World looks at the ways we can end multiculturalism. Its inherent contradictions are eroding all of our societies — as refugees pour into Europe and North America, causing ceaseless deterioration in the quality of life. Who but godless Globalists wants a future that is so bleak and destructive?

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Want to see how Globalism will ruin your towns and communities? Here’s a look at the Muslim takeover of Dearborn, Mich. See how they are driving out American businesses so that everything will be controlled by the Muslim hierarchy. See how they cheat the system, wearing designer clothes and driving expensive autos while flashing their food stamps and abusing Medicare. Soon, it will be too late to turn them back if we don’t stop the Muslim influx that Obama and the Democrats encouraged. More from Berean Class.

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Leftism Will Eat Itself

As the Left pushes its divisive Identity politics and its technocratic Globalism, more of the middle class and working class have abandoned Liberalism. We no longer respect or want Liberal or Radical politicians. We do not want to see our nations engulfed by immigrants, or our neighborhoods torn apart by all the chaos and protest. Multiculturalism has been a disaster. Now, we are fighting to preserve our homes, our neighborhoods, our nations. We want to preserve a real future for our kids. Black Pigeon Speaks explains.



Culture Collapse in Canada

A 37-year-old Syrian refugee was arrested for publicly masturbating at aquatic center in Canada and previously was found “giving a young person a consensual back massage” but was only given a suspended sentence and 24 months of probation. Stefan Molyneux breaks down major inconsistencies in how the story is being reported, cultural differences as a legal defense and the danger of changing legal standards due to multiculturalism. Stefan Molyneux reports.