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The New Confederacy

In this episode, Dinesh D’Souza examines Victor Davis Hanson’s argument that the northern progressive states now make up a new confederacy.

As the University of California system gets rid of standardized testing for being racially biased, D’Souza reveals how, both historically and now, these tests provide the true measure of merit that enable talent to rise to the top.

D’Souza also explores the illogic of Biden opening up the strategic oil reserves in order to lower oil prices that his policies drove up and, finally, investigates why Muslims are, perhaps for the first time in history, converting in large numbers to Christianity.

Poland Defends Its Borders

Poland is defending its borders against a massive wave of Muslim migrants trying to enter Europe via Belarus. Lying due east of Poland, Belarus is a landlocked country whose president, Alexander Lukashenko, has been involved in plenty of monkey business.

Lukashenko has held office more than 27 years, using election fraud to remain in power. He’s helping the waves of migrants in an attempt to destabilize Europe, whose nations have brought sanctions against him. Here, Steve Turley gives an overview and explains why Poland’s nationalism has become a model for other countries.

Democrats Use, Abuse Blacks

Riis Flex explores the many ways the derelict Democratic Party uses — and abuses — black voters. These are all old routines, well honed over the decades.

Also, she gets into the Buffalo man who ran a big scam to make it appear he was harassed by cops. This man, Martin Gugino, is a joker with a long tract record of tangling with the cops. He has now deleted his entire social media to hide the malarkey he has done. Fortunately, Riis downloaded much of it before Gugino could hide the goods. Sorry, big boy! You pull the stunts, sooner or later you are caught and exposed!

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What tricks will the Democrats use next to foment violence and riots? Here, Newsbud’s Sibel Edmonds cites intelligence sources indicating there could be false flag events soon focusing on Hispanics and Muslims. It’s not clear when those events might happen, or where and how they will unfold. But the object is to expand the scope of the riots by adding new fronts and different minorities and conflicts.

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Greeks Turning Back Horde

Greek forces are holding the tide and reversing a horde of Moslem immigrants released into their nation by the Turkish leader Erdogan. There could be new waves or setbacks, as Leftists keep pressing for open borders, just as they are doing in the United States. But for now, the imminent threat has been reduced. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

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China’s Concentration Camps

In western China, there’s a growing network of what journalists, former inmates, and the U.S. government are calling “concentration camps”—or what the Chinese government refers to as “vocational training centers.” They’re believed to hold between 1 and 3 million people, and perhaps as much as one-quarter of the Muslim population of Xinjiang Province. More from Reason.TV.

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And speaking of China, now the Left is taking sides with China, since Orange Man is bad. The Left is arguing that President Trump is taxing the American people. Wrong! He is imposing tariffs on Chinese goods because that nation has been manipulating its currency and screwing American producers. If you are bothered by the tariffs, buy goods from another country. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

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Strange Virginia Beach Timing

Destroying the Illusion examines the mass shooting at Virginia Beach, happening within a day of new gun control messages delivered by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. You almost might think they had advance notice of when another shootout would occur. Also, Jordan Sather reacts to the Sean Hannity special program “Deep State Reckoning.” Finally, the History Channel has a new UFO program.

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McAllisterTV uncovers a 1976 presidential candidate, Ernest Miller, who ran on an independent campaign to defeat the Illuminati and save the American Republic. Miller visited many states but collected  less than 1 percent of the vote in the election, won by Jimmy Carter over Gerald Ford. Also here, we get a look at Albert Pike and his plan for a third World War that would pit the Muslims against the Jews, and leave Christians and atheists bowing down to the Satanists. The truth will be ugly!

Oh yeah, this happened, they say. Croww777 returns to SGTReport to discuss NASA, the occult and the official lies of the Deep State.

Was Paul Combetta, the computer specialist who deleted Hillary Clinton’s emails, raided last night? Mueller and Weissmann are caught withholding evidence from Gen. Flynn. Andrew McCabe getting nervous. Also, there has been a possible Ebola connection to downed Cessna off Florida coast. More from RedPill78.

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Meet Sophie Corbis

This 14-year-old is a weaponized YouTuber redpilling Generation Z about Pizzagate. Says Vindicator on Voat’s Pizzagate board, “There’s a 14 year old girl putting out some hardcore pizzagate redpill videos that will definitely give you hope for the future. If she’s any example of Gen Z (the “Zoomers” as she calls them), America will definitely be great again. When I caught this gem YouTube “manifesto” about the Religion of Peace, I could hardly believe a kid could make this kind of hilarious, razor-edged social commentary, but she most definitely does. 800,000 people follow her YouTube Channel. She writes her material herself, edits her own videos and even composes music.”

Here’s Be Not Afraid, her video on the Muslim Religion of Peace. Please note: This is a revised version of the original video. That original was removed by the Leftist social censors at YouTube. A scourge to every one of them. May they all rot in Hell, right alongside all the pedophile assholes from Hollywood.

And here is her opening video in a two-part series on Hollywood Pedos, as good an analysis as we have seen from anyone any age, and much more forthcoming than any journalist. Of course, Kevin Spacey would likely disagree.