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The Cosmic Con

Gigi Young offers a new chapter in her Mars Mysteries series: The Cosmic Con. Here, she dives into the Nazi’s Thule Society and its ideas that Mars, and eventually Earth, were settled by aliens from the planet Aldebaran. She covers varied theorists and propagandists, ranging from Erich Von Daniken to Zecaria Sitchin.

Were there actually ancient gods in ancient times, who guided thinking and progress on Earth, while also pillaging our planet? If so, what are the relics they left behind? Gigi Young explores the myths as well as the possibilities.

Celestial Birth Of The Son/Sun

The Art of Dino delves into the Aryan Sun-Myths, authored by Sarah E. Titcomb, that sheds theoretical light on the personification and symbolism of the solstice and its spiritual representations on Earth.

Host Dino analyzes Appendix A of the book, which explains the fable that the sun is worshipped under the name of Christ. Says Dino, “With the amount of resets we’ve had since the dawn of time, there’s no telling where the origins of the stories we have today come from.” He speculates they could emanate from myths, literal translations or worlds and powers we have no idea about, and may range from 5,000 to even a million years old. Here’s his report.

Saturn, Santa And The Sabbath

We almost missed this Pop III update from Sir Patrick Mack. Would have made more sense to present it a week ago, but having always followed In Pursuit of Truth, we’re not going to wait a full year to bring it to you.

Here, we’re introduced to Saturnalia and the winter solstice, as well as the paganism wrapped into the Christmas season.

The video later focuses on the rise of Communism in Russia, and the attacks against the Emperor.

There Is A Plan

When conservative pundit Doug Billings lashed out at patriots for believing in what he called a mythical plan by the military to save America, that didn’t sit well with Lin Wood.

In an impassionate response, Wood takes Billings to the woodshed, doubling down that there is a plan. “I don’t think Doug knows, or Gen. Flynn knows if the military is in charge. I certainly don’t know if the military is in charge of this nation,” Wood says. “As a matter of faith, I disagree (with Billings). Based on facts and opinions, I think there is a plan. Whatever role the military or President Trump has, there is a plan.” Here’s more. of his response.

Send In The Clowns

Ritual public humiliation. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

If someone tells you to suck it up and accept the “New Normal,” tell them you’ve gone crazy and they better run. More from Lisa Haven, covering the many euphemisms and lame-add excuses being held forth to try to get us to accept this deprivation of our rights, pushed by the demonic Democrats.

A nurse explains why she won’t wear a mask. Naturally, YouTube is censoring this video. They just can’t resist censorship. They answer to Leftists, who are all stooges for Communist China.

We bring you the video from Bitchute. If you haven’t checked it out, you should do so. It’s a little wonkier than YouTube, but actually practices, encourages and salutes freedom. That’s unlike YouTube, which is slicker but tailor-made for hardcore Leftists.




The Climate Change Sham

The new mantra from the global warming alarmists: The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change. But more than likely, when that time is up, alarmists will add another dozen years, and 12 more after that.

It’s a never-ending proclamation of prolonging myths and impending doom. The truth is, the planet has warmed up 1 degree celsius since 1900 and life expectancy has doubled in industrialized democracies. Like most narratives on the left, the climate change myth is really a power grab, the Deep State’s reach for total control.

In what was supposed to be a global warming debate between alarmists and deniers, sponsored by the Heartland Institute and moderated by consumer advocate John Stossel, the alarmists failed to show up. Tune in as the panel totally discredits the sham that is global warming on the John Stossel Channel.

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Debunking Food Myths

When it comes to our diet, myths and false truths abound on whether it’s safe to ingest certain foods. Such folk tales as, “Are microwaves robbing our foods of their nutrients?” and “Are oysters aphrodisiacs?” have been debunked by science, yet people convince themselves to believe the nonsense. WatchMojo.com counts down the Top 10 food myths, focusing on adages for food and common diet tips.

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Unraveling Space Myths

Our universe is full of mysteries, many of them not close to being solved. But scattered about what we do know of the Final Frontier are a handful of myths. Many of the wider-known misconceptions have been debunked, such as the myth that a human body would freeze if left unprotected in the vacuum of space. But space is beyond freezing, measuring -270.45 Celsius. Your body wouldn’t freeze, you’d actually overheat because there is nothing for your body heat to transfer to. Nine additional myths are explained in this special science issue of Alltime 10s.

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Debunking Dumb Myths

Danger Dolan returns with a feature about the 10 dumbest myths about iconic wonders on the planet. Take the Empire State Building in New York City, once the world’s tallest building. A persistent myth surrounding the Big Apple structure is that you can kill someone by dropping a penny on him or her from the building’s roof. That would be an impossibility, since most light objects are caught in a powerful updraft and blown back up to the 81st floor. The small objects not caught in the updraft are blown out to the Hudson River.

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