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Did India Really Land On Moon?

Earlier this month, the Indian Space Agency allegedly landed an unmanned spacecraft and rolled out a rover onto the South Pole of the moon. But did they really accomplish this feat, or was it another production of smoke and mirrors, NASA style?

Eric Dubay reports that nearly 99 percent of the footage shown of this ground-breaking event was clear, obvious and very poor CGI. Why do you suppose NASA, Roscosmos, the Chinese, the Indian and all other world space agencies spend money creating and air-time broadcasting all these computer graphic animations of their expeditions rather than showing us actual video footage? Dubay takes a closer look at the event.

Total UFO Disclosure Coming?

Earlier this summer, Congress heard testimony of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UFOs, where witnesses not only discussed inexplicable technology, but also claimed our government was in possession of these advanced vehicles,  some of which contained biological evidence of non-human pilots.

So what comes next? Sara Carter says we are closer to the truth than ever. She says multiple reports on the phenomenon are expected to surface in the near future, one required by the Defense Authorization Act and another from NASA. Carter welcomes renowned UFO expert Nick Pope to the podcast for an update.

Deceiving Humanity

One of the lingering questions in the flat Earth debate by globe defenders is why does the shape of our planet really matter?

The following video, adapted from the writings of Eric Dubay and courtesy of Disclosure Library, submits that the issue of crucial importance in this debate is not the shape of Earth, it’s about the lie that has befallen humanity for generations. The lie of heliocentrism is one of the most insidious imaginable, replacing our common sense and lived experience.

Disclosure Library breaks down factors in the heated debate and also zeroes into the real truth behind the 1969 moon landing, positing, “If humanity succeeds in exposing this egregious lie, and finally rooting out the liars, the beneficial ripple effect it would have throughout society is massive.” Here’s more, and please do your own research and use discernment when watching the video.

Cattle Mutilation Riddle Solved

The Armoured Skeptic prepares to jockey with the CIA — as well as NASA — in tackling the issue of cattle mutilations. Along the way, he gets into the phony moon landing and other instances of social  manipulations and distortions. We have a lot to learn as so much of the history we have been taught is a lie!

They Fake Space

In the following video, courtesy of Philosophers-stone.info Pureblood, a Florida patriot exposes a potential fraud perpetrated by NASA on a major scale, regarding astronauts on the International Space Station.

Appearing before the County Commission in Brevard County, home of the John F. Kennedy Space Center, the gentleman proclaims there is clear evidence of a fake production, using wires, harnesses, greenscreens and virtual reality to achieve the appearance of a weightless environment. In other words, NASA is faking space! Here’s his presentation.

NASA & The Occult UFO File

Please join us as Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep on the occult origins of NASA. This follows NASA’s recent public presentation, trying to hide the UFO File in a bureaucratic morass of intel terms like UAP and AARO.

Dark Journalist looks at the early days of NASA and how CalTech Scientist/Occultist Jack Parsons, a student of Aleister Crowley, created the prototype of the Space Program with his mystical rocket experiments and the development of the Jet Propulsion Lab.

33rd Degree Masons: Satanists!

Ancient Free Masonry uses mind control and sodomy! All 33rd degree Free Masons are Satanists! Sir John Dee’s Devil Head Sodomizer!

What happened to all of Albert Pike’s children? Free Masonry us mind control! Free Masonry programs an unbreakable bond into the member.

Learn more about Pike’s terrible abuse of Native Americans and the hypocrisy of the news! More from McAllister TV.

Chicks On Mars!

A  study apparently shows that for extended space journeys, such as a flight to Mars, an all-female crew would cut significantly on consumables and have other mass savings as well.

But what if they left something out of their equations? The “Right Angle” crew of Scott Ott, Bill Whittle and Stephen Green break down the study, and offer their analysis.

Reverse Engineering Alien Tech

NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist Phil Catalino joins the program to discuss his time at NASA’s JPL and his involvement with reverse engineering what he and many other scientists believed to be alien technology. We discuss the origins of JPL, the cultist Jack Parsons and some interesting stories during his time at JPL. Phil Catalino is also one of the original scientists behind the world-changing C60. More from Sarah Westall on Business Game Changers.