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Shut Up LeBitch

Lebron James might be able to score with free throws, but he mostly slings goose eggs over Twitter.

How do we know? He got himself fact-checked by Elon Musk, who easily dispatched Lebron’s barrage of crap! More from The Salty Cracker.

Woke Backfire

The NBA won’t force basketball players to take the jab but referees and staff must. More from The Salty Cracker.

Time To Boycott Baseball

The overseers of Major League Baseball have now proven themselves to be just as idiotic as their counterparts in the National Football League and National Basketball Association. To protest Georgia’s attempts to reform its election laws, MLB has announced it will move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, costing the state of Georgia upwards of $100 million in tourist revenue.

The fact of the matter is: The new law will make it tougher for election fraud to occur in Georgia. In our estimation, that’s a step in the right direction. There was ample evidence of widespread cheating in the 2020 election, with Atlanta being one of the hotspots for the thievery.

Styxhexenhammer666 says “not many SJWs watch sports, MLB.” Why is a sports league trying to dictate election laws anyway? MLB can’t even decide whether to apply the DH, or designated hitter, in both the American and National Leagues!

The bottom line: It’s now time to boycott MLB the same as we have stopped going to NFL or NBA games.  Does that mean you can’t buy a pack of baseball cards? That’s up for you to decide yourself.

But if each of us cancels purchasing some tickets, or touring major league parks, the MLB will feel the economic crunch. And they need to get hit — hard. So hard, they stick with playing the game, as opposed to ever again maliciously trying to dictate our national politics.

Cuban Bans National Anthem

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks National Basketball Association franchise, has banned the playing of the National Anthem at his team’s home games. Guess it’s no longer the “National” Basketball Association. Probably now the “Communist” Basketball Association, seeing as how it’s a Cuban behind the banning! More from Steve Turley.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The NBA apparently was taken aback by Cuban’s announcement and quickly declared that the Dallas Mavericks, along with all other NBA teams, must play the National Anthem before home games.)

NBA Commies Going Broke

The National Basketball Association commies gave us basketball on Christmas Day and, lo and behold, saw their audience share shrink by 21 percent. The moral of the story: NBA, cram your stinking Globalist politics. Get back to work and dribble the ball, or else shut up and learn to code! More from The Salty Cracker.

Why Are NBA Ratings Tanking?

NBA basketball finals ratings have hit a record low. Lebron James is a big part of the problem. So are people fed up with all the Black Lives Matter promotions. More from Ramzpaul.

NFL Ratings Hit The Skids!

NFL ratings tank and NBA study says politics led to a ratings collapse. Who could of possibly foreseen this? Oh wait. Literally everyone. The entire MLB, NBA, all sports in general. Sorry but we don’t want your opinion on politics. Just put the ball in the hole, over the fence or in the end zone. More from The Quartering.

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The NBA’s China Hypocrisy

Steven Crowder breaks down how the NBA and Big Tech’s support of China is not only hypocritical, it’s a little evil. More from Louder with Crowder.

Esports gamer Chung Ng Wai, who goes by Blitzchung, wears a gas mask and goggles and ends an interview saying “Liberate Hong Kong: Revolution of our times.” Hearthstone tournament sponsor Blizzard Entertainment bans him for a year and strips him of $10,000 in 2019 winnings. Is this just a case of an American company enforcing its legal contract and protecting its reputation? Or did parent company Activision Blizzard cave to minor investor Tencent Holdings Ltd., a massive Chinese conglomerate? Will global corporations ever stand up to the communist Chinese government and allow free speech? Can China stand against a world of (virtual) warriors who #BoycottBlizzard ? More from Bill Whittle and Scott Ott.

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One thing you can say for the corporations: They are bending over for China. More from Computing Forever.

8Kun: Soon To Be Kicking

Destroying the Illusion says look for 8Kun.net — the new and improved 8Chan — to be going live soon. 8Chan owner Jim Watkins believes the site could be live as as early as tomorrow, Oct. 17, or this Friday, Oct. 18. Elsewhere, we are seeing the mass media imploding. CNN is under attack from Project Veritas while ABC is shooting itself in the foot, presenting fake news footage of the Turks.

How can these outlets survive when they forgot how to do genuine journalism years ago? Now they are puppets and mouthpieces for the CIA and the Deep State Democrats.

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The [Deep State] has no way out of their plan that didn’t work. They are holding closed door meetings so the people don’t catch on. The Adam Schiffs and Nancy Pelosis have changed the rules to fit their agenda and now the people are catching wind of this. Julian Assange is now in court to see if he will be sent back to the US. The patriots are getting prepared for the evidence to be produced. Timing is very important. The Syria plan is moving along according to schedule. Here come the negotiations between Turkey, US, Syria and Russia. Boom. Trump and Flynn have coordinated their banner pages. More from the X22 Report.

RedPill78 confirms: The IG report has been delayed, likely until the end of October. The Clowns are fighting DECLAS. Of course, they are. DECLAS will show just how rotten that agency has become. Has John Bolton been providing aid to the whistleblowers? Wouldn’t surprise us. Also, more here on CNN.

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The Fake News Hunter Biden played to his Democratic followers on Good Morning America. During the Summer Olympics, will the NBA play for the USA or for China? Mobb Deep, the rapper prodigy, tried to expose a pedophile ring before he died. More analysis of breaking news from McAllister TV.


South Park Predicts The Future

Notice how none of the Hollywood movies anymore have Chinese villains? That’s because China owns most of the Hollywood studios these days. And, of course, to poke fun of the Chinese would be racist. Just ask the yahoos in the NBA. More from Mark Dice.

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The big story trending is that Blizzard, the company behind Hearthstone, has suspended a player and rescinded prize money over his support for the ongoing Hong Kong protests.

This comes in the wake of the South Park episode mocking American companies for caving to the censorship demands of China. The news sparked outrage that Americans would have to live under the censorship of China due to market pressure with Marco Rubio issuing a statement stating just that. China uses market influence to exert cultural pressure onto other countries.

Meanwhile protesters in Hong Kong are being seriously injured as they demand free speech and sovereign rights, opposing the will of Communist China.

As Trump’s trade war escalates and companies are forced to choose sides, could all of this be the tipping point toward full-scale conflict between the US and China? More from Tim Pool.

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The Chinese, of course, didn’t take too kindly to South Park. The television comedy got banned by the Communists and completely erased from the Chinese version of the Internet! More from The Quartering.

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