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Don Jr. Smiles At Trial

Donald Trump Jr. appeared in Court and testified with a big smile during trial in Letitia James’ prosecution of Donald Trump in NYC. We review the day’s trial activities courtesy of those inside the courtroom, where cameras have been banned during the proceedings.

Trump releases a new video slamming the ballot removal trial taking place in Colorado, and Trump attorney Christina Bobb weighs in. Kash Patel testifies on behalf of Trump’s defense, explaining that attempts by the Administration to bring in the National Guard were rejected by Mayor Muriel Bowser the day before January 6th.

The House Oversight Committee releases new evidence showing Joe Biden got another “loan repayment” from his brother James totaling $40,000. Rep. Comer details the money trail that sent funds from the CCP-affiliated companies to Hunter Biden, then to James Biden, and then finally, to Joe Biden, the man with the power to make the deals happen. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Meanwhile, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has received a subpoena to produce documents in a third-party criminal case in California. A U.S. House reading clerk notified the House membership of this development, but specifics of the case at hand remain unclear. Here’s more from GHARD_Joe.

Hunter Sues The IRS

Some are wondering whether Hunter biden is still on crack after learning his legal team has filed a lawsuit against the IRS alleging Hunter has been damaged as a result of the IRS Whistleblower revelations. We review the lawsuit filed in the D.C. Circuit Court and hear reaction from Congress and the Whisteblowers.

FBI Agent Elvis Chan skipped a scheduled interview with Congress and Congress is not happy. Rep. Jim Jordan sends a letter to Elvis Chan along with a subpoena ordering him to appear at a future date. We review the letter and hear reaction from Jim Jordan.

Trump’s defense team replies to the Government’s objection to their request for a recusal of Judge Tanya S. Chutkan recusal, saying that arguments from government prosecutors are ludicrous and misleading. We review the filings in the D.C. case.

Former President Donald Trump rightly blames Nancy Pelosi for January 6th in a new interview with Meet the Press. Remember Mayor Muriel Bowser’s email rejecting National Guard support? We do. Nancy Pelosi responds to Trump’s claim.

Biden Is Out, Shift Is On

The [Deep State] was put on full display. Trump paused it all and let the people see it all. He put the country into Continuity of Government and this allowed Trump to take complete and utter control.

Biden is out and now Obama is in focus. Trump is letting the people see the crimes of the [Deep State]. The people need this information to make an informed decision in the 2024 election.More from the X22 Report.

Military Movements Across USA

Massive military movements are now being reported across the United States. Sightings of tank and truck convoys have been reported in at least 15 cities.

The question arises: Do these movements signify something strategic related to the defense of the nation? Or are these random sightings, or perhaps attached to summer drills involving units like the National Guard or the U.S. Army Reserves?

We don’t know the answer, or we would relay it. Here’s more from XAndrewX.

Trump Still In Charge

Derek Johnson explains why President Donald J. Trump is still firmly in charge of matters, thanks to some key Executive Orders he signed before leaving the White House in early 2021.

Johnson tells The Buff Show’s Matt Buff how a new Law of War Manual, issued by the Department of Defense in 2015, became a key factor in the Trump Administration. He also explains what the importance of the continuity of government, which involves the three branches of government, is all about, and why a key Trump decision in activating the National Guard means for our country during federal emergencies

Buckle Up, Folks!

In an impassioned message to the Democrats Party and D.C. establishment, Georgia U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene warned that Republicans are ready to lower the boom!

Armed with a new GOP House majority in the 118th Congress, Greene says that among the first order of business will be seeking the truth for the American people on a variety of issues, most notably probing Joe Biden’s financial shenanigans with China and revealing why Speaker Pelosi did not activate National Guard troops during the alleged Jan. 6 insurrection. Buckle up, folks, it’s going to get wild! Here’s more from 99Percent.

[Deep State] Playbook Known

The [Deep State] have deployed all assets to stop Trump. They have brought in a Special Counsel to indict Trump. Trump and the patriots know this plan. Countermeasures are in place.

The [Deep State] will shut down communications to stop the flow of information. The pieces to the storm are coming together. Trump was reinstated on Twitter. Everything is set. The storm is approaching and the [Deep State] is falling right into the trap that was set. More from the X22 Report.

If Both Parties Are Corrupt?

The [Deep State] stole the election. The Republicans helped with the process. The people are angry. They see the election fraud, and more and more people are waking up.

The people in Brazil are going through the same thing and they are protesting in large numbers. The people of Arizona want an election redo.

Trump is preparing to make an announcement that will go down in the history books. Let’s see what happens. More from the X22 Report.

An End To The Endless

Latest Q posts! Welcome to the clone show! Who will put an end to the endless? Bluewater Intel! Trump wedding! Who’s invited? Who’s really invited? Who’s alive? Who’s dead? Living with dumbtards! Welcome to Babylon! More from McAllister TV.

American Civil War Has Begun

The red wave hit and the [Deep State] players needed days to combat it. They are failing because the people can see the cheating on a grand scale. Trump was able to call the jackals out the woodwork so we now know who is with Trump and who is not.

The civil war between the Republican swamp creatures and MAGA has begun. The swamp is being drained. The stage is set.

The National Guard monitored the election. So did the military. Let’s see what the National Guard produces. More from the X22 Report.