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Pentagon Leaker Arrested

Alleged Pentagon Leaker Jack Teixeira was arrested at his home on suspicion of disclosing classified national security documents.

Is Hunter Biden running country? The President’s son corrects him on more than one occasion on his trip to Ireland.

Former President Donald Trump sues Michael Cohen for $500 million dollars and Cohen responds. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

The Washington Post and New York Times once were considered hallowed examples of America’s free press. Now, these two institutions have morphed into docile service agencies doing investigative work on behalf of Joe Biden and his corrupt leftist administration.  Here, in a video partially labeled “Doing the FBI’s Work For Them,” Glenn Greenwald explores this strange trajectory and what it means for a dystopic future.

Biden Spying On Americans!

Official ACLJ’s Jordan Sekulow says that over the weekend, there were reports the Department of Homeland Security has quietly been conducting a new program called the Overt Human Intelligence Collection Program, which allows it to request interviews with practically any Americans they want, circumventing legal counsel to do so.

Why is Joe Biden so intent on spying on Americans? This is not the first instance of this administration violating the Constitutional rights of Americans. Sekulow says that less than a month ago, the Biden FBI was caught spying on so-called radical traditionalist Catholics, whom they essentially labeled terrorists because they conduct their services in Latin. And let’s not forget, Sekulow says,  how we discovered that the Deep State FBI was potentially planning to utilize a spyware software called Pegasus in order to spy on Americans through their phones.

Sekulow welcomes ACLJ senior advisor for national security and foreign policy Ric Grenell for more analysis on the issue.

CNN: Sex, Lies And Spies

CNN has deep ties not only to the CIA, but also to the larger array of American intelligence agencies. That’s the word from Kent Heckenlively, co-author of a new book that delves into the multitude of ways in which CNN is engulfed within the American security framework.

“We’re being played,” he explains to the Next News Network. “There’s a remarkable pattern of employing guys at CNN who have worked for American intelligence agencies.”

Heckenlively titled his book This Was CNN: How Sex, Lies and Spies Undid The World’s Worst News Network. Published by Bombardier Books, it’s due to be released tomorrow on Feb. 7.

Reviewing the book, Facebook whistleblower Ryan Hartwig wrote, “This book may be about CNN, but its most shocking revelations have to do with the national security apparatus and its suffocating stranglehold on our government and our free press, through the use of social media companies and also through strategically embedded intelligence operatives.”

Heckenlively cowrote the book with Cary Poarch, an investigative journalist who works for Project Veritas. James O’Keefe, director of Project Veritas, penned the foreword. Here, Heckenlively cites examples of intelligence agents now holding key posts at CNN. This is hardly a new pattern. In the Project Mockingbird era, during the 1960s, as many as 400 journalists were discovered to have contributed to the FBI, sometimes as employees, other times as contract snitches.




DARPA’s Dark Agenda

Ryan Cristian, host of The Last American Vagabond, reflects on a 2020 article by Whitney Webb, revealing the Covid-19 pandemic was always a DARPA-NIH agenda.

“Whether capitalized or created or let out, however you want to look at it, it was very clearly fast-tracked and gave them the justification to push it in the direction of wherever they wanted this to go,” Cristian says. He explains their plan for a bio-economy, messing with artificial genetic material and engineering human beings. Here’s his startling report.

Biden Created Energy Crisis

Sara Carter welcomes energy philosopher and author Alex Epstein to discuss how Biden Administration nonsensical policy toward reliable fuel sources is directly responsible for the disruptions in our economy and national security.

From relying on our global enemies for energy to crushing developing countries, Epstein explains how green policies are designed to stifle human flourishing. Here’s more with Carter, including an update on the FBI and Hunter Biden fiasco and the New York governor’s race.

Biden’s Transhuman Nightmare

This week on the New World Next Week: The US Senate’s CIA torture report will remain classified for national security reasons; Biden issues an executive order to start a whole-of-government effort to push transhuman biodigital convergence; and Beyond Meat’s COO tries to bite someone’s face off, presumably from a lack of real protein in his diet. More from The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy.

Script Flipped On Deep State

The patriots are now closing on the [Deep State]. The [Deep State] is scrambling. The evidence is being produced. The people are seeing the election fraud. The majority of people now believe there was cheating and the percentage is climbing. The patriots have been monitoring the Biden administration, plus the puppet masters. Trump has said back in 2020 he is a wartime president. With that, certain operational protocols have been put into place. The Hunter information is dripping out and this time the leak included [Joe Biden]. This is a national security concern. More from the X22 Report.

ET Contact, Technology Real

Peter, who calls himself a 30-year professional and prefers to remain anonymous, tells Nicholas Veniamin the subject of extraterrestrial technologies and intelligent civilizations visiting our planet is one of the most highly protected on Earth and in most governments.

“It’s extremely important to share with people that higher levels of technologies do exist and are operative, but in a way that does not jeopardize any national security,” he says. Peter claims he’s initiated light contact with aliens, using his flashlight, usually eliciting responses, the most commonly being a  white strobe sphere the size of a pinky. And shockingly, he tells Veniamin he’s actually seen three types of aliens from Zeta Reticuli, a wide binary star system in the southern constellation of Reticulum. He further explains the communication process and details the myriad of light responses and talks about other species in surrounding galaxies in this edition of NVTV.

We Knew It Would Get Rough

The patriots have strategically pre-planned everything we are seeing. This is about taking back the country and exposing the [Deep State] system, and the only to expose it to the people is for the people to see it. As we the people see the [Deep State] plan, the people are waking up. They are engaged. This is part of Trump’s National Security Strategy, the counterinsurgency that will be used to destroy the [Deep State]. Buckle up. We told it was going to be rough, but the best is yet to come. More from the X22 Report.


Enough For Impeachment?

Glenn Beck says the Democrats massively lowered the impeachment bar for President Trump, so should Biden’s incompetence–especially in light of the Afghanistan disaster–constitute grounds for impeachment, too? Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert says yes, but argues impeachments shouldn’t stop with the man at the top. She says Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi are equally complicit. “The continued leadership of all three is a national security threat,” she says.

Beck says consider the damage alone in Afghanistan, which led to the Taliban controlling billions of dollars of the highest U.S. technology, the harm to our relationship and trust with our allies, the fleecing of taxpayers, not to mention the loss of American lives. Here’s the interview with Boebert.