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33rd Degree Masons: Satanists!

Ancient Free Masonry uses mind control and sodomy! All 33rd degree Free Masons are Satanists! Sir John Dee’s Devil Head Sodomizer!

What happened to all of Albert Pike’s children? Free Masonry us mind control! Free Masonry programs an unbreakable bond into the member.

Learn more about Pike’s terrible abuse of Native Americans and the hypocrisy of the news! More from McAllister TV.

Las Vegas The Real Luxor!

Bluewater features a mind-blowing video via Tik Tok, theorizing that the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor was in the Americas, specifically in Las Vegas, Nev. Las Vegas even built a 30-story casino-hotel named the Luxor. Among its many Egyptian-themed features are the pyramid shape of the main structure, a replica of the Sphinx in the lobby area and an eerie laser that shoots into night sky every evening.

Bluewater says that when Atlantis was destroyed, many of its inhabitants came to the Americas and became our Native Americans. He says the Grand Canyon and the American Southwest attracted many indigenous people, who were very advanced and had knowledge from Atlantis and Lemuria. The Hopi and Anasazi tribes were such people.

He further added Las Vegas is home to many ET races, who come out at night and, of course, are home to the Hollywerid crowd doing their Satanic rituals. Here’s more, including some added commentary from @alexervestea on Tik Tok. As always, do your own research and use discernment.

Untold Native American History

While the history of the New World would require many more videos to cover in earnest, this brief presentation touches on some of the historic inaccuracies taught by modern academia as well as recent discoveries concerning the peopling of the Americas. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Pope Francis Crimes Exposed

First I review a few of the latest developments on the ongoing war against the devolved Pagan cult, the surge of mRNA shot injuries that are now causing overwhelmed emergency rooms across the United States and the UK body count. I also share some really positive developments within the Rabbinical court – this is a major development.

Then Kevin Annett rejoins the program to explain the indictment against Pope Francis and the procedures of the court. He explains why this international court is legal under international law. We also discuss Pope Francis’s planned visit to the child mass grave sites in Canada and how the Native American communities are united against his visit. Native Chiefs and Elders threaten to have him arrested if he dares to visit the burial sites. More from Sarah Westall.


Tomahawk Chop Is A-OK

Nope! I don’t feel bad about the tomahawk chop. Relax. It’s just a hand gesture. Nothing serious. Like, say… an OK sign. More from RazorFist.

Tribal Lands: Deep State Tool

Susan Bradford rejoins Sarah Westall program to explain how Indian Reservations have been used to build the deep state by the Crown back by the City of London, Rothschilds, and Wall Street. She explains how they used reservations to dodge laws, hide money, and swindle Indians and Americans out of billions, maybe Trillions of dollars. Here are both parts of the two-part series. See more of Susan Bradford on her website at http://susanbradford.org/.


If Natives Were Progressives

Here’s a satirical look at what would happen if the European Colonists applied today’s progressive, liberal, cultural Marxist, “politically correct” terms to justify their conquest of the Americas. This video also explores if the native aboriginals would be found GUILTY or not, for their refusal to embrace “diversity and multiculturalism,” and simply accept the European “refugees.” More from the Truth Monger.

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Why Are Indians So Poor?

Investigative and consumer reporter John Stossel says that no one group has never been taken care of as much as the Indians. So why are they so poor? he asks. Former Kamloops band chief Manny Jules says, “Fundamentally, the root of the problem is that we don’t have the same property rights that others take for granted.” Property and Environment Research Center Executive Director Dr. Terry Anderson concurs. “Many reservations in the United States do have some fee-simple land. That is privately owned land like you and I own our houses,” he says. “And the Indians that have privately owned land do much better.” Anderson joins Stossel and Jules in an expanded discussion of the plight of the North American Indian in this edition of Learn Liberty.

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Native Americans Steamed

Jodi Miller reports, “At the White House President Obama met with leaders of American Indian tribes. “But Native Americans are very upset. This country used to belong to them, now it belongs to China.” In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also features Candy Crowley, Cher, Social Security, Eric Garner, Ferguson, Missouri, and McDonald’s McRib.

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Glenn Beck Defends Redskins

The controversy surrounding the nickname of the Washington Redskins has drawn the ire of conservative commentator Glenn Beck. Most of the fuss, says Beck, is coming from non-Native Americans, such as President Obama, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and reporter Peter King, who believe they know more than the Native people themselves.

“Ninety percent of Native Americans feel that the name isn’t offensive and shouldn’t be changed,” Beck says, citing a poll taken by the Annenberg Public Policy Center. “Students primarily at Native American schools all across America wear the name with pride and now say, they might lose the name.” In this edition of “The Blaze,” Beck explains the history of the nickname “Redskins” and how it relates to today.

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