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American Mercenary Empire

Both the Russians and Ukrainian forces fighting in the Ukraine have outside paramilitary groups upon which they have relied.

The Russian group is called the Wagner Group, and it’s been listed as a transnational criminal organization by the United States. Meanwhile, it has a Western counterpart, the Mozart Group, that has been aligned with the Ukraine and training its forces.

What’s the story behind these two groups? Why are they both named after famous German composers — Wagner and Mozart? Here, Black Pigeon Speaks provides some handy background in a video called “America: Mercenary Empire Of Chaos.”

U.S. Military Dominance Ending

The U.S. military has commanded much of the world since the end of WWII, but the days of U.S. military dominance are rapidly drawing to a close. Here, former CIA officer Michael Jaco discusses the changing times.

We’re seeing Russia and other nations standing up to the Nazi-like regimes supported by the United States. The situation is more chaotic and unpredictable than in the past. Perhaps we’ll even see some reform on the part of the corrupt American Deep State.

Engineered-Migrant Invasion

Investigative reporter Michael Yon tells Brighteon.com’s Mike Adams that an engineered migrant invasion and occupation is targeting all Western nations.

The wave of illegals headed for the southern border are coming from migrant camps near the Darian Gap, funded by the United States and NATO. Yon, reporting from the Darian Province, in Panama, says activity has picked up dramatically in the last few days, including a fleet of 16, jam-packed busses that left the area on Tuesday, making a beeline toward the border. Here’s more.

GMOs For Thee, Not For Me!

This week on the New World Next Week: Finland joins NATO as WWIII draws nigh; King Charles won’t eat the GMOs he’s trying to foist on his loyal subjects; and the scamsters allow the peasants to continue life now that they have set the scamdemic precedent. More from The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy.

Gene Decode: No End To War

Gene Decode tells Up Front in the Prophetic that President Zelensky and his minions have shifted into high gear in an effort to grab everything in Ukraine because they know it will collapse soon.

Decode says Zelensky is well aware that the Western powers that be, including the Biden regime, and the neocon globalists will not back down in their efforts to extend the misery that is the Ukraine -Russia conflict. “They have no reverse gear. They will not back down, even though there are very reasonable negotiations to end the Ukraine war,” he says. He explains further, plus details the unmatched strength of the Russian army, which won’t be challenged anytime soon, plus more.

Nuclear Stand-Off Close?

Will the world be embroiled in a nuclear conflict within the next two to three weeks? That’s what pundit and best-selling author Steve Quayle fears.

He cites Redacted‘s Clayton Morris, who claims World War III will be unleashed in April and likely will encompass nuclear detonations. Already, NATO nations are threatening to send 300,000 troops to surround Soviet forces. Russia,  meanwhile, has established a nuclear launch site within Belarus, close to the Polish border.

Here, Quayle offers a sobering vision of what such an End of Days confrontation might entail. He speaks with Greg Hunter on USAWatchdog.com.

Tale Of Two Canadas

Badass Uncle Sam reports on a tale of two Canadas, where a handful of patriots are wide-awake to what’s happening in the country and the world, and the other side have their heads firmly planted in the ground.

Badass Uncle Sam takes to the streets for an interview with a former government employee and patriot, who says what his fellow countrymen don’t know is the government shipped in thousands of foreign mercenary troops to squelch the trucker convoy last year. Most of the troops were unidentified, flown in on NATO planes and couldn’t even speak English.

The patriot also claims former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was one of the original members of the World Economic Forum and that NASA is a farce! “Eighty percent of NASA is a film studio,” he says. Here’s more with Badass Uncle Sam. Use discernment when watching the video.

Gene Decode: Ukraine Update

Gene Decode updates what’s really going on behind the scenes in the Ukraine-Russian conflict, including the complete decimation of Bakhmut, in the eastern region of the country.

Appearing on the TruthStream podcast, Decode also reveals the Khazarian Mafia’s influence in the area, discusses when they arrived on this planet and the mystery surrounding the multiple DUMBs in Ukraine.

Trafficking Destroying US of A

Drug and fentanyl trafficking trafficking is destroying the United States of America. Does Joe Biden hive a hoot? Hell no. He’s the moron who has opened the borders and flooded the country with deadly drugs, as well as millions of new illegal aliens. American patience is being tested, as Rep. Clay Higgins, a Louisiana Republican, speaks out on the Homeland Security Committee, blasting Biden’s Security of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

Meanwhile, the war drums are beating louder across Europe. Will Ukraine join NATO, sending the Europeans and Americans into the Ukraine War against Russia? Morals are dropping Pray! More from And We Know.

World Vs. The Khazarian Mafia

Jim Willie returns to SGT Report to discuss World War 3 and the counter war that is being waged against the Rothschild-Rockefeller-Zionist Khazarian mafia. It’s not game over for humanity just yet.