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Shut Up And Dribble!

A handful of Brooklyn Nets season ticket holders sat courtside at the Nets’ last home game, wearing t-shirts that said: “Fight Antisemitism,” a direct slap at NBA superstar Kylie Irving’s alleged antisemitic remarks last week.

Many pundits in the corporate media have vilified and demonized Irving. It’s difficult to believe that one “sentence-less” tweet about a documentary no one is watching sparked this much outrage. Fearless Fire host Jason Whitlock and sports journalist Steve Kim debate the issue.

Shut Up LeBitch

Lebron James might be able to score with free throws, but he mostly slings goose eggs over Twitter.

How do we know? He got himself fact-checked by Elon Musk, who easily dispatched Lebron’s barrage of crap! More from The Salty Cracker.

Gov. Noem Rips ESPN Analyst

Former NBA player and woke ESPN analyst Jalen Rose quickly drew the ire of South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, when he suggested the name “Mount Rushmore” is offensive and should be canceled.

Noem wasted no time retaliating, praising the four leaders featured on the iconic South Dakota monument, and added, “To the woke leftists obsessed with attacking these leaders, I’ve got news for you: Not on my watch!” Here’s more from Gary Franchi and Next Network News.

Demonic World Of Trafficking

Sara Carter reports that human trafficking is prevalent across the country, but the majority of us are unaware of what’s going on. In the  following investigative report, Carter takes an intense look at the growing scourge of human trafficking and how so many women, boys and girls are sexually exploited or forced into labor right here in the United States. Here’s her report.

In a follow-up video, Carter cites some sickening statistics, including the shocker that women make up the largest proportion of human traffickers. She explains why and more.

NBA-Epstein Connection?

Blessed To Teach features some stunning bombshells from Julie Green’s prophecies, who says it’s time for the NBA’s judgment and its demise.

She says that not only will players fall victim to their ties with Deep State corruption, but also NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will be fully exposed for selling out the United States to China. And shockingly, Green says, the truth regarding an NBA-Jeffrey Epstein connection will be revealed. On the mainstream media front, CNN’s Jim Acosta will fall hard, along with other well-known personalities. Here’s the rest of the story.

Peng Shuai’s New Bombshell

The ongoing saga in the Peng Shuai Me Too sexual assault allegation against a top CCP leader has taken another bizarre turn. When confronted by a reporter from a pro-Beijing Singaporean newspaper, Shuai denied ever making the allegation.

How convenient. When the story first broke, the rising tennis star disappeared and her name and the word “tennis” were banned from the Chinese internet. But following a global backlash, she again is back in the public eye, even seen hanging out with former NBA superstar Yao Ming at an event. It was at this event that the pro-China reporter just happened to seek her out.

In what appeared to be a scripted response, Shuai told the reporter it was important to emphasize that she was never assaulted by anyone. China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell has the story and also discusses the discovery of a baby dinosaur in China.

Empty Promises For Blacks

Jason Whitlock and former NBA player Royce White sound off on the black community for their ties to the Democrat Party.

Why do Donald Trump’s values align better with the views of most blacks than the platitudes of Barack Obama and LeBron James? Did White actually call black Democrats “fools” for their continuing allegiance to the liberal agenda? Whitlock and White bring you more on this sensitive issue.

Biden Achieves Lowest Approval

Joe Biden ACHIEVES Lowest Approval Rating Ever and other exciting breaking news to scare you! More from We Lie To You News with AwakenwithJP.

Woke Backfire

The NBA won’t force basketball players to take the jab but referees and staff must. More from The Salty Cracker.

A Woke Lebron James

Comedian David Chappelle ponders the woke conundrum of what it actually means to be equal in this gut-splitting stroll into the lighter side of life.

Says Chappelle, “Say Lebron James changed his gender. Can he stay in the NBA or, because he’s a woman, does he have to go to the WNBA, where he’ll score 840 points a game?” Tune in, as Chappelle challenges the woke culture and offers a funny anecdote about comedy favorite Louis C.K. Video, courtesy of Avvin a Laff.