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Scientists Discover Super Earth

Employing  the seldom-used gravitational lensing technique, scientists has discovered what they are calling a “Super Earth,” smack in the middle of our Milky Way Galaxy, near the galactic bulge. Anton Petrov, host of “What Da Math,” says the discovery was an extremely rare event, since the host star of the planet is a red dwarf, which are usually small and dim. The star is approximately 12 percent the mass of the sun and the Super Earth is about four masses of Earth. “We don’t really know if it’s a gas world, but it’s somewhat more likely to be an unusual, somewhat ice-like planet with similar conditions to maybe Neptune or Earth.”

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Planet 9 Might Be a Black Hole

In 2016, scientists proposed that our solar system is home to a ninth planet with an orbit beyond those of Neptune and Uranus. Known as Planet 9 and located in the farthest reaches of the solar system, it is a shocking 400 to 800 times farther from the Sun than Earth and it would take 15,000 years to complete one orbit. But in a recent stunning revelation, two scientists now believe that Planet 9 is not a planet at all but could actually be a tiny black hole. Learn more from SciShow Space.

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More Evidence of Planet 9

For more than a century, astronomers have searched the galaxy for a ninth planet, one they refer to as Planet 9, or a super Earth. Recent evidence suggests the planet lies beyond Neptune and is much larger than Earth. Problem is, it’s way out there–about 80 times farther from the Sun than Earth. SciShow Space host Reid Reimers fills in the details.

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The Forbidden Planet

Planets similar to the size of Neptune don’t orbit too closely to their stars because they would lose their atmospheres. But scientists recently discovered an exoplanet 900 light years away, a bit smaller than Neptune with 20 masses of Earth orbiting super close to its star, or sun. The unusual circumstances surrounding the planet led scientists to dub their new find, The Forbidden Planet, and gave them hope to understanding how solar systems evolved. The research also bodes well to discovering successful techniques for exploring and eventually colonizing Mars. Find out more in this episode of SciShow Space.

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Is There a Ninth Planet?

Scientists from the California Institute of Technology may well have discovered a ninth planet in our solar system. Now called Planet Nine, the new spatial body has 10 times the mass of Earth and is near the size of Neptune. Amy Shire Teitel and Trace Dominguez fill in the details in this edition of D News.

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Planets Beyond Neptune

Science tells us there are only eight planets in our solar system. But will advanced technology and improved telescopes prove us wrong?

“According to at least two teams of researchers, there might be a few planet-sized worlds lurking out beyond Neptune,” says host Hank Green. Some scientists theorize there is a planet at least 10 times the size of Earth out there quietly orbiting the sun. Green explains in this edition of SciShow.

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