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Surprise J6 Witness A Plant?

The surprise J6 committee witness Tuesday, Cassidy Hutchinson, appears to be nothing more than a low-level staffer who has only damaged the claims of the committee and vindicated President Trump. She was likely a PLANT!  Also, more on Jeffrey Epstein protegee Ghislaine Maxwell and her sentencing. More from RedPill78.

Here, Body Language Ghost — formerly Bombard’s — analyzes Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony and peculiar body language gestures.  One detail that the Body Language Ghost missed. Hutchinson is wearing a necklace whose centerpiece forms a “Q.” Could be significant, we don’t mind pointing out.

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Amber Heard 2.0. It’s a total fabrication. So says Secret Service agents. Paul Joseph Watson amplifies on the fiction.

The January 6th hearings continue unabated in the attempt to completely discredit and destroy Donald Trump—in the hopes of demoralizing his supporters and removing all chances of him ever holding office again.

It didn’t go well for the committee out to get Trump this week, or for the media. In fact, it was an utter embarrassment. Let’s take a look at the schemes, the players, and the fallout as never-Trumpers play fast and loose with the truth. More from Lori Colley.

Biden’s Fake Olive Branch

Basement-dwelling Sleepy Joe Biden’s further angered patriots following the election when he attempted to offer a fake olive branch to America. He unabashedly stood on stage and called for healing the nation, lowering the temperature and rhetoric, and to stop treating our opponents as enemies.

Meanwhile, back at the “ranch,” the flag-burning, window-breaking, traffic-obstructing, cop-hating lunatics, who Biden has never disavowed, continue to wreak havoc on our streets. How do you heal when the abolish ICE and Antifa goons demand that our country be cancelled, or the Never-Trump witches call for burning down the America First Movement and crushing Trump supporters, or insane feminists, aka Karens, blow out our eardrums every day? You don’t.

Says political commentator Michelle Malkin, “We, the 72 million Americans who voted to re-elected Donald J. Trump, resist the media-Silicon Valley coronation of Biden-Harris. We, the 72 million Americans who voted to re-elect President Donald J. Trump, do not relent. We, the 72 million Americans who voted to re-elect Donald J. Trump, do not yield. And we, the 72 million Americans who voted to re-elect Donald J. Trump, do not concede.” More with Malkin on Newsmax.

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The Never Trumper

Trump sure is icky and mean! Can you imagine anything worse for the GOP than Donald?! More from FreedomToons.

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John Cusak unleashed a wave of absolute craziness yesterday along with the perfect Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer Ron Perelman. These people don’t care about you. More from The Quartering in a video called, “Epic Hollywood meltdown over 2020 Election! These people are out of their minds!”


Trump To Defund Leftist Cities

President Trump has dropped the hammer. He is going to defund New York, Portland and other Leftist cities that let protesters rampage and riot in the streets. Cities like New York City that enabled groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa to burn down businesses would lose their federal grants and funding. More from Mr. Obvious.

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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report discusses Trump’s threat to defund lawless cities, the mayor of Portland fleeing his home, and the NFL’s plan to end racism. Donald Trump is considering defunding cities that have allowed riots and crime to rise while they’ve chosen to simultaneously defund the police. Should Trump try clean up the messes of progressive mayors? Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is feeling the effects of his handling of riots and protests. After rioters set fires in front of his apartment building, he has announced that he will be moving. Thankfully the NFL hopes to put an end to systemic racism. Roger Goodell has announced that the NFL will be taking a knee to Black Lives Matter by putting social justice signs in the end zones.

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Democrats have issued a veiled threat, Vote for Joe Biden or cities will burn, say they will NOT concede to Trump. The story of the Democrat and Never Trumper war games has finally been published and they say plainly that the only way we get a peaceful transfer of power is if Joe Biden wins in a landslide.

The narrative and claims of civil unrest seem to escape logic, however. Why would Antifa and the far Leftists stop rioting simply because Joe Biden won? In fact, Democrats admit that Joe Biden will refuse to concede and Democrats would prefer civil war over Trump winning a second term. More from Tim Pool.

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Trump Blocks The Deep State

Kanye West drops out of the race. Trump holds press conference and tells America the [Deep State] plan: Reverse everything and continue with their 16-year plan. Trump is ready to sign the DACA Executive Order. Trump blocks the [DS] in China by signing an Executive Order. The patriots have dismantled the [Deep State] domestic army. Now they are planning another event. The patriots are in control and they know the [DS] playbook. More from the X22 Report.

The choice to know was always ours. God willing, darkness will never again descend upon all of the planet. When you see something suspicious, report it. It’s time to root out the Evil and to take action to protect our children. More from The Patriot Hour.

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Never Trumpers revealed to be Russian agents. Maxwell’s secret husband. Kanye Drops out, defund police backfires & Ginsburg is back in the hospital plus so much more on RedPill78!

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Companies including Wayfair are being exposed for their roles in facilitating human trafficking. New maps are showing DUMBS, the Deep Underground Military Bases, and linking them to human trafficking routes. Which National Parks are part of this nefarious network? Buckle up, patriots. We’re got a new video from TRUreporting.

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Real Danger Of D.C. Swamp

The Republican establishment, aka The Swamp, have tried to take Donald J. Trump down from the start. Stamped “Never Trumpers,” these miscreants just don’t want to defeat Trump, they want to crush him. They shoveled more than $130 million into the pockets of Jeb Bush, they created the Never Trump Movement and they turned on the GOP nominee in the final stages of the campaign. All of these tactics failed miserably.

But that hasn’t stopped them. Enter the new wave of Republican elitists, such as John Bolton, Gen. Jim Mattis, John Kelly and Rex Tillerson, establishment stooges who squirmed their way into the Trump Cabinet. Says Steve Hilton, host of “The Next Revolution” on Fox News, “These self-righteous elitist think they were defending America, when they duplicitously took senior jobs from a president they despised and opposed. They weren’t defending America or Americans, they were defending their own cause and interests.” Here’s more from Hilton.

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Lenny Bruce On “Fake News”

You think President Donald Trump invented the term “fake news?” Think again.

Media commentators have been pointing out examples of fake and fraudulent reporting for many decades now, if not centuries. Here, we see the hipster comedian Lenny Bruce from his 1959 TV special “The World of Lenny Bruce.” Bruce shows off a succession of newspaper front pages all printed on the same day when robbers held up opera singer Lauritz Melchior at gunpoint. Each of the newspapers gives a different account of the incident and the amount of money stolen from Melchior!

In other words, the mainstream media journalists might be especially phony and fake nowadays, with so many of them holding a grudge against President Trump.   But as the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes put it long ago, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

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The media hecklers are failing once again. They are stunned that Americans are rallying behind their President. And disregarding the lying Leftism and fake news that these journalists keep peddling. It’s not only Republicans, either, but a majority of independents and some 30 percent of Democrats who disapprove of the White House press. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

This Is The Most PATHETIC Smear Against Trump We Have Seen Yet, Even Never Trumpers Defend Him. Media is now trying to spin a tale so absurd that even former Republican and current Never Trumper George Conway has defended him.

As Trump comes under fire repeatedly over touting a potential treatment to the virus, Democrats have called for him to be charged by “The Hague” and the media has repeatedly claimed he was dangerous.

Now the media is trying to claim that Trump is profiteering off of recommending this treatment because he owns a mutual fund which owns a small stake in a pharmaceutical company in France.

It turns out Trump may have as little as $99 invested proving this is the most pathetic lie we have seen yet to make the president look bad. More from Tim Pool.

Impeachment Fails!!

Impeachment implodes. The Democrats are humiliated along with their one “GOP” ally, Mitt Romney, the corrupt senator from the state of Utah. Looks like Romney can claim himself as the champion of the never Trumpers! We can all be grateful that jerk never made it into the White House. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

H.A. Goodman explains why Mitt Romney turned his back on Republicans and voted to impeach President Donald Trump, In essence, Romney wants to run again for President in 2024 and believes he can score points with the press and Never Trumpers by being a thorn in Trump’s side. Our own assessment: Romney is likely involved in some illegal and nefarious dealings in the Ukraine and fears Trump will expose him. Time will tell!

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Lisa Haven talks about the 10 Democratic extremists, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, who hate President Donald Trump so much they refused to even attend the State of the Union. Others included Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn. Haven believes this group wants to embroil the nation in interminable conflict, even a race war.

The Deplorable Choir is coming at us with a new tune — “Impeachment Song” — in the style of the “Harper Valley PTA.” Yes, it was the day The Donald socked it to the Congress of the U-S-A.

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Calling Out Trump Haters

The loyal opposition, aka the Democrat Party and the lamestream media, have gone full throttle in their attempts to upend President Trump since his election in November 2016. Their toxic narrative not only reveals that they don’t like this president, but also that he is somehow illegitimate and doesn’t deserve the presidency.

“That’s what I call Trump hatred and that’s what drives this,” says Wall Street Journal reporter Kimberley Strassel, author of Resistance (At All Costs). Here’s more from the “Huckabee Show,” with host Mike Huckabee.

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