Too Good To Be True

What is going on? The New Year has barely begun, and all of a sudden, the pandemic narrative is over. Politicians are ending the mandates and allowing citizens to breathe again, and fall around freely. Have we averted the crisis, or is this show of relief too good to be true? More from Computing Forever.

Why Most Resolutions Fail

It’s that time of year when we begin thinking about improving our lives. Unfortunately, the resolutions that we bind ourselves to on January 1, are doomed to fail. Research reveals that only 8 percent of people stick with their New Year’s resolutions through the end of the year. The problem could be blamed on a misconception. The misconception is thinking you have to go big, becoming over-ambitious and not sticking to your goals. The truth is, you’re better off picking small targets you can hit consistently. Here’s more from Veritasium.

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As we reflect on 2015, we wish our readers peace, harmony and love, and offer a big hug for their wholehearted support. In the spirit of of the holiday season, please enjoy the following musical blog by prolific singer-songwriter, Enya. Merry Christmas and Happy New year! And in the words of Wild Bill–May America Bless God, Again.

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