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False Flag At Niagara Falls!

Josh Sigurdson reports there are two dead following a false flag attack at the U.S.-Canada border, near Niagara Falls.

Sourcing The Guardian, Sigurdson says a vehicle exploded at the border checkpoint on The Rainbow Bridge and clearly has all the trademarks of a false flag, considering the right is blaming asylum seekers as if they would attack a bridge and border crossing that’s literally meant to welcome them.

The incident has sparked massive airport delays in Buffalo and a heightened terror risk in New York City. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Big Fani To Disrupt Election

New York State Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron claims he has “absolute discretion” in his “professional interchanges” with his law clerk Allison Greenfield and predictably denies former President Donald Trump’s motion for a mistrial in a short, cope-filled order.

Big Fani Willis is plotting to have the Georgia RICO Trial already underway and in session DURING the 2024 election. In a recent interview, Willis revealed to the Washington Post that she is planning for the Trump trial to last “for many months” and into 2025. Combined with her motion to start trial in August of 2024, the plan to use the Georgia case as an anchor to hang around Trump during the 2024 election season is coming into fruition.

Judge Tanya Chutkan’s gag order came under scrutiny during oral arguments in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals after Trump’s team reiterated the President’s rights under the First Amendment. Justices questioned government prosecutor Cecil VanDevender over causation and how to determine what speech is permissible or not. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Refugee Program Out Of Control

Whistleblower and former Department of Health and Human Services employee, Carlos Arellano, tells Sara Carter that NGOs (nonprofit government organizations) are pocketing millions of dollars.

After witnessing the corruption and neglect in our immigration and refugee program firsthand, Arellano is going public with his shocking stories from the inside. He joins “The Sara Carter Show” with the details.

Trump Mistrial Looming?

Trump’s defense filed their much-anticipated motion for a mistrial in the New York Civil Fraud case, alleging Judge Arthur Engoron has botched the case so badly it cannot be salvaged.

Hunter Biden and his lawyers have requested a subpoena be issued ordering President Donald Trump to deliver documents to his defense team for review. Hunter’s lawyer Abbe Lowell argues Trump weaponized the U.S. Department of Justice against Hunter during his time in office. How will the DOJ respond?

Defense Attorney Jonathan Miller admits in Court that he was responsible for the leaked plea proffer footage in the Trump RICO case, but emphasizes it was necessary for the people to know the truth about what is happening in Georgia. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia at Watching The Watchers.

Dirty Judge Hit With Complaint

Judge  Arthur Engoron is officially slapped with a judicial complaint from Rep. Elise Stefanik, making her one of few politicians doing anything concrete to draw attention to the Democrat-run trial in New York. Will the pendulum swing the other way? Trump contemplates “indictments in reverse” after winning in 2024.

Judge Aileen Cannon DENIES Trump’s request to continue his trial past the election (for now), but modifies other deadlines that may have consequence when the time comes. Former Trump Lawyer James Trusty considers the possibilities and spars over other Trump prosecution issues with CNN.

Curious to see 70 Republicans who rejected an amendment to defund a $300 million-dollar new FBI headquarters monstrosity at the same time the Department of Justice announced a high-end brothel network that serviced the D.C. area had been busted. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Don Jr. Smiles At Trial

Donald Trump Jr. appeared in Court and testified with a big smile during trial in Letitia James’ prosecution of Donald Trump in NYC. We review the day’s trial activities courtesy of those inside the courtroom, where cameras have been banned during the proceedings.

Trump releases a new video slamming the ballot removal trial taking place in Colorado, and Trump attorney Christina Bobb weighs in. Kash Patel testifies on behalf of Trump’s defense, explaining that attempts by the Administration to bring in the National Guard were rejected by Mayor Muriel Bowser the day before January 6th.

The House Oversight Committee releases new evidence showing Joe Biden got another “loan repayment” from his brother James totaling $40,000. Rep. Comer details the money trail that sent funds from the CCP-affiliated companies to Hunter Biden, then to James Biden, and then finally, to Joe Biden, the man with the power to make the deals happen. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Meanwhile, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has received a subpoena to produce documents in a third-party criminal case in California. A U.S. House reading clerk notified the House membership of this development, but specifics of the case at hand remain unclear. Here’s more from GHARD_Joe.

Illegals Swamp The Big Crapple!

Sara Carter takes a deep dive into the immigrant crisis in The Big Crapple, aka New York City, where more than 100,000 illegals have swamped the city in recent weeks.

Carter says the flood of humanity has not only hurt city schools in NYC, but presents an issue in many communities around the nation struggling to make room for the migrant children. Seeking Educational Excellence Executive Director Charles Love joins Carter to explain what’s at the heart of the problem and also discusses other issues damaging our educational system.

Sanctuary Cities A Disaster!

The Biden Administration’s southern-border policy failure and its impact on the country is proving that sanctuary states and cities are a disaster and don’t work. Valuetainment’s Patrick Bet-David digs into the problem these areas are facing in today’s chaotic atmosphere.

Twin Towers: An Inside Job

The World Trade Center in New York City did not fall after being hit by a plane, but instead was destroyed from a controlled demolition inside the complex. Here, Ted Walter lays out the shocking truth about the World Trade Center and its Twin Towers.

Walter is the executive director of the International Center for 9/11 Justice. He was in New York City on 9/11 and began studying the subject more deeply since 2006. You can find his organization’s website here: https://ic911.org/

Here’s more from Kim Iversen.