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Gates Caught In Honey Trap?

The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom has revealed that Mila Antonova hung around with Anna Chapman, the notorious KGB spy, while both of them were based in New York City.

This raises the question: Was Antonova also a Russian spy? Is this why she embarked on a steamy sexual affair with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates?  Was she dispatched from Russia with the aim of seducing Gates, and thus, making him vulnerable for exploitation?

“Certainly, a relationship between Gates, one of the most influential businessmen on the planet, and a woman who appears to have connections to a Kremlin intelligence agent is troubling,” the Daily Mail wrote.

We will bring you more as it’s uncovered. In the meantime, here is the New York Post video that explores what we now know about the evolving relationship between Gates and Antonova, as well as how Jeffrey Epstein apparently attempted to capitalize on the affair to blackmail Gates.


Daily Mail photo links Mila Antonova with Anna Chapman in NYC.

DeSantis Making It Official

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz and Pedro Gonzalez, a senior writer for American Greatness, about the upcoming official announcement of Ron DeSantis’ entry into the 2024 election. Rumors suggest DeSantis will enter the race sometime early next week.

Jury Awards Carroll Millions

On Tuesday’s “American Agenda,” Donald Trump has been found liable by a jury in the E. Jean Carroll civil trial in a Manhattan court pending a possible appeal. Alan Dershowitz, Ameer Benno, Thane Rosenbaum and Sid Rosenberg react. More from Newsmax TV.

(Our take: Trump will win on appeal. This rape charge has never been proven, and would not have resulted in damages except in a shithole like New York, under the sway of leftist lunatics.)

The jury renders a verdict in the Trump Trial, and Donald Trump is found NOT liable for the biggest claim brought by E. Jean Carroll. The jury finds Trump liable on other charges and enters $5 million in total damages.

Donald Trump has been gagged by New York State Judge Juan Merchan as the prosecution brought forward by Alvin Bragg continues. Meanwhile, hearings are scheduled in Federal Court in Trump’s removal case.

New evidence is coming to expose Hunter Biden and the Biden crime family, according the Ron Johnson and James Comer. Hunter might be trying to fast-track charges before the truth comes out, and Biden bans the New York Post from press events. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.


Censorship Run Amok!

John Stossel says many reports and opinions once labeled “misinformation” turned out to be true.  In recent years, people in government and big media suddenly decided it was their job to stop misinformation.

Facebook banned posts that claimed Covid leaked from a lab. Now experts say the lab leak theory is probably right. Sen. Rand Paul was suspended from YouTube for saying, “masks don’t work very well, particularly the cloth masks.” What he said is absolutely true.

Twitter prevented the New York Post’s reporting about Hunter Biden’s laptop from being shared. The story was accurate. Stossel says it’s a bad thing when media censors people. It’s worse when government intervenes. Here’s his report.

Penthouse: Key To The Storm

Remember when Stormy Daniels and her attorney, the now-jailed and disgraced Michael Avenatti, went onto The View four years ago to discuss her alleged one-night-stand with former President Donald Trump. For the occasion, Daniels wore a key pendant necklace that she had been given by Penthouse. The key was the symbol of Penthouse, and Daniels had long been associated with the adult magazine, not only appearing nude within its pages but also starring in and directing porn flicks.

Here, for the uninitiated, is the key pendant necklace:

But what if this is the key that unlocks the Perfect Storm? How fitting that Stormy Daniels lies enshrined within such a tempest, having enlarged her breasts, naming her new boobs “Thunder and Lightning.” She not only wears this key pendent, she also wears one of the NXIVM tattoos.  Interesting enough, she also attended a soiree with Roger Stone before his house arrest by FBI agents.

Q-Anon pundits have long theorized a colossal storm on the horizon. How about a storm that explains and ties together many sordid sex scandals of recent years? We’re talking NXIVM, Heidi Fleiss, Jeffrey Epstein, the whole kit and caboodle? Here’s a link to the Twitter account of Ariel, who has been trolling these same waters a lot lately.


We won’t have long to wait to find out now. In the meantime, we bring you this New York Post video recalling the girls of Heidi Fleiss and how they gave mass blowjobs under the table to the males at Hollywood parties.

Did Murdoch Censor Carlson?

Dinesh D’Souza is reporting there is more new and damning information surfacing about the alleged Jan. 6 insurrection, but it’s not coming from Fox News.

After receiving the Jan. 6 tapes from Speaker Kevin McCarthy, there was a flurry of on-air releases by Tucker Carlson on Day 1. It goes to reason that more clips from the tapes would be aired on Day 2 and thereafter. But, says D’Souza, “The hatchet was dropped on Tucker Carlson. This was a corporate decision from the highest level.”

Think head honcho, himself, Rupert Murdoch, whose feuds with President Trump have intensified. Here’s more.

Epstein’s Deep Ties To Bill Gates

Jeffrey Epstein has deeper ties than we have been told to Bill Gates. They did not meet in the late 2000s but instead sometime early in the 1990s.

Gates became one of Epstein’s biggest financial backers along with Lex Wexner. So says longtime Epstein investigator Whitney Webb, interviewed here by Russell Brand.

Besides Bill Gates, she also delineates much of Epstein’s ties with Bill Clinton.  Webb is the author of the two-volume One Nation Under Blackmail.

How many times did Bill Gates meet with Jeffrey Epstein? Evidence suggests they had as many as 37 meetings, over a long period of time.

But here, Gates blatantly lies and says they had dinner a couple of times, and that’s the full extent of their relationship. The incessant smirking doesn’t exactly make you look honest, Bill! More from the New York Post.

Five Eyes Now Panicking

The [Deep State] and FVEY (the Five Eyes intelligence agencies of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States) are now panicking.

They removed the Prime Minister of New Zealand and now more and more evidence is coming out about Biden’s business dealings. They need to separate themselves form him and that is exactly what they are doing. Protection has been removed. The pieces are now being put into place for the storm that’s about to hit.

The [Deep State] fears the storm and it is approaching. This is just the beginning. The sleeping giant has woken up and there is nothing the [Deep State] can do to stop it. More from the X22 Report.

FBI Paid Twitter To Censor Us!

Elon Musk just dropped the biggest edition of The Twitter Files yet. The FBI was paying Twitter reimbursements for its costs to censor American citizens!

At last count, the amount of money reimbursed totaled $3.4 million, according to Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch. More from The Quartering.

Matt Taibbi releases a new supplemental to Twitter Files 6 that details new conversations between Elvis Chan and Twitter executives about pre-censoring incoming stories. Who is Elvis Chan, and what was his role in prior elections? We learned that Twitter was a natural landing spot for many ex-FBI agents.

Michael Shellenberger releases Twitter Files 7, which details the extensive FBI coverup of the Hunter Biden story prior to the story even being released. We discussed the unconstitutionality of prior restraints and remedies under 18 U.S. Code 241 in prosecuting those who conspire to trample our rights.

More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

Thanks to The Twitter Files, we have all seen how Twitter was overtaken by the FBI, its content management and censorship decisions orchestrated by former spooks.  But Twitter was hardly alone.

Facebook, now known as Meta, was an even bigger nest of spies, with a much heavier concentration of ex-agents from the Central Intelligence Agency. Given how many former CIA, FBI and Department of Defense employees work at Meta, it’s not at all surprising that they ran a heavy-handed campaign to silence dissidents and especially anyone critical of the bloated American federal government.

According to an Alan MacLeod piece in MintPress News, ex-spooks are littered up and down the chain of content moderation command at Facebook, blurring the line between Facebook as a private company and Facebook as a partner of the government in silencing inconvenient voices that oppose the dominant establishment narrative.

Here, on The Jimmy Dore Show, Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the dangerous ramifications of having a team of ex-intelligence officers determining what Americans can and can’t see on social media. Much of the focus is on Aaron Berman, who runs Facebook’s misinformation department.