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CNN Exec Accused of Misconduct

• Rick Saleeby, Senior Producer of The Lead with Jake Tapper, States Steve Brusk, CNN Politics Supervising Producer, Made ‘Advances’ on Female Employees During ‘Social Gatherings’ and Would “Put His Arm Around Them, Try and Touch Their Leg.”
• Saleeby Believes That Steve Brusk is “Protected by Certain People…Like Other Higher Ups” Within CNN.
• Rick Saleeby Recalls Incident with a Young Female Colleague: “She Had a Skirt on. I Could See the Hand. I Like Grab Her. It Looked Like I Was Being the Assaulter Because I Grabbed Her So Aggressively…to Keep Her from Him.”
• Saleeby: “He Had Already Been Accused of the Things Prior… Which I Found Out…”
• Saleeby Acknowledges the Gravity of the Situation: “I’ll Tell You This, In the Climate That’s Going Now, He Definitely Would Have Been Fired.”
• Nick Neville, Media Coordinator at CNN, Says It is “Open Knowledge” That a Female Colleague Got a Job Working with Steve Brusk That “Appeared Out of Nowhere,” “…It Was Never Posted Online…”
• Neville Refers to Allegedly Untoward Behavior from Brusk With the Young Female Employee: “…I Mean, He Emails All of Us, But He Would Email and Was Very Friendly to Her. And Then She Just Like Got a Job Like Working on His Team and She Was Like, Oh, It’s Hush-Hush. The Job Was Never Posted Anywhere.”
• Neville: “…I Just Thought It Was a Little Strange.”
• Christian Sierra, Media Coordinator at CNN, Continues: “That’s Unethical…That’s Unethical.”
• Steve Brusk Tells Project Veritas Journalists to Speak with CNN’s PR Team About Sexual Misconduct Allegations; When Approached in DC, Refuses to Watch Footage.
• Rick Saleeby and Jake Tapper Refuse to Speak with Project Veritas Journalists in DC When Approached for Comment.
• Project Veritas Calls CNN President Jeff Zucker’s Office for Comment on Last Week’s Multiple Releases Regarding Anti-Trump Bias in the Network; Zucker’s Administrative Assistant Replies: “We Don’t Have Any Comment, Thanks for Calling.”

CNN Picks Winners, Losers

• CNN Senior Justice Correspondent Evan Perez Says, ‘Joe Biden Has a Problem’ Because of his Son’s Foreign Business Dealings; “It Looks Bad. It Smells Bad.”
• CNN President Jeff Zucker Pushes Kamala Harris’ Demand to Take Down Trump’s Twitter Account; “I Think it’s a Good Segment…Not Going to Happen, But it’s a Good Talking – it’s a Good Segment.”
• Zucker on Harris: “She is Also Retooling Her Struggling Campaign.”
• CNN Media Coordinator Christian Sierra Says Network is Less Fair to Andrew Yang and Amy Klobuchar, “They’re Pro-Top Contenders.”
• Sierra: “I Think They Like Warren a Lot” “…They Don’t Like Tulsi Gabbard”
• CNN Media Coordinator Nick Neville Says “People Would Change the Channel” if Network Broadcasted a Biden Rally.

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The Project Veritas videos didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know, but there’s still  one nice takeaway: Seeing the lying Liberal douchebags at CNN getting hoisted by their own petards. More from Mark Dice.

NPCNN: The “C” is for “Coup.” RazorFist says CNN has some ‘splainin’ to do.


Veritas Roasts CNN Schmucks

Project Veritas on Monday unveiled the initial videos of its much-anticipated roast of CNN, focusing on the Leftist news outlet’s efforts to frame President Donald Trump and push the impeachment narrative. The first  video released took aim at CNN President Jeff Zucker, pushing his personal vendetta against Trump. The releases came from Cary Poarch, who works at CNN’s Washington DC bureau.  He documented conversations and news meetings for more than a year after getting turned off by the widespread and blatant politics of everything done at CNN. Here:

• Zucker Emphatically States Fox News is “Beyond Destructive for America”
• Zucker to Staffers: “Impeachment is the Story,” Ignore Other Stories
• Employees Ordered by Zucker to ‘Knock Off’ Their Friendliness Towards Lindsey Graham
• Nick Neville, CNN Media Coordinator: “Jeff Zucker…has a Personal Vendetta Against Trump,” “…Then You Get on the 9AM Call and the Big Boss, Jeff Zucker, F**king Tells What to Do”
• Neville: It’s About ‘Ratings,’ “…It’s, Like, They Pulled Names Out of a Hat and It’s Like We’re Watching the Game Show Network”
• CNN Floor Manager Mike Brevna: “It’s the Trump Network, Dog…They Sold Themselves to The Devil.”

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Tim Pool says the Project Veritas findings underscore why we must not trust the media. Watch them, learn, but always maintain a degree of skepticism, knowing how they color the facts and push a one-sided agenda.

In the expose we can see several employees discussing their disdain and concerns over CNN’s political bias, violation of journalist integrity, and obsession with Trump.

While many of us knew that CNN was biased for obvious reasons, they continue to deny that they are anything but objective reporters. But in the video, hard proof exposes Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN claiming that a legitimate report from Politico is fake news. These outlets are consuming their own biased spin.

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But not everyone was impressed. Lionel Nation called the Project Veritas swipe “much ado about CNN.” The biggest problem with it: We learn nothing we didn’t already know. Yes, CNN is Leftist and one-sided and in league with the Deep State and the Democrats. But that’s all pretty much common knowledge.

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Why should Jeff Zucker have a personal vendetta against Trump? Besides the fact that the president is a conservative, it seems Zucker might have personal baggage to hide. Check out this photo showing his ex-wife Caryn (the blonde) with Ghislaine Maxwell, the procuress of pedophile deluxe Jeffrey Epstein. Wonder if Caryn and Jeff spent any time on Epstein’s Pedo Island? We do know Caryn was good friends with Huma Abedin. Also notice Barbara Walters in the background, to the right. She most certainly has stayed at Epstein’s resorts, including Zorro Ranch in New Mexico.