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Andy Ngo Loses Antifa Case

Andy Ngo has lost his civil lawsuit against Antifa protesters over a Portland, Oregon assault in 2021. The Antifa defense lawyer, Michelle Burrows, threatened the jury, telling them their “faces will be remembered.” Why isn’t this leftist hack facing punishment and a trial for disbarment?

Here’s more analysis of the case from Tim Pool, joined by a panel including Ian Crossland as well as Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch.

City Where Every Drug Is Legal

Welcome to Portland, Oregon, the most drug-riddled city in the United States and a prime example of how liberal politics represent a scathing failure.

Here, Tyler Oliveira investigates the scene down on the streets, including a couple of homeless camps, accompanied by a social worker who is passionate and fearless, but ultimately, fighting a losing battle.

You don’t want to live in Portland, and most certainly, you don’t want any cities near you copying Portland’s horrific policies.


God’s Vengeance On The Wicked

Dr. Lee Vliet and attorney Todd Callender return to SGT Report for oue week-end wrap. And Todd has exciting news to share.

The full title of this video is Sodom & Gomorrah: Destroyed by God For Their Wickedness. The two guests, Vliet and Callender, draw parallels between our corrupt society and the ancient villages that God punished and destroyed.

Brave Oregon Bakery Owner

Jen Jacobson-Brusa was a small business owner in Oregon in 2020, when Gov. Kate Brown sent out a decree ordering her and others to close for the pandemic. Jen made the decision to fight back and today is a symbol for America of what can happen when you find the courage to stand up in the face of tyranny. More from RedPill78.

Portland Cannibal

Lunatic eats man’s face down to the skull during a fight in Hellhole Portland. If this is what liberals want, maybe they should spend less time politicking and more time studying the hyenas at the zoo. More from The Salty Cracker.

Republicans Now Surging

National polls are now showing the Republicans with a clear edge ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. The party has not only closed the gap against Democrats, but surged ahead in many of the key battleground states. Even some long-standing Democratic strongholds appear ready to elect GOP hopefuls this year. The reasons?

Rampant inflation and poor economic performance will strike the hardest  against Democrats. But they are also perceived as being weak on crime. In addition, their open borders policy rattles the majority of Americans, as does their radical environmentalism and opposition to oil, coal and nuclear energy.

Not only will Democrats likely lose the U.S. House and Senate, but they stand poised to suffer some truly blistering defeats in 2022. For instance, Democrats could get turned out from the governor’s offices in both Nevada and Oregon. Sweet! More from Steve Turley.


Peaceful Shooting In Portland

Antifa leftists in Portland, Oregon, stirred up a hornet’s nest over the weekend. The brouhaha didn’t end until after a homeowner killed one of the Antifa protesters and wounded five others. Of course, these lame leftists blamed Andy Ngo, who has been documenting their insane marches around town. More from The Salty Cracker.

Savin: Steele Killed By Feds

In a couple of end-of-the-year stunners, Juan O. Savin says David Robert Steele was killed by the federal government, and Timothy McVeigh, of Oklahoma City bombing fame, was not part of a radical militia group, but a member of the U.S. military!

Appearing on the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast, Savin says it’s not about going after criminals for the federal government anymore, it’s about fabricating things over and over. He labeled them Orange Revolution events, including fake protests and mass corruption,  and cites the McVeigh debacle, Bundy Ranch protest, the Oregon Malheur bird refuge confrontation and the biggie, of course, the Jan. 6 siege on the capital.

Savin says these are the type of events that are run by the CIA and FBI. “They killed off Robert David Steele earlier this year,” he says. He added that it wasn’t specifically a “hit,” but he was probably overcome with spike-protein aerosols. Ironically, many members of the Arise USA Tour contracted the same illness but survived. Here’s more with Savin and Rodriguez.


Nancy Pelosi Stepping Down?

Atlantic Magazine says Nancy Pelosi plans to step down as House Speaker before the mid-terms in 2022. Also, Texas Democrats can be arrested, DOD mandates CV-19 vaxx for troops and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown tells People Of Color that they no longer need to read, write or learn math. More from RedPill78.

Expect to hear more from Antifa in the weeks ahead. As news is released exposing how the Democrats stole the 2020 Presidential election, and have Jerry-rigged elections across the United States, look for the Democrats to unleash their most vile and violent allies, notably Antifa. Here, JustInformed Talk explores what we can expect from these terrorist squads.