Left’s Wretched Double Standard

Liz Cheney’s clone lost! Cheney’s father let out of his cage! Elon Musk! President Trump, “The Most Persecuted Man in US History”! FBI raid! Peter Strzok’s passports! Mysterious sudden deaths rising! Kathy Griffith! Libtard art!

(Disclaimer: Antifa song was written as aparody. it’s laughing at distorted, dumbtard humor). More from McAllister TV.

They Get Away With Everything

The criminals who run the Democratic Party — whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Hunter Biden — will keep getting away with everything. Yes, they are all crooks and everyone knows they are all crooks, but they can’t go down without taking the rotten system with them.

Featuring cameos by Barack Obama, Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden and the rest of the run-of-the-mill Democratic crook gang. More from The United Spot.