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Gay Cringe Month

It’s June — the month when all of the fast-food chains and other corporate swills push their gay pride nonsense. Gays are so much a part of the leftist hierarchy that they rank a full month, as opposed to a weekly or daily homage. That’s unfortunate for the rest of us,  as we grow weary of this movement and its ever-growing craziness and lunacy. Here’s more from Paul Joseph Watson.

You Alright, Luv?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a total meltdown and plays the Drama Queen in a bid to banish a parody account. Some people just can’t laugh! More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Yeah, Right

Prince Harry and his American wife, Meghan Markle, are riding a wave of sympathy after they underwent a frantic, two-hour car chase through New York City, hounded by paparazzi. There does appear to have been an encounter of sorts, but some bystanders and participants claim the Royal Couple has greatly exaggerated what transpired. Here’s more from Paul Joseph Watson.


It Had To Happen

What gives when the Transformers turn into transgenders and mangle their pronouns? Will little kids still be able to watch or figure out the plots? Here’s more from Paul Joseph Watson.

Leftist Media Suffers Meltdown

The leftist, formerly “liberal,” mainstream news is having a conniption fit over CNN’s townhall meeting with Donald Trump. The Boss owned these fakers, starting with the rude and obnoxious moderator Kaitlan Collins. Their horrid biases were on full display, and the Republican audience hooted and hollered on behalf of Trump. Here’s more from Mark Dice.

Make no mistake about it, Kaitlan Collins is a biased partisan hack. Same as most of the “journalists” at CNN. These douchebags need to find some honest work. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Something Strange In Chicago

Something really strange is happening in Chicago. It’s called the “Windy City.” But not because the wind is always blowing, more so because its politicians spew high air.

It should be a haven of the United States, but instead, it’s merely a hub for murder and crimes. And now, signs suggest these pursuits will become even more eneveloping in the future. Here’s more from Really Graceful.

Let’s take a look at the bedlam running loose on the streets of Chicago. It’s good Mayor Lori Lightfoot got defeated. She’s turned the town into a veritable hellhole. of course, the new mayor, Brandon Johnson, seems just as perverse and idiotic. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

There’s No Coming Back Now!

The Democrats have sealed their fate. There’s no coming back now. More from Steve Turley.

Orange Man Bad! Will the lying jackals in the fake news ever shut up? Will they ever try to tell the truth instead of pushing their leftist viewpoints? More from Paul Joseph Watson.


SINKS are basically female Incels. The acronym stands for Single Income No Kids.

These are women who moved to the cities for big-paying jobs and never found anyone to marry, or just decided to skip the process. Here’s more from Paul Joseph Watson.

I Don’t Understand

Remember when women’s sports featured female competitors? Now, many of the winners in these contests are not women at all, but transgender athletes.

Paul Joseph Watson gives us the story of Tiffany Thomas, who keeps blowing away the field in women’s cycling races while being twice as old as most of the competition and not even starting to compete until she was in her 40s.

Some female athletes are crying foul. But, of course, not any of the Demoncrats. That’s a political party that specializes in cheating!