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Is Stephen Colbert Under Arrest?

Real Raw News is claiming that the Navy JAG (judge advocate general) forces in charge of a new detainment center on Guam have arrested Stephen Colbert, the leftist host of the CBS show Late Night with Stephen Colbert. It’s claimed that the Trump-hating Colbert is the first inmate at the new 200-cell detention center set aside for media personalities.

Colbert is facing charges of treason and defrauding the United States. Presumably, his arrest is related to his incessant shilling on behalf of the covid-19 vaccines and Anthony Fauci’s pandemic. Colbert devoted more than 1,750 show hours to promoting the clot shots, notably an insane dance skit in which he paraded around as a dancing vaccine syringe.

Real Raw News says Colbert will stand trial, but likely not until January. CBS has denied his arrest, saying he has been absent from the show because of a medical emergency, involving an attack of appendicitis. Here’s more reporting on the RRN claims from Dobie_Tejas.

In 2021, Nick Alvear throughbhis GoodLion film company created an extensive documentary series called Pervywood that detailed the involvement of many top Hollywood and television figures in the subterranean world of child trafficking, pedophilia and adrenchrome harvesting.

An entire documentary within the larger series was devoted to Stephen Colbert, outlining his close ties to Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta and Colbert’s involvement with the notorious Jeffrey Epstein. Colbert claims he never met Epstein but Colbert’s name does appear on the flight logs of Epstein’s Lolita Express.


Let The Unsealing Begin

The patriots are in full control. Trump is prepared to introduce evidence that will show the world how the [Deep State] interfered in the Presidential election and how the US is being run by a puppet government. Trump is about to unseal it all.

The people will witness the truth. Some will fight it. The [Deep State] is preparing Covid to cheat in the election but this will fail. They are trying to convince the people that we don’t need elections. This will fail. The people’s vote will count once again and the people will take back the country. More from the X22 Report.

Trudeau: Pedophile In Hiding?

What do Bill Gates and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have in common? They both have a habit of laughing in the least appropriate moments. Could be why both of their wives left them. Of course, there are persistent rumors that both wives left because these two influential men are drawn to underage victims.

In Trudeau’s case, he not only has a former roommate who has been jailed on pedophile charges, but also himself had to pay more than half a million dollars in hush money to a teen girl. He allegedly had conducted an extensive affair with the girl while serving as her teacher.

Here’s more from The People’s Voice, shared by Pirate Pete. They believe Trudeau’s taboo sexual secrets will soon be much more widely exposed.

Epstein: Scratching The Surface

Jim Cavaziel says adrenochrome is a potent drug — 10 times more powerful than heroin. He tells Steve Bannon on The War Room, “”The adrenochrome empire. It is a chemical compound. It is an elite drug that they’ve used for many years. It’s ten times more potent than heroine. It has some mystical qualities as far as making you look younger.”

Cavaziel, a longtime Hollywood actor, most recently appeared in The Sound of Freedom, a docu-drama that relays the story of Tim Ballard. Cavaziel plays Ballard himself, a former federal agent who turns vigilante and embarks on a mission to free children from sex traffickers in Colombia.

Cavaziel says much of what the public knows about sex trafficking and adrenochrome comes from the sordid case of Jeffrey Epstein. But the truth of the matter is, there are others besides Epstein involved in sex trafficking and pedophilia, some right in the Caribbean Islands. “Epstein Island isn’t the only sex island out there,” Cavaziel says. “In this film, they do a raid and the lady that ran that (island) wasn’t in prison. You’ve got a lot of agencies involved in this.”

The CIA, Cavaziel has said, operates the world’s largest pedophile ring.

Obama: Pedo Rights Architect

The People Voice (TPV) reports that our children are being thrown to the wolves, experimented with and being preyed upon by radical sickos and creeps.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media normalizes wokeness and pedophilia, because more than 90 percent of the elites are pedophiles and, in their reptoid and soulless brains, see nothing wrong with their actions.

So when did it all start? TVP points the finger at Barack Obama, who pushed sex education for kindergartners in 2007. He even backed legislation that would make it illegal not to teach sex ed to children. Obama was serious about the movement and said he wanted to fundamentally change America. Here’s the rest of the story from TVP.

Spiritual Warfare Unmasked

Dr. Len Horowitz joins me to discuss the plague of pedophilia and child sex trafficking at the very highest levels of society. We also discuss reawakening spirituality and your soul with God’s most healing frequencies. As we cover in this interview, the battle line are clearly drawn. Which side will you live and die on? More from the SGTReport.

Obama-Pizza Gate Connection

Martin Brodel reports that Barack Obama’s connection to the notorious Pizza Gate pedophile ring has been exposed.

Brodel says the bombshell release of a new trove of documents has surfaced,  exposing the former president’s relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and their connection to Pizza Gate. Brodel explains further and brings more intel.

April Showers Rain Down

The [Deep State]/[Joe Biden] are now panicking over the evidence that is showering down. This cannot be stopped. The patriots are now exposing the crimes and it is just going to get worse.

This will not end with [Joe Biden]. Evidence will lead to [Hillary Rodham Clinton] and [Barack Obama]. Panic in DC. The people are soon going to hear the shot around the world. More from the X22 Report.

United Nations & Pedophilia

Warning. This video is likely going to get taken off of YouTube. But you need to know that the United Nations is full of pedophiles and they’re not hiding it!

We uncover decades of sexual assault conduct and pedo policies that the United Nations actively implements. Also, we dive into the crime in NYC & talk about how teachers at a middle school got in trouble for a lick-off with students. More from Louder with Crowder.

“Art”… Again

Controversy has erupted over a painting on display in the Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris, France, showing two children — their hands bound and tied behind their backs — performing fellatio on a grown man. The painting is the work of Swiss artist Miriam Cahn, who claims it is not at all depicting pedophilia but is simply a reflection on the horrors of war, and specifically, the war in the Ukraine.

In defending her work, Cahn argues that these aren’t kids being shown at all. She says they are depicted as smaller figures “for symbolic reasons” to convey they are dwarfed and oppressed.

Cahn, like so many contemporary “artists,” plays word games to justify pornography. She isn’t an artist, but rather a con artist. She’s a cheap shot painter who should never be mistaken for an intellectual. After all, she calls this work fuck abstraction!

Here, Natly Denise focuses on the controversy, drawing upon remarks from John Laughland, director of the FVD International, who visited the show and spoke out against Cahn’s juvenile crap.