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Massive Wake-Up Call

The Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case was the linchpin that overturned Roe v. Wade.

The ACLJ’s Jay and Jordan Sekulow provide legal analysis of the arguments made and the continued battle for life ahead. The Sekulows and the rest of the ACLJ crew also discuss the historic decision and the launch of a 50-state campaign to defend babies and defeat abortion.

The Booms Will Not Stop Now

The [Deep State] is panicking and it’s everywhere. Trump and the patriots are making them feel pain every step of the way and each and every failure is on them. Optics are perfect. Their [Deep State] system is being gutted and they cannot do anything to stop it.

The tide has turned. The hunters have now become the hunted. The booms will not stop that. The people are ready. They are taking back the country and the [Deep State] cannot stop this. More from the X22 Report.

The Great Awakening has been long. Now, it is time to get them all! Pray! More from And We Know.

Did Bush Sr. Try To Kill Reagan?

Roger Stone exposes the real George H.W. Bush and the Bush Crime Family for who there really are–corrupt, anti-American minions of the Deep State.

In his latest book, The Bush Crime Family: The Inside Story of An American Dynasty,” Stone shockingly reveals that he made a compelling case for how George H.W. Bush tried to arrange the assassination of President Ronald Reagan and adds that Prescott Bush, the patriarch of the family and H.W.’s father, was Adolf Hitler’s banker, essentially arranging the armament of the Third Reich. “The Bushes are not conservatives or constitutionalists, but crony capitalists, who financed Planned Parenthood and were great advocates of abortion,” Stone says.

He joins Patriot Streetfigher Scott McKay with more details, including his 42-year relationship with Donald J. Trump, whom he advised to run for the presidency as far back as 1988.


Pesticides In Moderna Vax

Sourcing Real Raw News, Martin Brodel reports that military special forces under White Hat authority have discovered pesticides in the Moderna Covid-19 vaccines. The military raided a Moderna vaccine repository in early May and destroyed approximately 250,000 vials of the tainted vaxxes. Brodel explains further, plus brings us more updates on the week’s news.

Weimar & World War, Too

After a long absence, Sir Patrick Mack returns with a gem — Weimar & World War, Too, the fourth installment in his series POP: Sex, Satan and Babylon’s Boule. This installment is well worth the wait.

Still, we are running it on a Sunday, a day where you might have extra time to relax and digest a lot of information. This video runs over two hours. You don’t have to watch it in one sitting, but you might find yourself inclined to do so. It’s that good!

Here, you’ll learn about mass starvation across Ukraine in the early 1930s, a famine used by Josef Stalin to control the population and punish his enemies. You’ll learn about the Committee on Public Information, the first large-scale organization in the United States involved in disseminating propaganda — a group that pushed the Red Cross.

Here, you’ll see how countries got carved up, or reconstituted, or created afresh, in an attempt to provide a new homeland for the Jewish people or others across Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Most of all, you’ll get a sense of how Weimar Germany led to Nazi Germany, and the rise of Adolf Hitler. It’s complicated, requires a fair amount of attention and sorting through history, but in the end, you’ll leave much wiser about the state of the world.


Texas Judge Overrules Supremes

U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman, a liberal Obama appointee, overruled the Supreme Court regarding the Texas Heartbeat Act. Pitman’s ruling effectively struck down the “heartbeat bill,” passed by the Texas Legislature, which bans abortions once a heartbeat is detected, usually around six weeks.

The Supreme Court earlier refused to block the ban, sending Planned Parenthood to Pitman’s court. Says American Center for Law and Justice senior counsel CeCe Heil, “In this law, basically Texas stated that once a heartbeat is detected, it is unlawful for a doctor to perform an abortion. So, the catch is, it is not the state that is going to enforce it. It is going to be an individual that enforces it. That is what has caused the problem. There is really no one to enjoin.” Here’s more analysis on the decision from host Jay Sekulow and the ACLJ crew.

Confessions Of A Dick

Yes, his name was Dick. Dick Day. Dr. Dick Day. Sounds like a joke should follow.

But Dr. Dick Day’s message from 1969, a year before he died,  now rings quite ominously. Dr. Lawrence Dunegan heard that speech and released it nearly 20 years later, in 1988. Give it a listen. More from Jamie Dlux.

It’s All Part Of Their Plan

Mark Dice examines how Planned Parenthood manhandles the Hollywood studios, leading them to create pro-abortion movies, even comedies.


Fall Of The Cabal: Part 6

About Henry Kissinger, Population Policy, the United Nation and its many Non-governmental organiations, the UN Population Fund, Population Control, forced abortions & sterilizations, and Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger. More from Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter.

Exposing George Soros

Political commentator Bill O’Reilly is notorious for his direct delivery, and he’s not holding back on George Soros. “Of all the people in my entire 46-year career, George Soros has harmed America, in my opinion, more than any other human being on the planet,” he says. Even more than Bin Laden and ISIS, he adds.

O’Reilly’s research reveals that Soros and his family, natives of Budapest, Hungary, moved to London after World War II, and seven years later in 1954, he embarked on a financial career that was both shady and criminal. He moved to New York City in 1956 and continued his financial shenanigans. In 1992, Soros pocketed a cool $1 billion when he bet on the collapse of the British pound, but he wasn’t charged with any crime. Ten years later, he was charged and convicted of a felony in France for insider trading. Surprisingly and suspiciously, he was not extradited to France by the U.S.

And there’s more. Since 1984, Soros has donated $32 billion to a variety of radical far left organizations, including Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, Human Rights Watch, Planned Parenthood, Racial Justice Initiatives and Crooked Hillary Clinton’s last campaign. He’s also given away millions to liberal district attorneys throughout the nation. Says O’Reilly, “He has subverted our traditional system of justice; he has supported the worst Bolshevik elements you could support.”

Here’s more with O’Reilly on The First channel.

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