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Bigger Than You Could Imagine

The [Deep State] event is in its final leg. The push to change the narrative has begun. During this process, the Mainstream Media/[Deep State], corrupt politicians and many others are being exposed. All part of the plan. During this time Trump has been pushing a mission behind the scenes. The Rule of Law is now returning. The public will learn the truth. This is bigger than anyone could imagine. More from the X22 Report.

We have a two-year Delta on POTUS tweets and our favorite anon posts. More cleaning house in the IG. Underground fires are breaking out across Great Britain. OAN’s Chanel Rion is now staffing the White House. Major victory for the plan and Potus. Get your popcorn ready. More from Redpill78.

The Playboy Mansion tunnels are being exposed!!! Efforts might be underway to bury these tunnels or fill them with cement like Jeffrey Epstein’s tunnels beneath Little St. James Island. But if the white hats already have it all, those seeking to camouflage the truth won’t get far. Also in this edition of McAllister TV, why is the mainstream media so eager to nick and downplay the covid cure? Do they want us out of work for months? Is that what it will take to satisfy these Communists?

General Michael Flynn knows where all the bodies are buried. Now, it’s time to put his knowledge to use. Time, you see, to begin to cull the Illuminati, the Satanists, the child murderers and traffickers from within our ranks. They have ruled the planet for for too long, but now we must reassert human supremacy across the Earth. More from The Patriot Hour.

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President Donald Trump keeps shining a light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s hope it’s not another James Comey train unleashed there. More from Craig Mason.


Follow The Cobblestone Road

Jamie Dlux offers a new video on the Finders. He traces the whereabouts of these individuals one by one, stumbling on Doug Ammerman until he hits a revelation. Ammerman ditched his last name and rechristened himself Slinky Cobblestone. Slippery fellow!

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TestingtheNarrative examines the FBI fault for new information on Hugh Hefner. Did Jayne Mansfield have an affair with the Satanist Anton LaVey? Why were there tunnels connecting Hefner’s Playboy mansion with other neighboring properties? Did Hefner and his neighbors engage in illegal activities together? Were these underground lairs a way to hide evidence of child pornography?

Roman Polanski releases a huge hit about a struggling actor who’s first born is sacrificed to a satanic cult. One year later his 8 month pregnant wife is murdered in a scene described as a ritualistic killing. But the strange similarities and eerie coincidences don’t end there! Join me as we explore all the strange coincidences, hidden messages and more behind the classic horror film Rosemary’s Baby! More from Jay Myers Documentaries.

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We close with Jason Bermas discussing Amazon allowing the sale of a T-shirt for girls bearing the motto “Daddy’s Slut.” These Democrat apologists for pedophiles just keep getting more and more obvious and blatant. It’s a party by and for perverts, and in particular, child rapists.

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Obama: What Constitution?

“In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, President Obama delivered remarks at McKinley Senior High School,” Jodi Miller reports. “He told students there’s no limit to what they can accomplish, if they’re willing to ignore the Constitution.” Also on Miller’s hit list this week are tax revenues, jihadist recruiting, Aljazeera, Rick Santorum, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, the Playboy Mansion and Oprah Winfrey in this edition of NewsBusted.

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