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DeSantis Update On Hurricane

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, as well as other Florida officials, give an update on day 2 of Hurricane Ian and how long 2.5 million residents will be without power. Meteorologist Mike Masco also provides insight on what’s next and which states have to get prepared – via. American Agenda on Newsmax.

Lee County, whose county seat is Ft. Myers, appears to have suffered the greatest blow. Carmine Marceno, the sheriff of the county on the southwestern coastline of Florida, says “fatalities are in the hundreds.” More from Newsmax with Leo Feldman reporting.



Simon Parkes: Intel Update

Simon Parkes reports that President Biden has declared a state of emergency, citing looming power outages around the country and massive food shortages.

Parkes says the purpose for the declaration, which is documented on the White House website, is to bring the military into the arena. “Neither of those are actually going to occur,” Parkes said of the outages and food shortages. “That’s just a smokescreen given to the unawakened, unaware in America, to give them an excuse why they will see more military on the streets.” Parkes explains, plus brings intel updates on the Quantum Financial System, and more.

Potato Priorities

Are the Democrats addressing the disaster in Texas? Hell, no! They are hard at work on a bill that would prevent former President Donald Trump from being buried at Arlington National Cemetery. More from The Salty Cracker.

Make no mistake about it. The Democrats have completely flipped their lids. Their so-called “No Glory For Hate” Act is utterly insane. Styxhexenhammer666 explains.

Spinning The Turbines

What’s behind the Texas power outage? Should we blame the frozen wind turbines? Or have other shutdowns, include coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants, contributed to the morass? Here, Los Alamos scientist Tony Heller examines the facts, and gives you realistic appraisals of the problems. Heller has been in the forefront of dispelling many of the myths of the climate change leftists. He’s a practical, i.e. credible,  source of information in this disaster.



Chinese After General Electric?

Rumors are percolating that a Chinese consortium is trying to buy General Electric. Supposedly the weekend outage that cut off power across Pakistan is related. Negotiators from General Electric and China were said to be in Pakistan, possibly still negotiating, possibly preparing to sign some sort of deal.

The Trump administration, needless to say, would block such a sale, but Joe Biden perhaps might allow it, owing to the fact he has been privy to countless Chinese deals arranged through his son Hunter Biden.

General Electric is one of three major airplane engine manufacturers. The others are Pratt Whitney and Rolls Royce. But of the three, General Electric perhaps is most heavily involved in fabricating top-secret weapons equipment. Obviously, the Communist Chinese want to get their hands on this equipment, as well as these jet engines, owing to the fact Chinese jet manufacturing remains much more primitive.

Fact-checking outfits like Snopes claim this is a groundless rumor. But as we all know, the fact-checkers at Snopes aren’t genuine fact-checkers at all, but just mouthpieces for Liberal interests — essentially, paid shills.

Here,  Simon Parkes — a noted British intelligence observer — discusses the fast-breaking events coming into play as President Trump’s term draws to a close. Will there be a second term? Quite possibly.

Trump has apparently signed the Insurgency Act  and is preparing to arrest masses of individuals identified in more than 200,000 sealed indictments on file at U.S. district courthouses. No, none of the big-time politicians, like Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi, is likely to be arrested in the first round or two.

It’s unclear when the first round will happen or where it will be concentrated. Originally, these arrests were set to begin Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. But they could begin sooner, or be pushed back, as judged necessary.

Also, Parkes reveals that Mike Pence will not remain vice president if there is a second Trump term. At least on a temporary basis, Parkes believes the post could go to retired general Michael Flynn. He explains his thinking here.


Reason For California Outages?

Everyone’s wondering about the widespread California power outages? How come they seem to happen every year? Why do they appear to be getting worse all the time? One reason that’s never discussed. California is relying much more heavily than other states on so-called renewable sources of energy, namely, wind and solar power.

But these sources, especially wind, are just not as reliable as coal or other traditional sources of energy. Why? Because if winds are too slow or too fast, the generators have to kick off. When that happens, power drops and outages occur. More from Lisa Haven.

Meanwhile, one of the wildfires in the Simi Valley threatened the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Authorities expressed confidence the fire could be stopped but they evacuated the staff and public as a precaution. More from Next News Network.

California Becoming Unlivable

California has a Democratic super majority but still faces growing problems.

Trump slammed Nancy Pelosi over her failing district as reports of homelessness and disease show just how bad it really is. Add all of this to the ongoing blackouts and wildfires and it looks like California is reverting back to the Wild West

CNN reported that PG&E says its employees have been attacked as they try to deal with the power crisis. The company is asking people to stop targeting their employees but clearly people are fed up.

The wealthiest of the state, including Nancy Pelosi, live in their million dollar vineyards while the poor are forced to flee or live in squalor. Many blame Democrats and increasing far left policies but, all arguments aside, it’s fair to say first and foremost the state is failing and becoming unlivable. More from Tim Pool.