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Simon Parkes: Intel Update

Simon Parkes reports that President Biden has declared a state of emergency, citing looming power outages around the country and massive food shortages.

Parkes says the purpose for the declaration, which is documented on the White House website, is to bring the military into the arena. “Neither of those are actually going to occur,” Parkes said of the outages and food shortages. “That’s just a smokescreen given to the unawakened, unaware in America, to give them an excuse why they will see more military on the streets.” Parkes explains, plus brings intel updates on the Quantum Financial System, and more.

The Student Debt Dilemma

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York says if Congress or President Biden ends the pandemic emergency federal student loan forbearance program, former students won’t be able to make auto loan and credit card payments.

Is this just step one in a total student loan forgiveness plan? The “Right Angle” crew of Scott Ott, Stephen Green and Bill Whittle discuss the consequences.

Deep State Needs Distraction

Too many bad events are closing in around key Deep State players and they are running out of time. With the walls closing in, they’re doing everything in their power to produce a distraction and a world war tops the list.

Says Dan Radiostyle, “The truth is coming out and they literally have very little time to make some noise to make this problem go away.” He explains how to be prepared and ready, and updates the top stories of the day in this edition of On The Fringe..

Dems Lose Senate Grip, For Now

The Democrats have lost their slim one-vote majority in the Senate, at least for now, after New Mexico Sen. Ben Ray Lujan recently suffered a stroke and is expected to be on the mend for four to six weeks, pending no more complications.

Lujan’s absence gives the Republicans a 50-49 majority, blocks the Biden Administration’s legislative agenda and possibly impacts President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nomination. Here’s the breakdown from Restored Republic.

Time To Stop Being So Nice

Dan Radiostyle says there are far too many Republicans and RINOs that are afraid to come across as mean or possibly hurt someone’s feelings. “Well, in John, Chapter 2, verses 13-16 Jesus got pissed. Sometimes, we need to get pissed. We need to take back control of this ship.”

He says we’re taking the gloves off and not going to take it anymore. In the following episode of On The Fringe, Dan Radiostyle brings down the hammer on the likely suspects in D.C., blasts the thieves at GoFundMe and updates the news of the day.

Lying Through Their Teeth

Arcane Pathways breaks down 10 of the Covid-19 conspiracies that weren’t, where our media, health care officials and President Biden were proven to have lied about the coronavirus pandemic.

Explosive Email Exposes Hunter

Dan Bongino reports that a classified State Department email has surfaced, declaring Hunter Biden undercut U.S. efforts in Ukraine.

Sourcing John Solomon, editor-in-chief of Just The News, Bongino says the email was not only held from the public for five years, but also from Republicans during the Trump impeachment-hoax hearing and conflicted with the Democrat Party narrative that President Biden’s son had no impact on anti-corruption efforts by the U.S. in Ukraine.

Bongino says the correspondence originated from George Kent, deputy chief of mission under former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, who knew what was going on and alerted Democrat officials. Here’s the rest of Bongino’s report, including the rundown on other important issues.

Beck: Biden Will Be Impeached

Glenn Beck bluntly predicts that if Republicans sweep the 2022 midterms, President Biden will be impeached. “They will do investigations and hearings and it will happen,” he says. “This guy will be impeached and removed.”

Beck says a source who attended a briefing that included Republicans and Democrats admitted that the worst things they suspected are happening, especially financially and militarily, on a global scale. Beck joins Stu Burguiere on The Blaze Network to bring us more on this, plus other issues.

Voters Turning On Uncle Joe

Restored Republic reports that a new Fox News poll reveals 60 percent of voters would vote for someone other than Joe Biden in the 2024 election. Just 36 percent said they would vote for Uncle Joe. The numbers were far worse than President Trump’s 2018 midterm tally, which never rose above 56 percent. Here’s more.

Huge Government Covid Bribes

A.J. DePriest, healthcare policy analysis expert, says schools and hospitals are turning a blind eye to parental and public concerns over Covid restrictions to ensure the flow of government relief funds.

DePriest, who also belongs to the Tennessee Liberty Network think tank, says that year-to-date, schools have received a shocking $200 billion from the federal government’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARP) and Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) fund, signed into law by President Biden. She says in order to get the money, schools must adhere to requirements regarding universal and correct wearing of masks, physical distancing, handwashing, cleaning and ventilation, contact tracing, and more.

A probe into hospitals revealed similar relief funds from ARP and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Here’s more with DePriest on The Highwire, with host Del Bigtree.