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Obama Term Will Be Overturned

Rick Rene, host of Blessed To Teach, reports on the riveting prophecy from Julie Green that President Obama’s eight years in office, plus the two from his puppet Joe Biden, will be overturned.

More prophecy from Green centers around Queen Elizabeth’s tumultuous reign, her death and the evil surrounding King Charles, which the prophecy says, will never ascend to the throne. Here’s more.

Scalia’s Murder To Be Exposed

Rick Rene, host of Blessed To Teach, says he strongly believes the murder of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is about to be exposed to the public.

Rene says there’s more stunning insight from Julie Green’s prophecies:  “Scalia, this name will be in the news,” she says. “And truth regarding the Supreme Court justice’s death will be revealed, a cover-up that can’t be covered up any longer.”

Guided by the prophecy, Rene revisits a 2016 article by James Bailey titled, “Ten Disturbing Facts About Justice Scalia’s Death,” that will leave you thirsty for the truth. Here’s more.

Gene Decode: Russia Foiled Plan

Gene Decode says Russia clandestinely moved 150,000 troops into Ukraine, not the lesser number reported by most media outlets, to quash a Deep State false flag in eastern Ukraine. He says the bad guys then planned to blame it on the Russians, so Putin had every right to control the situation.

Decode says the Deep State’s rationale was obvious–protect their web of corruption. “Everyone knows about Hunter and Smokey Joe and all their family, the Bush regime and Obama and all of that regarding Ukraine, which is their lynchpin for bringing in all kinds of terrorism, assets, weapons, children and drugs in and out of Russia and throughout the entire Europe area,” he says.

Decode brings us more details on Ukraine, weighs in on the Canadian truckers and explains the Deep State’s Covidian Cult System to depopulate the planet in this episode of The Truth Seeker, with host Patriot Dave.

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Truthstream Media takes a deep dive into the little-known Fabian Society, an allegedly elite band of pseudo-intellectuals, who formed a semi-secret group for the purpose of bringing socialism to the world. Whereas Communists wanted to establish socialism through violence and revolution, the Fabians preferred to do it gradually, through propaganda, infiltration and legislation.

Surprisingly, the society attracted many high-caliber personalities over the years, such as George Bernard Shaw, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, HG Wells, Lenin and Tony Blair. And, of course, there’s no doubting President Obama was front-and-center in advancing these concepts. Here’s the rest of this fascinating story from Truthstream Media.

Probe: Obama Certificate A Fake

An exhaustive forensic investigation into President Obama’s birth certificate has concluded that it is a fraudulently created document, which was represented as an official copy. Among those leading the probe were former Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio, chief investigator Mike Zullo and two forensic experts, each from different continents with no knowledge of each other.

Says Arpaio, “To this day I’ve stated that I don’t care where the President was born. It had nothing to do with that. But we were going to investigate a possible government-forged document.” He says the team has been consistently maligned, falsely labeled and grossly criticized in the bulk of the media, and added the nation will be shocked by the probe and the implications will be profound. Here’s more, courtesy of the levtcs channel.

Flynn’s Impossible 4-Year Delta

Christian Patriot News (CPN) reports that Gen. Michael Flynn’s Telegram post on Dec. 9 was an almost impossible four-year delta from a similar Q post on Dec. 9, 2017. Flynn’s post sourced a front-page magazine article about how President Obama sabotaged and transformed the military the way he did the country.

CPN, who says the post was within an hour of Q’s 2017 post, also offers up two other nearly perfect four-year-deltas and asks, “How many coincidences before this operation becomes mathematically impossible to deny?” He explains further in the the following report.

Are We Seeing Hillary Doubles?

Renaud Bedard brings us a new perspective on the much-publicized circumstances in which Hillary Clinton left the 2016 9/11 Memorial Service early and why.

Bedard speculates that Hillary was jovial and enjoying the crowd at the service, when she was suddenly told, “They are going to arrest you today. You can walk out on your own, but we’re handcuffing you on the street.” Her response: “You’re f*cking kidding me, right?”

When she collapses near the van, CNN reports she’s feeling overheated. Really? So why didn’t she remove her jacket or drink some water? But absolute video proof reveals that when she is grasped on both arms, he hands were bound and she was dragged into the van while resisting.

So if Hillary was arrested, are we seeing a parade of her doubles? Also of note, says Bedard, notably absent at the service were President Obama, President Clinton, Hillary’s running mate and Vice-President Biden.  Here’s the telling video and, as always, judge the material for yourself.

Empty Promises For Blacks

Jason Whitlock and former NBA player Royce White sound off on the black community for their ties to the Democrat Party.

Why do Donald Trump’s values align better with the views of most blacks than the platitudes of Barack Obama and LeBron James? Did White actually call black Democrats “fools” for their continuing allegiance to the liberal agenda? Whitlock and White bring you more on this sensitive issue.

The Biden-Trump Feud

Bill O’Reilly says the biggest story of the week is the latest Biden vs. Trump feud, centering on the executive privilege of former presidents.

Biden threatened to write an order declaring Trump’s executive privilege nonexistent, so the Jan. 6th House panel can gain access to the former administration’s documents and records. But an executive order from President Obama’s time in office may get in the way. O’Reilly breaks down the story on the Glenn Beck Show.

Durham Bringing The Pain

Special Prosecutor John Durham is bringing the pain, the [Deep State] is panicking and they are scurrying to get ahead of the indictments by telling their side of the story. Rest assured the truth will shred their propaganda.

All this time Durham has dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s and now he’s ready to produce the evidence. He’s clearly honing in on [Hillary Rodham Clinton], who appears to be the initial target. “The hunters have now become the hunted,” says X22 Report’s Dave. “Next it will be Obama and Biden. Devolution is now in full swing and the blind will soon see the light, one step at a time.” Here’s more.