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Anti-Trump Plot Exposed

Seasoned commentator Bill O’Reilly sent shockwaves through political circles, revealing the Left’s sinister anti-Trump plot.

While the GOP candidates sparred on stage in the second primary debate, O’Reilly joined Tucker Carlson for a one-on-one interview regarding the transgressions of the Left in their effort to smear President Trump. Here’s more with Next News Network’s Gary Franchi.

Trumps Says He’s In 2nd Term

The patriots are in control and they are bringing the people down a path they need to see in order to make the final battle decision.

Donald J. Trump says he’s been preparing for this battle his entire life. He says the military approached him to run for the presidency and they have protected him all along. In his most recent rally, in Michigan, Trump might have admitted that he still is the Commander in Chief, the President of the United States in his second term.

The plan was not traditional and this is not just another four-year election. More from X22 Report.

Will We See Trump-Lake Ticket?

Dan RadioStyle says it seems things are moving into another phase and we are nearing the time where election partners will need to come forward.

Perhaps the most intriguing scenario comes from the Arizona desert, where all eyes are on Kari Lake. She’s hinted at a U.S. Senate run in 2024, but does she really have her sights trained on the Vice-Presidency? Could we see a Trump-Lake ticket in the near future? Radiostyle takes a closer look, plus also reports on the chaos at the southern border, the Democrat push to reinstate internet neutrality, the cancel-culture mess regarding Russell Brand, and more.

Trump Vows Retribution

President Donald J. Trump has made it crystal clear that he’s had enough! Trump sent reverberations throughout the country over the weekend, firing salvos at NBC News and MSNBC on Truth Social.

The charge? Trump alleges they’re committing what could be described as “country-threatening treason.”  Next News Network’s Gary Franchi says it’s a claim that shakes the very pillars of our free press, making us question where’s the line between freedom and treachery? Here’s more.

Drug Led To Virus Mutations

Truth And Art TV”s Bernie Suarez reports that Big Pharma giant, Merck, rolled out the drug Molnupiravir, which may have led to virus mutations, according to a UK study.

He says the study revealed that instead of killing the virus outright, the anti-viral drug could give rise to significantly mutated viruses that remain viable.  Suarez elaborates, plus also discusses the revelation of major Big Pharma and medical industry players who are now admitting that hydroxychloroquine did work, Joe Biden’s plan to provide federal IDs to illegal immigrants and California Gov. Gavin Newsom playing the moderate card, as he remains focused on a White House run.

Jailed For Journalism?

Viva Frei’s David Freitheit digs into the story of North Carolina independent journalist, Stephen Horn, who was recently convicted for reporting on and documenting the activities of Jan. 6–or, as the government contends, parading and picketing unlawfully. Here’s his report.

Suits Seek To Disqualify Trump

Official ACLJ’s Jordan Sekulow is reporting that a staggering 13 lawsuits have been filed by organizations or individuals across the nation seeking to keep President Donald J. Trump off the 2024 ballot.

Jordan says the legal actions are being filed using the novel theory that the 14th Amendment disqualifies Trump from running in the 2024 Presidential election. He says the ACLJ is aware of the major threat to the electorate’s right to vote for the candidate of their choice and are willing to fight all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary. Here’s his report.

Trump Predicted 9/11

Pete Santilli says President Trump actually predicted the devastation of 9/11, 19 months before it happened in a book he co-authored with Dave Shiflett, titled, The America We Deserve. 

In the book, which was released in January 2000 (:22:30 of video), Trump wrote, “I’m really convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombings of the Trade Center look like kids play with firecrackers. No sensible analyst rejects this possibility and plenty of them, like me, are not wondering if, but when, this will happen.”

Santilli and guest Ann Vandersteel discuss the details, plus also touch on the stunning revelation that Trump has been aware all along of patents belonging to inventor Salvadore Pais, describing the existence of free energy and anti-gravity technology. Vandersteel provides an update on Colony Ridge, the emerging city for illegal immigrants in Texas and also talks about the exploding number of terrorists that are crossing our southern border.

Impeachment In Texas

Just in case you haven’t had your fill of impeachment trials, following the two debacles the Democrats attempted to pull off on President Trump, another one has surfaced in Texas aimed at Attorney General Ken Paxton.

This week’s installment of the Cavalcade of Impeachments is the debate topic for the “Right Angle” crew of Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott, who bring us the details.

Supremes, DOJ Compromised?

Kerry Cassidy takes dead aim at the Department of Justice and the U.S. Supreme Court over their shenanigans revolving around the fraudulent 2020 Presidential election and recent wave of false flags.

Cassidy tells Free Range host Gail of Gaia that SCOTUS has denied more than 50 cases regarding the 2020 election, including the notorious Brunson vs. Adams lawsuit. She says more times than not, the Supremes’ judgement that the cases lack standing sends chills up her spine. “In reality, every single American should have standing because we all voted and that gives us automatic standing,” she says. “This kind of technicality, which allowed them to throw out all the cases, is an indicator to me that they’re on the side of the Cabal, which runs our government.”

Cassidy says the same is true of the DOJ. She says President Trump has been saying for months that Space Force has all the evidence of election theft, but getting through to the courts and the roadblocks of the DOJ is another matter. She explains further and discusses her thoughts on the whirlwind of false flags that have hit our nation, which she says has us on a precarious path to World War III.