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Starbucks Pulls Pride Displays

A woke meltdown begins to surge as Starbucks pulls Pride displays from some of its stores, fearful of the kind of boycotts that Target and Bud Light have engendered with their insidious transgender propaganda.

Starbucks says it does not have a company-wide policy to ban Pride displays, but does allow individual stores the discretion to call those shots after assessing safety conditions. Here’s more from Steve Turley.

Even in leftist Massachusetts, the left is beginning to strike out. At the Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington, Mass., just outside Boston, based students took down Pride decorations and wore U.S.A. clothing, chanting “My pronouns are USA.”

Obviously, these kids have had enough of the leftist malarkey being pushed by the teachers and principal. Maybe these school officials should actually focus on fostering a positive learning environment as opposed to indoctrinating students! Here’s more from The Officer Tatum.