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They Use Their Own Children

How do the elites use their own children as vessels for Reptilians and Demons? What will the Flash bring?

Questions answered from previous Christian 21 videos about the 5D transfer. Will we see our families again? How will soul families greet us? What about pregnant women enduring the transfer? What is the Aries connection?

Also in this episode: Lady Gaga horror show! Ascension techniques! E.R.I.C. More from McAllister TV.

How Were Pyramids Erected?

How were the pyramids or the pillars at Stonehenge erected?

Some have argued that ancient civilizations had access to the secrets of levitation. But here’s a modern-day man who shows how pillars can be erected quite simply, using a few, simple non-technical tools.

His name is Wally Wallington and he lives outside Flint, Michigan in Lapeer County. He elevates a 20-ton block by hand himself, using only wood, peebles, counterweights and man power. More from Mystery History.

Pyramids Built With Levitation

Christian 21 New Update message! Close-ups of the map! Demonic negative portals closed! Barrier put up by Galactic Federation! Trump mentions “positives here to help”! Pyramids built with levitation! More from McAllister TV.

Our Leaders Actually Humans?

Is JFK Q? Our leaders are no longer humans! Alex Collier! Christian 21 preview! Ice Walls! Reptiles were dumped here! The moon is a base! Greys are vampires! History of Reptilians! There is a war on for your DNA! We are royalty! Everything you know is a lie! More from McAllister TV.

Area 51! Sumerian Jump Pads!

Area 51 S-4: alice’s Room! Time travel caught on tape! Sumerian Jump Pads! Project Sidekick! Project looking Glass! Yuge pyramid, discovered by kid, inside Area 51! Teleportation! Philadelphia Experiment! More from McAllister TV.

Secrets Of The Bosnian Pyramid

The existence of a monumental pyramidal complex in Central Bosnia, stone spheres and tunnel system in the town of Visoko has caught the world by surprise and shook the global scientific community, because it may require a part of world history to be rewritten. Semir Sam Osmanagich discovered these amazing structures in 2005, and an Egyptian team of experts confirmed in September 2007 that these structures in Visoko were man-made. More from Zohar Stargate: Ancient Discoveries.

Gene Decode: DUMBs Drained

The Cabal started as the Khazarian Mafia in the Ukraine region, and that’s one of the reasons they had been trying to establish the Ukraine as their global base of operations. But Russia has pretty much put the kibosh to those plans, says Gene Decode, in  a wide-ranging talk with Nicholas Veniamin.

Much of Gene Decode’s talk covers the Deep Underground Military Bases or DUMBs. They have been getting cleaned out and drained around the world. When President Donald Trump talks of draining the swamp, he’s not only referring to corruption in Washington DC, but also these sordid DUMBs where reptilian Dracos have been dining on humans, most of them, children.

One of the largest DUMBs systems cuts across the Ukraine, as well as southern Europe leading to Israel. Gold and silver have been stored in these tunnels. There’s also a Draco Reptilian queen who will need to be captured and destroyed. One of the Ukraine’s treasures to be reveled: A massive, buried pyramid formed from green gold.


Who Built The Pyramids?

Gigi Young discusses several of the big secrets surrounding ancient civilizations, opening with: Who Built The Pyramids? Other key topics covered here:

  • Humanity’s advanced past, including Atlantis and Lemuria.
  • The Role of Inter-Dimensional Beings (Aliens) on The Earth
  • Is There a Campaign to Spread Alien God Propaganda?
  • Dark Beings Lie About Their Identity For Their Own Gain. More from Mad Malloy.

How To Spot A Tranny 101!

The Transgender Movement has nothing to do with gender and everything to do  with turning humans into organic robotoids! Genetically engineered hermaphrodites are transhuman and part of the Nazi Uberman Project. The project came over to America with Operation Paperclip! They want to change our DNA so we can be bought and sold like cattle! More from McAllister TV.

Stranger Than You Think

Erich von Daniken provides a rollercoaster ride of information revealing some of the lesser known fact surrounding ancient Egyptian sites. Why did archaeologists seemingly go mad after entering newly discovered tombs? Where do the secret passages go to and was the Egyptian pyramids once covered in water? All this and much more as Erich von Daniken provides some startling information. More from Ancient Secret Discoveries.