Democrats Roll Out The Racism

A leftoid blog hired by Democratic Congressional candidate Vicente Gonzalez has called Mayra Flores “Miss Frijoles.” Ruh roh, raggy! Democrats back to their racist roots! More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Democratic Rep. Vicente Gonzalez is in hot water after a blog he is connected to posted sexual and racist posts towards his opponent Republican Mayra Flores. Miami Correspondent Leonardo Feldman reports for Newsmax.

BLM’s Financial Sham

In light of the release of Black Lives Matters’ stunning financial statements earlier this week, rapper and podcaster Zuby is exposing the organization for what it is: “a disingenuous sham.”

The documents revealed that BLM raised $21 million in 2021–along with hundreds of millions over the years–and a large chunk of the money was used not only purchase multimillion-dollar properties, but also pad the bank accounts of family members and play the stock market. “You have to remember that this was money raised off of peoples’ goodwill to help fight against racism and police brutality,” Zuby said. “So to raise money supposedly for a good cause and turn around and use that money for flying around and buying mansions is atrocious.” Here’s more of the interview on GB News.

NY Times Rips Into Tucker

The New York Times launched a hit piece on Tucker Carlson after the Fox News host roasted failing CNN+ and other media outlets, claiming his show promotes loathing and fear. Mr. Obvious digs into the details and also reports on how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets owned on Twitter after doubling down against Elon Musk.

Conservatives Rising In Canada

Members of the Conservative Party in Canada have begun to speak out against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his covid lockdowns. These politicians, responding to the Freedom Convoy truckers’  protest, are calling for a more rational and sane policy toward handling the pandemic.

Here, Member of Parliament Leslyn Lewis of the Haldimand-Norfolk riding in Ontario Province speaks with Ezra Levant of Rebel News. Lewis placed third in the Conservative Party’s leadership election in 2020. Originally from Jamaica, she says “the people have been lied to, and they want answers.”

Another member of Parliament. Candice Bergen, deputy leader of the Conservative Party, torched Trudeau after he called the protesters “racists.” She noted Trudeau is the one who has chosen to wear “blackface” and indulge in sordid racist fantasies. Bergen represents the Portage-Lisgar riding from Manitoba Province in the Canadian House of Commons. More from the Bongino Report.

Scott Moe, the premier of Saskatchewan Province, announced he will soon be ending the vaccine passports.  “The vaccine mandate imposed by the Trudeau government on the trucking industry is unnecessary and will surely have significant impacts on the household goods and products that Canadians rely on,” Moe said. More from Rebel News.

Racist Democrats Celebrate MLK

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Don’t forget about the racist past of today’s Democratic leaders and it’s time the FBI answers some questions about their history with orchestrating terror attacks. More from RedPill78.

A Warning From Smokey Bear

Remember: Only you can stop mass formation psychosis. In her new video, Amazing Polly talks about the ways people deal with guilt/blame in individualist vs collectivist societies. Very interesting findings in the latter half!

In this episode, we cover the latest push for war with Russia as Joe Biden and his media/intel minions begin to foment anger using mass formation psychosis and propaganda to cover up for Joe’s own domestic policy failures and criminally corrupt family. Meanwhile, the Jan. 6 committee is trying to coerce Big Tech goons into doxxing a bunch of MAGA moms for starting an “iNsUrreCtIoN.” A racist leftist “news” anchor joins guest in calling for denying medical care to the unvaxxed, and much more news from JustInformed Talk.

Why Kamala Harris Is Disliked

Kamala Harris has lower approval ratings than any recent vice president. What’s the deal?

Do people dislike her so much because she’s a woman? Because she’s of mixed racial heritage? Ir because she is a doctrinaire leftist?

Styxhexenhammer666 says we should stop pretending this is a mystery. It’s the bracelet jingling, stupid!

People don’t like bracelet jingling, smarmy HR spokeswomen who blame race and gender for their failures.