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Will RFK Jr. Hurt Trump?

Did I stutter? Here’s more from RazorFist.

The Adults Are Back In Charge!

I knew I should have taken out stock in Raytheon…Here’s more in a rant from RazorFist.

The New Woke Religion

You’re not an individual to the Left. You’re simply an ideology that can rip off and exploit. Here’s a rant from RazorFist. He opens with the retarded Eminem, who obviously thinks he’s a candy bar. More like a Sour Grape!

Selling Disney By The Pound

“Who could have seen this coming?” -The Blind Boys of Alabama.

Here’s more from RazorFist.

Welcome To Misdirection Month!

If only we could get Vladimir Putin into a submarine, we’d have the ideal distraction. Here’s more from RazorFist.

RazorFist: Shrinking Manhood

For this special episode of The Manhood Hour, Sebastian Gorka talks to YouTuber “Rageaholic,” AKA “Raz0rfist,” about his influences when it comes to the concept of manhood, from Sylvester Stallone to the Roman philosopher Cicero.

John Romita Sr.: Comic Legend

Comics fans are mourning the death of John Romita Sr., perhaps the most talented artist behind the legendary superheroes at Marvel. Romita, at age 93, died peacefully in his sleep, his son John Romita Jr. reported.

The senior Romita, Marvel’s art director, worked tirelessly on the early issues of Spider-Man but he also brought to life such creations as Wolverine and the Black Widow.

Here, RazorFist offers a tribute to the man, and his many inspired creations, that transformed Stan Lee’s Marvel Comics into an industry powerhouse.  RazorFist calls him “a true comic legend.”