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The Major Problem With Marvel

I’ve got an idea. An entire dimension… where nothing we’ve ever said or done is of any consequence whatsoever!

…I call it ‘MSNBC’. More from RazorFist.

TMNT: Soylent Mayhem

Broke: New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be bad because of April.
Woke: New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be bad because of Seth Rogen.

Here’s more in a rant from RazorFist.

The Trump/DeSantis Dichotomy

Heaven or Hell! Duel One! Let’s ROCK! More from RazorFist.

Comic Crash II: DC Death Spiral

DC Comic Books suffers another death spiral: Comic Crash II.

No worries. They can always turn Superman into a pothead mulatto tranny! More from RazorFist.

Abraham Lincoln: American Dictator

RazorFist advances the argument that Abraham Lincoln wasn’t a freedom fighter, but actually America’s first globalist dictator.  It was Lincoln who pushed a “top-down governance” over a nation that had previously adopted a more laissez-faire approach to its citizenry.

Republicans might squawk seeing one of their idols dismantled and taken down a few notches. But RazorFist makes a compelling argument.



RazorFist Cracks Arizona Whip!

Can Steve Bannon emerge from the shadows to help former President Donald Trump win the White House a second term?

That’s among the many issues addressed here as RazorFist joins Sebastian Gorka on an America First One on One. RazorFist, a dyed-in-the-wool American original and populist,  jabs the phony GOP leaders, like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, trying to usurp the party reigns away from Trump. For instance,  Razor calls McCarthy “Kevin Boehner with a lower Kleenex bill.”

And then we have McConnell, who sent more campaign money to Alaska to defend Lisa Murkowski than he sent to Arizona to help Blake Masters in his bid to defeat Mark Kelly in the 2022 midterm elections. You’re a dimwitted dullard, Mitch! But no one ever mistook you for being particularly bright — or honest.

RazorFist lives in Arizona, so much of the conversation centers around that state. He delves into the southern border, and Kari Lake’s fight to overturn the corrupt Arizona gubernatorial election. Will she unseat the despotic Katie Hobbs? Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, listen as Maricopa County Attorney Thomas Liddy berates the audacity of Republican voters, because they chose to vote on election day and got mad when the voting machines didn’t work. “We believe in choosing our own rulers.” Wait, what?

If this guy sounds super arrogant, it’s hardly surprising. Not when you consider he is the son of G. Gordon Liddy, the mastermind behind Watergate! So how did he endear himself to Katie Hobbs? More from Red Voice Media.

Riddle Me This…Ye Or Nay?

God, I can’t wait for the primaries…RazorFist delivers a rant on the surprise meeting involving Kanye West, Nick Fuentes and Milo Yiannopoulos with former President Donald Trump. Please note: RazorFist uses graphic  language, so think twice before playing this video around young children.

Here, Steve Turley explains how Kanye West’s big stunt show with Alex Jones was designed to feather the nest of Ron DeSantis. It’s time for DeSantis to step down for 2024. The more he presses forward, the more he looks like a shill for the Democrats and the other interest groups who comprise the Deep State fat cats.