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What The Media Won’t Tell You

Here is really graceful’s three-part series on what the media won’t tell you about the Maui fires. We have run a few of these parts already, but here’s your chance to watch all three parts together in one video for better understanding.

This video covers underreported or un-reported stories about the Maui wildfires and the aftermath at Lahaina.

What The Media Won’t Tell You

This video covers underreported or un-reported stories about Maui wildfires and the aftermath at Lahaina.

This is a two-part video. We present both installments below from Really Graceful.

Sounds Like The End Of Freedom

They’re building a system that will make slaves of us all. I go over 3 topics that demand attention. More from Amazing Polly.

Climate Change And Legal Theft

if you’re a homeowner, or you want to be a homeowner one day, you need to watch this.. The American dream is rapidly fading, as legal changes threaten to end family solvency and home ownership. More from Really Graceful.

What A Strange Week

Something strange happening in the United States (always). Really Graceful offers a new weekly wrapup. This week she covers BRICS, Joe Biden claiming ownership of our kids, new 9-11 footage and a drag queen baring her tits on the White House lawn, among other stories.

…Meanwhile In California

Discussing California AB 957 …This newly amended California bill, from State Sen. Scott Wiener, could punish parents refusing to affirm their children’s gender identity. What do you think Internet friends?More from Really Graceful.

Rockefeller-Target Connection

From Cold Spring Harbor to a rack near you. Soon after its origins in Minneapolis as the Dayton Department Store, Target became an extended branch of the House of Rockefeller. More from Really Graceful.

King Charles III?

Here’s what the media won’t tell you about King Charles III, the newly crowned King of England. Really Graceful has the full scoop.


American Money

US CURRENCY: From Colonial Times to CBDC…

Explained in 5 Minutes(Well close! Actually, more like 7 and one-half minutes!). More from Really Graceful.

Something Strange In Chicago

Something really strange is happening in Chicago. It’s called the “Windy City.” But not because the wind is always blowing, more so because its politicians spew high air.

It should be a haven of the United States, but instead, it’s merely a hub for murder and crimes. And now, signs suggest these pursuits will become even more eneveloping in the future. Here’s more from Really Graceful.

Let’s take a look at the bedlam running loose on the streets of Chicago. It’s good Mayor Lori Lightfoot got defeated. She’s turned the town into a veritable hellhole. of course, the new mayor, Brandon Johnson, seems just as perverse and idiotic. More from Paul Joseph Watson.