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Libertarian Horror Movies

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the voting booth. Starring Andrew Heaton and Austin Bragg; written by Andrew Heaton, Austin Bragg, and Meredith Bragg; produced by Meredith and Austin Bragg. More from Reason TV.

Tangled Web of Cover Upperers

In this video, I expose one of the major tools that both Corrupt State Department officials & phony ‘Fact Checkers’ use to stop the spread of news that threatens their Global Corruption Racket! Are the riots in the US linked to the same shady apparatus that is covering up the Ukraine scandals? Are the child trafficking cover-upperers using the tools, too? More from Amazing Polly.

(EDITOR’s NOTE: We used to run articles and videos from Reason.com, the Libertarian website, all the time. Now, we no longer run any of their trash. The Libertarians, like Robby Soave — exposed in this piece by Amazing Polly — are all poseurs and phonies. They shill for George Soros and the terrorist mob. Now, their candidates aren’t even conservative, but more bullshit liberals. If you are reading Reason.com, stop. It’s a waste of time, a waste of money. The Libertarians are a party for morons.)

3: Women Go Topless

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Call Me Stormy has been in existence nine years now, and we have made 15,000 posts. To celebrate these milestones, today we re-publish our top 10 posts as measured by their popularity with our readers. We begin with No. 10 and will work our way up to No. 1. All of these posts have more than 900 views each, the best nearly 50,000. Here’s No. 3, originally published Sep. 2, 2012.)

Last Sunday, a few dozen activists descended upon Washington, D.C., for the 5th annual Go Topless Day protests. Reason.TV’s Lucy Steigerwal reports live from the rally, supporting women’s rights to go topless in public.

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Meanwhile, Guyism commentator Katie Nolan supports the cause, but says the movement is missing a golden opportunity by not putting its best foot — er, breast foot — forward. In The Guyism Speed Round, she says, “A bit of advice, ladies, if you want people to support your made-up cause of clothing equality, maybe find some girls that people want to see with their shirt off.” Be sure to stick around for her coverage of a newly discovered Amazonian species nicknamed “the penis snake.”

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Libertarians: New Death Party

The Libertarian Presidential candidate Jo Jorgeson endorses Black Lives Matter and pushes open borders. Tim Pool and Adam Crigler discuss what, exactly, is wrong with Jo Jorgensen’s tweet about being anti-racist and conclude that, fundamentally, it is authoritarian and not libertarian. They’re right.

If Jorgeson’s views represent those of the modern Libertarian Party, it’s a party that ought to die a rapid death. We will no longer be running videos by Reason.TV or other Libertarian Party outlets in the future. We have for many years, but the Libertarians have morphed into just another death party — no different than the dirty, lying Democrats. More from Tim Pool.


What Kind Of Socialist Is Bernie?

So, is Bernie Sanders really a Democratic Socialist? Or is he just a regular Socialist creep? What would Sanders’ vision of Democratic socialism mean for the country? More from Reason TV.

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Steven Crowder takes on the Super Tuesday results, breaking down what it means if Bernie Sanders loses the Democrat presidential nomination to Joe Biden. How will the Bernie Bros react? Can you think of anyone more established than Joe Biden? Regardless, Donald Trump is gleeful today!

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Are the Bernie Brothers even going to show up to vote for Joe Biden? More than 40 percent of them are implying they won’t. One of their most vocal spokesmen is Cenk Uygur, the YouTube commentator, who practically experienced a meltdown after Biden’s resurgence and dominance of Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday. Here,  Andrew Klavan looks at what this means.

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Bernie Sanders lost to Joe Biden in the majority of states even though many predicted Joe would come just short of Bernie. Many progressives nearly lost it at the news with Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks nearly in tears over the defeat. But it was just Bernie Sanders losing to the establishment Democrats, several progressive primary challengers lost their races as well.

In fact Cenk Uygur barely got 5% of the vote in CA-25 while many progressives in Texas got wiped out in favor of moderate Democrats. This loss was well deserved and well needed to remind the far left that their positions are unpopular and that regular Americans are not interested in socialism. But unfortunately for all Democrats Joe Biden was their only hope and there is no way he beats Trump in November. Republicans are going to mop up clean. More from Tim Pool.

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Bitcoin: The Wave of Future

When Facebook introduced Libra crypto currency, the move appeared to have merit as an option to paper money. But with politicians threatening regulation, Libra backers got scared and began to pull back in droves. Chances are, Libra will meet an untimely end.

Not so for Bitcoin, a crypto that’s been around for about 10 years. Bitcoin is mostly safe from government because it “lives” on thousands of individuals’ computers, so no government can stop it by pressuring any one company.

“It is the first currency we’ve ever seen that is decentralized. They’re threatened by it,” says Naomi Brockwell, tech reporter with an expertise on Bitcoin and blockchain. “They can’t shut it down.” Appearing on John Stossel on Reason.TV, Brockwell and investor Peter Schiff debate the Bitcoin issue.

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The Myth of High Tax Rates

The Democrats are hellbent on slapping the wealthy with outrageous tax rates–90 percent in some instances. The thought process is that a higher tax code will enrich government coffers, enabling it to deal with more pressing issues.

Not true! Just another myth, says economic historian Phillip Magness. While tax rates for the wealthy reached an unfathomable 90 percent during World War II and the Eisenhower Administration and remained as high as 70 percent before the Reagan Revolution, the plan just didn’t work.

“No one ever paid close to those rates,” says Magness, who’s researched tax codes for more than a decade. “A millionaire on average would pay 41 percent. There’s always deductions and exemptions and carve-outs that are baked into the tax code.” Magness and John Stossel debate the issue on this edition of Stossel on Reason.TV.

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