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Fake News Pushing Riots, Chaos

The [Deep State] is ready to take Biden out of the game. They are preparing a change of batter. Trump calls for the 25th Amendment once again. Lets see if the D’s react.

Obama and the Clintons are coming into focus. Clintons have set up their initiative in Ukraine. Timing is everything.

The [Deep State]/fake news begin the narrative for riots and chaos. War is approaching and building.

The patriots have the [Deep State] exactly where then need to be so the world can watch. More from the X22 Report.

Evidence Against Biden Building

The [Deep State] is panicking because the evidence against Biden is building. They will need to remove him soon and it looks like they are preparing to do this.

Obama’s chef was killed while the Obamas were home. Is this a case of wet works before [Michelle Obama] gets ready to run?

The [Deep State] is about indict Trump again. Election interference. They will push war and civil war but the patriots know the playbook. More from the X22 Report.

Is France Their Test Run?

The [Deep State] realizes they have lost the information war. They are trying to regain control via Artificial Intelligence but this will fail. They will now need to push the information war into a physical war.

Is France a test run to try to start a civil war? It’s starting to seem like it. What we are witnessing is the destruction of the old guard power structure. The [Deep State] is being starved of funds and they are panicking. The patriots are in control. More from the X22 Report.

The Truth About France

What’s the point of mass migration? To foment chaos and open rebellion. Take a look at France, for instance. Can someone wave a white flag? More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Marine Le Pen sees her popularity surge as race riots engulf much of France. Le Pen has been defeated three previous times in presidential races in France, but the abject failure of French President Emmanuel Macron to control the riots has opened the door for Le Pen and her right-leaning National Rally party. Next presidential elections take place in 2027. Here’s more from Steve Turley.

Malaria’s Back; Border’s At Risk

Thanks to creepy Joe Biden and the hordes of illegals he has unleashed upon the country, malaria has returned after a 20-year absence from the United States.

Already, 5 cases have been identified in Florida and Texas, meaning two of our most treasured vacation and tourist destinations are becoming much riskier places to visit. All of the afflicted Florida residents live in Sarasota County, while the Texas case was reported in Cameron County, home of Brownsville along the Mexican border. Of course, Biden and his Democratic backers probably don’t care, seeing as how Florida and Texas don’t vote for the leftist stooges anyway!

But former CIA officer Michael Jaco, who lives in Florida, says chaotic and unsanitary conditions are likely to spread to many other states and regions across the country. Do the Democrats in charge give a rat’s ass? Apparently not.

Jaco predicts the fiery riots that are now the scourge of France will spread across the rest of Europe, and on into the United States and Canada as the summer progresses. “France is in revolution mode,” he says, adding the United States will soon “be the same.”

Here, he shares observations with Kirk Elliott, a wealth management specialist from Colorado and author of the new book Thriving in the Economic Tsunami.

The Plandemic Just Fell Apart

The entire [Deep State] is exposed: The censoring, corrupt Department of Justice, FBI, CDC, Epstein and. now, the Plandemic is being exposed.

All movies are playing at the same time and the people of the US are waking up to it all. Nothing can stop this. Nothing.

As more evidence comes out, it is going to get worse and worse for the [Deep State]. This is why they are preparing for riots and chaos. Playbook known. More from the X22 Report.

Trump Slams Soros Leftists

Former President Donald Trump hit hard over the weekend against George Soros and his Marxist Leftists, like those who ravaged Atlanta. Trump says it’s time these Leftists are jailed and prevented from attacking American cities, making daily life difficult for hardworking Americans. “It’s time to stop the Atlanta riots from ever happening again,” Trump wrote.

Meanwhile, we learn John Durham is weighing his options to prosecute Soros. No wonder The New York Times recently ran a hit piece against Durham. The psyops have begun.

The New York Times is no longer a genuine newspaper. Now, it’s just a mouthpiece for the Democrats and those who espouse leftist viewpoints. More from And We Know.

BLM-Antifa Riots: Land Grab

What was the point of the Antifa-BLM riots? What if they were just a real estate acquisition plot, designed to enrich a bunch of Democratic oligarchs?

Here, Catherine Austin Fitts, former assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the George W. Bush administration, explains how the plot worked. It all involved so-called Opportunity Zones and efforts by billionaires and mega-millionaires to screw over middle-class business and property owners, and avoid paying any capital gains taxes.

How does that redefine the Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters? It means they weren’t at all social justice warriors. They were just violent, goon henchmen for a bunch of rich scam artists. More from #HumanityFirst.

Military And Civilian Control

The [Deep State] has all assets deployed. They are pushing their agenda as hard as they possibly can. They want Trump indicted before the midterms, because after the midterms, the makeup of Congress is going to be completely different.

Trump had to wake the people. He needed to fight the insurgency. The military and the people together are the counter insurgency. More from the X22 Report.

The Sleeping Giant Has Awoken

The [Deep State] is now trapped. They are now planning to push their agenda to create chaos and riots. Their plan is being set up and people are beginning to see the plan.

Trump has them where he wants them. They have awoken the sleeping giant and they will not be able to stop it. Trump was counting on this. Everything needs to play out so the people see the truth.

As the [Deep State] pushes their agenda, they are digging their hole deeper and deeper. The precipice is when the people see their agenda and the people say enough is enough. This is when the [Deep State] will push one of their last agendas: Riots. Countermoves are already in place. More from the X22 Report.