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JFK Assassination Bombshell

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt discusses a new JFK Assassination bombshell, one that ties together a wide range of scattered and quite volatile topics, among them: The explorer Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Antarctica, the Byrd family’s political machine, the CIA, the Nazis and the UFO File. Newly released documents are revealed pertaining to the Nazi assassin trainer Werner Von Alvensleben Jr., a man who was traveling in Mozambique at the time of the JFK assassination,  on safari with David Harold Byrd.

Who was David Harold Byrd? This Byrd, a cousin of the polar explorer Richard E. Byrd, served as a co-founder of the Civil Air Patrol and also happened to own the Texas School Book Depository, the building from which Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot John F. Kennedy. Oswald went to work for David Harold “Dry Hole” Byrd through the intervention of George de Mohrenschildt. He was a White Russian emigrant who worked for Byrd as a petroleum geologist. Mohrenschildt also allegedly served as Oswald’s CIA handler and testified at length before the Warren Commission assigned to investigate the assassination.

The two legitimate campaigners for the 2024 presidential election — namely, Donald J. Trump and Robert F. Kennedy — should both get out in front on the JFK assassination and UFO File. leaving the shaky, censorship-driven campaign of Joe Biden lurching in the shadows!

Gitmo Expansion! Missing 411!

Gene Decode! Black goo! Vax Delta variant! Two timelines! AI System of the Beast! DUMBS and National Forests! Med Beds! GITMO expansion! More from McAllister TV.


McAllister TV is so popular among Call Me Stormy readers that today we bring you a double-dose, including this week’s Beyond the Headlines video bringing together Linda Paris with TRUreporting. The focus here is on Scientology and its occult roots. Specific topics covered include: L. Ron Hubbard and Black Magic! Occult rocket scientist Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley! NASA connections! The friendship between Hubbard and Parsons! And, finally, how Hubbard stole Jack Parsons’ wife!

Earth Surrounded by Space Junk

For 60 years, we have launched rockets and spacecraft into orbit, but now, thousands of objects from tiny screws and bolts to dead satellites encircle Earth, transforming the space above us into a junkyard. In the crosshairs of the high-speed junk is the International Space Station, which has already been hit. Scientists search for solutions to the problem in this edition of DCode by Discovery.

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Operation Paperclip: A Nazi Tale

At the end of World War II, the Americans imported more than 1,400 Nazi scientists. It was decided that their knowledge outweighed their crimes, so these chemists, physicists, biologists and aeronautics experts were brought to the United States to lead NASA and conduct groundbreaking research under a secretive program called Operation Paperclip. Here, Joe Rogan interviews Annie Jacobsen, author of a best-selling book called Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to America. Here, she discusses this little-known chapter in post WWII history, the cover-ups and espionage involved as well as the moral questions raised.

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Mother Earth’s Close Calls

The Norwegian Rocket Incident occurred in the 1990s, when U.S. scientists studying the Northern Lights launched a research rocket from Norway. Russian radar interpreted the launch as a nuclear attack and President Boris Yeltsin was given eight minutes to decide on a counter attack. Fortunately for Mother Earth, the research rocket fell harmlessly into the ocean before Yeltsin could decide. The incident is among 10 diferent scenarios where the world nearly ended. Tune in to this edition of Alltime 10s for nine other scintillating incidents.

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