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Lee Harvey Oswald A CIA Asset

Jack Roth, author of Killing Kennedy, tells The Pete Santilli Show that Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA asset who thought he was tasked with preventing the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Roth says Oswald wasn’t a defector, but part of a CIA false-defector program, thus his quick return to the U.S. after a trip to Russia. He says Oswald was an intelligence agent who understood spy craft, a good soldier who followed his orders.

The CIA moved Oswald to Dallas and got him a job at the Texas School Book Depository. “They were setting him up and he didn’t realize it until it was too late,” Roth says. Here’s the rest of the story with Roth and Pete Santilli.

Stolen Valor? Hold My Beer!

What happens when men or women wearing uniform parade on the streets? They might be actors or they might be phonies, pushing “stolen valor,” medals and insignias they didn’t earn and often don’t even know how to wear. Black Pigeon Speaks explores the fake milieu surrounding these imposters and shadowy figures. In the process, let’s look at the differences between America’s greatest general, George S. Patton, and the current titular leader of the U.S. military — Mark Milley.

[Deep State] Acting Stupid

The [Deep State] only has a couple of moves left and the moves they are making are stupid. If they arrest Trump, he will become more powerful than the [Deep State] could ever imagine.

The [Deep State] will push chaos. At least they will try. But this will fail in the end. They will then move to a real war and this will not work because the people do not want war. They want peace. Each move the [Deep State] makes will not work. Flags out. More from the X22 Report.

Think Precedent, Do Not Fear

The [Deep State] is panicking. All assets are now being deployed to get Trump. They are trying to create chaos and a civil war. They want the Trump supporters on the street so they can infiltrate the protest.

Trump has been baiting them this entire time. He controlled the narrative and now he is pushing them to arrest him to set a precedent to be used later on, to arrest the former Presidents of the US. Do not fear. The patriots are in control. Flags out. More from the X22 Report.

Distractions Everywhere! Focus!

aDistractions are popping up everywhere! Stay focused!

China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin meet. Talk of a Trump indictment rattles patriots, while sending the Leftists into a derision of grandeur! Kari Lake discusses election fraud. Let the world witness the truth! Pray! More from And We Know.

On today’s episode of Red Pill News Live, we examine the continuing investigation of the Biden Crime family and the impending arrest of DJT.

Also discussed: Allegations by journalist Ava Chen that Anthony Fauci conducted an illicit sexual affair with Wang Yangyi, the 41-year-old director-general of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Chen has called upon Congress to examine the email exchanges between Fauci and Wang, and called upon journalists to issue FOIA requests to secure the emails.

The full title of the episode is How To Murder A Nation: The Arrest of Donald J. Trump. More from RedPill 78.


[DS]: Exposed And Imploding

The [Deep State] is in panic mode. They have nothing left to throw at Trump and they are using whatever crumbs they have left. Their system is exposed. It is imploding and they cannot stop it. Trump and the patriots have set them up and they are forcing them down a path to expose all their crimes. More from the X22 Report.

The People Are Fighting Back

The people of the Earth are fighting back! Do not fear! Pray!

More from And We Know. Topics covered in this episode include Putin’s nuclear threat and who are the real war criminals: Bill Clinton? Barack Obama? George Bush?

Till The Last Ukrainian

Here is a new full-length documentary on the Ukraine War from Black Pigeon Speaks. The documentary opens in Berlin but covers a lot of ground, showing how the intransigence of the United States, and industrial demands across the West, have contributed to the Ukraine War. Here are the chapter headings in case you don’t have a full two hours to watch the show and want to zero in on a particular segment.

🔴 Part I: Berlin (00:00)
🔴 Part II: The End of History (Again) – (11:02)
🔴 Part III: Warsaw (18:17)
🔴 Part IV: Darth Vader vs The Avengers (26:42)
🔴 Part V: The Monroe Doctrine (44:52)
🔴 Part VI: Prague (49:26)
🔴 Part VII: Prelude to War (01:03:20)
🔴 Part VIII: Budapest (01:15:37)
🔴 Part IX: Endless War (01:26:20)
🔴 Part X: End Credits (01:43:30)

SG Anon: Good Vs. Evil

SG Anon says we’re in a massive struggle between good and evil being played out in the shadow areas of our society, simply because that’s where the dark forces have managed to control us.

He tells the James Red Pills America podcast that the coming transition to the Quantum Financial System will become known as the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the world and says humanity will discover that hundreds of years of world history is about to be rewritten. And, he explains, our ascension process is better termed the return to our roots, realizing for the first time in human history how powerful we really are.

Join SG Anon for  more intel and a deep dive down the rabbit hole.