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UFO Moon Video Real, But Old

Ryushin Malone confirms that recent reports of a UFO sighting on the moon is real, but he says it happened years ago. The event occurred in 2018-2019 and the fact that it’s hitting the news cycle now is “really suspicious,” he says. He explains further.

Time Travel Families

Christian 21! Looping! Trump…Tesla…Assange…All time travel families! Reptilian net inside dome harvests negative energy for fuel! Gold comes from plasma! Articulans drink gold water! Pregnant women will stay with their children during shift!

Russell Brand is dead! Pacino and DeNiro: Snatched! Bob Geldof and Bono are high demons! Michael Hutchence of INXS…Paula Yates and daughter…Whitney and daughter…all under witness protection! More from McAllister TV.

Christian 21: Putin A White Hat

Christian Sibley, aka Christian 21, says he has no doubt that Vladimir Putin is the No. 1 White Hat, one of the good guys, who’s worked with Donald J. Trump for 27 years!

Appearing on the Ryushin Malone podcast, Christian says all the nonsense that the media is reporting about Ukraine isn’t happening. “Just under four years ago, Putin went into Ukraine and, in two days, he liberated Ukraine, took out the Khazarian Mafia and the Nazi army, who were working for the [British] Crown and the bloodlines,” he says. He added that while there, they saved nearly 62,000 children from the biggest child-trafficking hub on the planet.

Christian 21 and Malone agree that humanity has been doing the bidding for Reptilians for 6,000-plus years. Christian says this species has lived among humanity for a long time, adding that the Nazi leadership during World War II were Reptilian. He gives us more detail and also discusses the true nature of our blue sky and says everything round–no matter what galaxy, what gateway, what part of the universe–is artificial. Here’s more and, as always, do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

A Flurry Of UFO Orb Sightings

Ryushin Malone is reporting that a flurry of UFO orb sightings have surfaced across the planet. The following video highlights clips of actual sightings, featuring black orbs suspended in midair. In another clip, a fast-moving ball streaks across the sky while being pursued by two jets.

Malone says one of the spherical objects was actually shot at and presumably destroyed by the Russians and, since then, the sightings have increased. “Something’s up, lots of action,” Malone says. “The energy-ball vehicles may actually be the race-car aliens.” Here’s more, and please use discernment when watching the video.

The Orion Connection

Ryushin Malone expands on his 2018 discovery of the alien phenomena, where elites are trading humans for technology to ETs from the Orion star system.

Appearing on the M.P. Pellicer podcast, Malone discusses the Nazca Lines, which he believes are a star map for the Orion Group, also known as the Black Sun, allegedly a Satanic group who takes over star systems, and details his frightening interactions with the aliens. More with Malone and Pellicer. As always, do your own research and use discernment.

Project Looking Glass! Nazi Bell!

Elon Musk! Jack Dorsey! Google leaks! Nazi Bell footage! Yoel Roth! Alien timelines! Agenda 21! Project Looking Glass! Robots in the timescape! Transport pads! Wormholes! Alice’s Room! Ryushin Malone joins Linda Paris in this latest video from McAllister TV.

Are Zelensky, Soros Cousins?

Ryushin Malone of TheOrionLines.com joins this edition of McAllister TV. He focuses on satanic Ukraine and asks if Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky and George Soros are cousins? He doesn’t address the growing rumor that Soros has died.

Also discussed: Reptilian food harvesting! Bio Labs destroyed! Reptilian history! Orion star system! Gray aliens! Marina Abramovic! Area 51! The Cult of the Black Sun! UFOs in California!

The Solar Observatory Cover-Up

Ryushin Malone reports he caught the FBI red-handed in their attempt to cover up a 2018 solar-observatory shutdown. Malone says not only did they raid and shut down the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico, they also closed all solar observatories around the world.

Malone says in addition to shutting down the observatories for 11 days, they put the Hubble telescope to sleep. The FBI’s explanation for the shutdown was to investigate child porn photos allegedly found on a Sunspot employee’s computer, but Malone says the real reason was to cover up a massive solar flare that no one was warned about! He believes the FBI might have even manipulated the weather to hide the event. Here’s his scintillating report.

Alien Armada Over America

More evidence that we are not alone in the vast universe was revealed a few weeks ago, when what appeared to be an armada of UFOs filled the skies in California and Westminster, Colo. The crafts lingered for a while, then zoomed off in every direction. Here’s the dramatic video, courtesy of TheOrionLines.com. Please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

Vietnam War Alien Sightings!

The U.S. military had encounters with grey aliens in Vietnam! Containers with human body parts being taken on board! Hillary shapeshifting! Leaders and news anchors  shapeshifting before our eyes and why it can not be faked! More from McAllister TV.