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The Covid-19 Delusion

Ceylon doubles down on the Covid 19 phenomenon that has gripped the planet in the last two years, proclaiming there is no pandemic. The proof is in the numbers, he says. More than 90 percent of the PCR tests produce false positives, the survival rate for younger people is 99.97 percent and 99.6 percent for the elderly.

According to the CDC, 94.6 percent of those who allegedly died from Covid, had 2.6 pre-existing conditions on average. And, finally, he says, masks definitely do not work. Anti-vaccine advocate and environmental lawyer

Robert Kennedy Jr. says a lot of the blame should be placed on Big Pharma, particularly Pfizer, Glaxo, Sanofi and Merck. Kennedy says that since 2009, these four companies shelled out more than $35 billion in criminal penalties in damages for falsifying science, defrauding regulators, lying to the public and for killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Here are more details from Ceylon, who also details the power of cannabis, herbs and plants in curing our ailments.

Truth Will Shock The World

The [Deep State] event is failing. The truth is coming out. The fear, panic and chaos are now being exposed. The numbers are not making any sense and people are starting to realize that something is not right. While the MSM/[DS] are pushing their agenda, the patriots behind the scenes are going after illicit trackers, the power structure of the [DS].More from the X22 Report.

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Panic grows as President Donald Trump continues his Deep State clean-up. Why is the mainstream media absolutely losing it? Lori Colley examines the three tiers of the press: The Fake! The Faker! The Fakest! Why did the White House Correspondents Association give a seat to the Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV, a media arm that the Hoover Institution has labeled as “quasi-official” Chinese outfit? The WHCA is supposed to oversee press corps at the White House, not within Peking, China!!! Also covered here: The bogus Huffington Post report that President Trump is pushing hydroxychloroquine because he owns a financial stake in it.  The truth: His financial interest in Sanofi, which manufactures the drug, totals less than $100.

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Join us as we decipher a multiplicity of data points and uncover the REAL enemies of the people. We are in a silent war for the very soul of the American Republic. Are the patriots in control? If so, this is what they must do… Corey Lynn from CoreysDigs.com joins SGTReport to discuss.

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M3thods made the posts again! Important information passed out today, the powers that be are willing to do whatever is necessary to remove POTUS and take the power from the American public. Bye bye, Bernie Sanders: Anyone surprised! The world will soon understand why we must put back on the full armor of God. The Department of Defense did an investigation into corruption involving Dr. Anthony Fauci and Debra Birx.

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New posts have emerged from Q, posts that call out the Democrats for their cynical exploitation of the coronavirus pandemic in an attempt to allow mail-in voting and rig the 2020 elections. Do these people have a shred of morality left? Not at all. More from Dustin Nemos.

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