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Has Satan Possessed America?

Why are leftists trying to mutilate children, distort their sexual urges and destroy their natural organs? Why are leftists working to weaken and twist our social structure, while perverting our religions? Are they under the influence of Satan? Is Beelzebub in control of American culture and our wicked federal government? Does America need an exorcism?

Lionel Nation entertains these notion here. He’s not joking around, either. He has many cogent points to make.

The Ego Death

Jesse Lee Peterson warns to beware of your ego, because the harder you try to control something, the worse it will get.

Peterson says in consciousness there are no thoughts at all. He says there are only thoughts in unconsciousness, when you are in that fallen nature. “That’s what egos do. You are digging a hole for yourself into darkness,” he says. Tune in as Peterson enlightens a caller to his podcast.

Who Do Reptilians Body Snatch?

Join Laura Greenwood and myself as we tackle the subject of “energy” in all its capacities, from dark to light! What happens when celebrities sign their soul over to Satan? Are Deep State actors using “Dark Arts?” Are clown content creators using black magick on patriots and real truthers? Consent vs. implied consent?

Are demons entering Reptilians who have snatched world leaders? Making sense of The Shift and much more from McAllister TV.

Ex-Satanist Explains It All

Former Satanist John Ramirez explains why Christians should reject the holiday of Halloween. He says it’s a charade, and not at all fun and games when you allow Satan to gain dominion over children. More from The Big Awakening Q.

Satan Backs Off From Grammys

Satan loves when people worship him, but he wants a little more creativity and a little less cringe. In this press conference, the Prince of Darkness slams Sam Smith’s performance at the Grammy awards. More from The Babylon Bee.

LOOKIT MEE! LOOKIT MEE!!! OYM DA DEVOO!!!! Hey, it’s Sam Smith and his “super-edgy” Grammy performance. More from FreedomToons.

Prepare For Live Executions!

Christian 21 upintel! Thousands of kidnapped kids recovering! Parents think they are all dead! Kids being reunited with their families! The 20 percent have been waking up since before 2016! Gary Glitter on house arrest! House arrests will be executed live! New map updates! Tribunals and executions live worldwide! More from McAllister TV.

Did Satan Influence Language?

Slim Brown ANbadd asks that if Satan ruled the world, what language would we speak?  English, of course, because it’s a Germanically derived, occult language.

“Why do you think it’s called ‘spelling,'” he says. He adds that the words in the English language were crafted by occultists like Sir Francis Bacon and his group known as the Spear Shakers, as in “William Shakespeare,” who wasn’t a real person. He explains further. Please use discernment when watching the video.

Sodom And Gomorrah Trending

Jab investigation in Florida. Arizona lawsuit. People will be terrified. They know this is real! Conspiracy no more!

Sodom and Gomorrah trending! Put on the full armor of God and pray! More from And We Know.