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Democrats Beholden To Satan

Mike Adams, patriot and founder of Natural News and Brighteon, returns to SGT Report to expose the demons in the Democrat party who are now fully beholden to… the demons in Hell. He says the Democratic Party has been taken over by pedophiles and other truly wicked criminals and traitors.

Speaking of Satanists, the annual SatanCon, the Satanic Temple conference, took place over the weekend in Boston, Massachusetts. The Satanists tore a Bible to shreds and also a pro-police flag while the hundreds of those gathered for the conference chanted “Hail, Satan!” Protesters reminded the scum that America was founded upon Christian values. More from Steve Turley.

War In The Vatican!

Restricted Republic’s Lisa Haven reports war is breaking out in the Vatican, which she says is a plot to get liberal Pope Francis to resign.

Haven says that according to the Daily Mail, conservative Vatican forces are turning up the pressure on the “Communist” Pope to get him to step down. “He has not been standing on the side of freedom,” Haven says of the Pontiff. “And I believe this is one of the many reasons there are tensions now building over in the Vatican.”

Meanwhile, back in the states, the Satanic Temple will flood the city of Boston with Devil worshipers when it hosts Satancon! Haven digs into both stories.