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Vetements VTMNTS Balenciaga

Natly Denise exposes the murky fashions of Demna Gvasalia, the creative director of Balenciaga, whose sinister child porn fashion shoots raised a ruckus worldwide over the Christmas holidays. Natly Denise doesn’t focus on Balenciaga but rather on Vetements. It’s a so-called “subversive” fashion brand that Gvasalia founded in 2014 with his brother Guram.

If anything, Vetements involves much more scandalous material than Balenciaga. The fashions are clearly Satanic, and promoted using vulgar, scatological imagery. Their promotional scenes involve lots of naked pubes and what’s called “queer communion.” You can dress it up or dress it down however you want, but it’s crystal-clear: The Gvasalia brothers are little more than trailer trash. Real vile scum, so disgusting that it’s not at all surprising that child porn is part of their schtick.

Natly Denise pixellates the most heinous of the trash, but you don’t need to be a priest or rocket scientist to figure out exactly how sick these creeps actually are. They’re originally from the nation of Georgia, but are now headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Their associates include the Russian fashion stylist Lotta Volkova, the rapper Kanye West and West’s former wife Kim Kardashian. A pox on all of them!

Dark Hollyweird

In this archived video, actor Mel Gibson describes the weirdness of Hollywood and its obvious obsession with the dark world. “You’ll resent it for a while, but you’ve got to let it go, otherwise you’ll eat yourself alive.,” Gibson says. “And I think it takes that kind of cockroach resilience to survive in this kind of town.”

Gibson describes his arrival in Hollywood as a motivated, young actor and how he immediately developed weird, paranoid suspicions about what was going on, stuff he couldn’t understand.

But perhaps his most vivid memory came across the country from Hollyweird in a cold and scary encounter with iconic actor Christopher Walken on the rooftop of the Peninsula New York hotel and its glaring neon sign of the Top of the 666 restaurant (now a private club). He was so shaken by the encounter and the pulsating 666 sign, that he later described Walken as the Antichrist. Here’s the interview, courtesy of Bluewater.

Beginning Of Sorrows?

Deceivers exposed. Trump on the State Of The Union and Joe Biden’s toxic administration. Many reject the Satanists in full display on the Grammy Awards. Pray! More from And We Know.

A Fate That Pfizer Deserves

Dave from X22 Report returns to SGT Report to discuss the comeuppance that’s in store for Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, and everyone else involved with this vax bioweapon attack against humanity. The dam is breaking and justice will be served.

We also talk about Biden’s treason, Rothschild Luciferian doctrine, Satanism at the Grammy’s, HAARP induced earthquakes and much more.

Demonic Rituals Across The US

China, Asia Foundation, Satanic rituals televised, children targeted, vile affections. Pray! More from And We Know.

The Grammy Awards on Sunday night didn’t even try to hide it anymore. The music business has turned into a full-throttle Satanic sideshow.

And who should emerge as a leading sponsor for this carnival act? Pfizer, of course. More from Jamie Dlux.

How Pike Introduced Satanism

Christian 21 Update! The Baphomet is how they in! Albert Pike brought Satanism into the Freemasons! Antarctica Wikileaks photos! The Navigator who crossed the Ice Walls! Margarita Minute! John Kerry! Christian 21’s Map Update! More from McAllister TV.

Here is a copy of the Nos Confunden Map, as discussed in this edition of McAllister TV.


Turkey’s Shaky Earthquakes

Black hats within Western governments used “weather manipulation” tools to aggravate earthquakes that struck in Turkey  over the weekend. That’s the prognosis of former CIA officer Michael Jaco, as well as Tarot card reader Janine Morigeau. They did a card reading that produced mixed results, indicating the earthquakes that struck in Turkey were natural events, but also events that were manipulated.

In other words, Turkey was going to experience these earthquakes no matter what, but might have seen bigger earthquakes as some sort of punishment. Why? The Western governments, Jaco reasoned, are miffed because Turkey has been siding with Russia in its war against Ukraine.

Jaco and Morigeau, the proprietor of Tarot by Janine, also delve into the vaccines. Their card reading shows: Vaccines administered before the 1960s were primarily for the good of patients, but those administered since the 1960s have become increasingly bad. We are no longer being given vaccines to improve our lot in life, but more often to maim us or to introduce dangerous and foreign substances to our bodies.

Otherwise, in this video, Jaco and Morigeau touch upon NPCS or non-player characters, why Trump has supported vaccines, how Hillary Clinton would have implemented political concentration camps if she had been elected, and why this year’s Grammy Awards Show featured such blatant Satanism.

Could Black Hats have even used “weather manipulation” tools to cause earthquakes? The answer is: Yes, they sure could have. Now, did they in the case of Turkey? The answer: It’s doubtful we’ll ever know for sure.

Here, JustInformed Talk discusses how the Turkish earthquakes, which killed more than 3,400 people, could be an example of asymetric warfare involving the use of HAARP. HAARP is an acronym standing for the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It’s based in Gakona, Alaska, and consists of an array of 180 radio antennas spread out over 33 acres.

The U.S. government regularly denies HARRP has ever been used for such purposes, but conspiracy theorists –even the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez — charged HAARP touched off the hideous Haiti earthquake in 2010.

So we’re certainly not going to get a straight answer here. But we’ll continue to poise the right questions until our government starts telling the truth more often.

Sick Fashion Industry Exposed

Fashion designer Gianni Salvatore explains how powerful Illuminati factions control the fashion industry, pushing deviancy and perversion involving children. To succeed in the industry, you must commit compromising acts, up to and including sex with children.

IF you concur, you will be rewarded with riches, but you can never escape being blackmailed. You also will be pushed to create fashions that sexualize children, and to use photographers and creative artists that the Illuminati recommends. These are artists whose goal is to destroy religion and morality, and enshrine Satanism and pedophilia.

Salvatore’s refusal to go along with these directives led him to abandon what began as a celebrated career in fashion. Here, he speaks with Nicholas Veniamin, providing specifics on how the Illuminati use drugs and coercion to attempt to corral the industry and push their dreaded aims. Not only are powerful industrialists and businesses like Disney involved in this chicanery, but also corrupt politicians, some of them quite prominent in the vile Democratic Party.

Sodom And Gomorrah Trending

Jab investigation in Florida. Arizona lawsuit. People will be terrified. They know this is real! Conspiracy no more!

Sodom and Gomorrah trending! Put on the full armor of God and pray! More from And We Know.

Project Looking Glass! Nazi Bell!

Elon Musk! Jack Dorsey! Google leaks! Nazi Bell footage! Yoel Roth! Alien timelines! Agenda 21! Project Looking Glass! Robots in the timescape! Transport pads! Wormholes! Alice’s Room! Ryushin Malone joins Linda Paris in this latest video from McAllister TV.