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Kissinger Dead At 100

Henry Kissinger, the former Secretary of State in the Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford administrations, has died at the age of 100. Kissinger is perhaps best known for his role in opening relations with Communist China. He won a share of the Nobel Peace Prize after hammering out an agreement with the Vietnamese to end the Vietnam War.

“Our objective,” Kissinger once wrote, “was to purge our foreign policy of all sentimentality.”

His consulting firm announced his death on Wednesday. No cause was given. Here’s more from Fox News.

Not everyone was bemoaning Henry Kissinger’s death. Styxhexenhammer666 calls Kissinger a “war-mad” bureaucrat who never saw a global conflict where he could avoid stirring the pot.

U.S. Planned Wars After 9/11

Comedian Dave Smith joins the Joe Rogan podcast on a serious note, revealing how the U.S. government formulated plans to attack seven Middle Eastern countries, ultimately culminating with Iran, days after the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001.

Smith says propaganda was used to justify the wars, the staggering profits amassed by weapons manufacturers—amounting to trillions of dollars—and the tragic toll of millions of innocent lives lost. “They decide they want to fight these wars, then, they make up an excuse that they tell the American people,” Smith says. “Then these weapons companies rake in hundreds of billions of dollars in profits and babies get slaughtered.” More with Rogan and Smith.

Blinken Milking Ukraine War!

Investigative journalist Max Blumenthal is spilling the beans on the nefarious connection of Secretary of State Antony Blinken to the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Riss Flex reports that Blumenthal, son of former President Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal, told the Russell Brand podcast that Blinken “had major skin in the game” when it comes to the Ukrainian war. He says Blinken founded WestExec Advisors, a firm that finesses contracts for the arms industry and Big Tech through the Pentagon and the State Department. Here’s the rest of the story.

China Spy-Balloon Cover-up?

Why has the FBI been sitting on the Chinese spy-balloon investigation? Chris Chappelle posits it could be due to a Biden Administration cover-up. He dissects the details in this episode of China Uncensored.

The Hypocrisy Of Georgia Rinos

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer exposes the hypocrisy of Rinos in Georgia state government, who were among a group of election fraud deniers and anti-Trumpers attending CEIR, a George Soros- and Mark Zuckerberg-funded election summit in Washington, D.C.

In the following video, Loomer confronts Ryan Germany, general counsel for Republican Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, about the conference, while Raffensperger sneakily avoids the drama behind them. Here’s more. Video courtesy of The Pete Santilli Show.

Government Wants You Silenced

Should you be able to say what you believe without fear of censorship, or should the government be able to stifle speech and facts that it finds inconvenient?

Sara Carter reports that it’s obvious our Constitution protects political and other speech, but the left is no longer interested in dialogue. It wants to control the narrative and our federal government is helping them do this. She welcomes Washington Examiner investigative reporter Gabe Kaminsky to the podcast to discuss his ongoing probe into the left’s disinformation agenda.

China To Arm Russia?

Josh Sigurdson reports rumors persist that China is contemplating arming Russia in the conflict against Ukraine in order to test its own weapons in the battlefield.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told BBC News that such a move would put China and Russia in a dangerous proxy war with the United States. More from World Alternative Media.

The West Impotent In Ukraine

Gonzalo Lira says the conundrum of the West’s positions surrounding the Ukraine-Russian conflict is pathetic.

Lira says the West appears to have two options: On one hand, avoid a long war and negotiate a peace settlement. On the other hand, forget negotiations, keep on sending weapons and basically doing what has not worked so far. Lira says, “I would argue that both positions represent a show of impotence of the West.” Here’s his report.


Cochise Refuses To Bow Down

Maricopa County, Arizona has certified the fraudulent election, but others are not capitulating. The fight goes on and we must stand strong! Here’s a new edition of Occam’s Razor with Zac Paine and Thomas Ulmer. They focus on Arizona’s Cochise County, which refuses to certify the phony election.

At stake is the race between Katie Hobbs, the Democratic Secretary of State from Arizona, and Republican Kari Lake. Hobbs didn’t even agree to participate in a debate and barely got out of her basement. No way did Katie Hobbs legitimately win this election. So no honest-to-God Republican should ever concede or pay any respect whatsoever to this cheating skank.

Arizona patriots let Maricopa County officials have it! Even though officials tried to sandbag the patriots, they stood tall against the election fraud and chicanery. Meanwhile, shares of Apple fall on the NASDAQ market as the firm lashes out at Twitter, threatening to remove Twitter’s app from Apple’s online store. Pray! More from And We Know.

The Soros-Blinken Connection

Andy Dybala breaks down George Soros’ shady relationship with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and how he is using it to collect risk insurance checks to fund his philanthropy through his Open Society Foundations.

The connection traces back to Blinken’s father, Donald Blinken, who was appointed U.S. Ambassador to Hungary–Soros’ home country–in the Clinton Administration. As fate would have, the elder Blinken and his wife, Vera, founded the Open Societies Archives. Dybala pieces together the twisted story on the Neighborhood News Studio channel.