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Bermas: Kappy Killed Himself

In a wild revelation, podcaster Jason Bermas tells Riss Flex that actor-musician Isaac Kappy, widely believed  to have been murdered because of his knowledge of  human trafficking in Hollywood, actually committed suicide.

Bermas says Kappy got in over his head with the wrong people and realized he was manipulated. “That’s why he took his own life,” Bermas says. “A lot of people thought he was killed. He was not killed. The police body-cam footage, everything about it, was real.”

Bermas adds that Kappy had a tendency to believe in conspiracy theories that did not have any basis in evidence. Furthermore, Bermas says he received evidence from a strong source who claims Kappy  got involved in a disturbing internet game called 23, run by psychopaths and sociopaths.

He brings us more details, including the circumstances surrounding Kappy’s alleged suicide, and more. As always, do your own research and use discernment.

Must-See Isaac Kappy Interview

Last Sunday, we ran a news account suggesting Isaac Kappy remains alive and is living in secret on a military base, awaiting time when he can testify about what he knows. Here is one of the better interviews with Kappy done back in 2018, the year he was disclosing secrets about Hollywood’s deep-seated and chronic pedophilia.

Jason Bermas conducted the interview. Kappy not only discusses his friends Clare Grant and Seth Green, but also a wide range of individuals, including directors Steven Spielberg and James Gunn, Hollywood magnate Harvey Weinstein, as well as actors Kevin Spacey and Paris Jackson. There’s a lot to digest — talk of Satanic ritual abuse, for instance, and the blackmailing of pedophiles. It’s an hour-long, but well worth your time.

Is Isaac Kappy Still Alive?

Timothy Holmseth is claiming Isaac Kappy is alive and living on a military base. Kappy arose on the scene in 2018 when he aired charges that many of the Hollywood elite are involved in pedophilia and child molestation. Among the individuals he identified were Seth Green, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg.

Kappy’s revelations petered out after he allegedly committed suicide in 2019, at age 42. He died after being struck by oncoming traffic on I-40 in Bellemont, Arizona. He had jumped, or fallen, or was pushed off a bridge above the highway.

Now, Holmseth of The High Command is saying that incident was fabricated and Kappy remains alive. Holmseth cites David Straight, who has a video series on the blog A Warrior Calls. Straight says Kappy has been quietly living on a military base, awaiting time when he will be called to testify about all that he knows.


More Turmoil In Hollywood

Riss Flex reports that more scandalous behavior in Hollywood has surfaced, including one celebrity with a direct tie to the Armand Hammer family.

Flex says Kristin Chenoweth, who recently revealed she narrowly escaped being one of the victims in the Oklahoma Girl Scout murders in 1977, was closely connected to actor Seth Green, who was outed by the late Isaac Kappy for his involvement in child sex trafficking. Flex says Chenoweth also had a close relationship with the Bush family, who along with the Carter and Reagan administrations were implicated in the in the Call-Boy Ring scandal of the 1970s and 1980s.

Meanwhile, actor Armie Hammer and his iconic family are now the subjects of a true crime movie special, involving five generations of scandal, including cannibalism and rape. Armie was the grandson of oil tycoon Armand Hammer, known for his close ties to the Communist Soviet Union. The family also founded the Communist Party of New York. Says Flex, “Unfortunately, they’re making it like a Hollywood spectacular, where people can associate this stuff as scandals of the past. But everyone associated with this are still walking free.” Here’s her report.

Kappy Did Not Kill Himself

Whistleblower Isaac Kappy, who raised pedophilia charges against a slew of Hollywood bigwigs, apparently did not commit suicide in 2019. Instead, newly released photos suggest Kappy was shot and killed, before being dumped from a bridge over I-40.

A Bitchute account called THe THeorizing THeorist ran the photos, obtained from two unnamed sources. If they are legitimate — and they appear to be — the images suggest Kappy, 42, was murdered on May 13, 2019. That’s the day he was found sprawled across the highway beneath a bridge in Bellemont, Ariz.  At the time, he was traveling from Los Angeles to his hometown of Albuquerque, N.M. The Arizona Department of Public Safety called the death a suicide.

But these images — assuming they are legitimate and not doctored — lead one to entertain the option of homicide. Besides showing an apparent gunshot wound to the right eye, the photos also indicate further foul play beneath the bridge. Kappy’s corpse looks to have been struck by a vehicle on the highway, leaving a tire mark on his midriff and a pool of blood alongside the body.

Kappy’s allegations, no doubt, rankled many in Hollywood, as he identified scores of alleged pedophiles, including actors Tom Hanks and Seth Green, directors James Gunn and Steven Spielberg, and the novelist Stephen King.

Kappy was an actor, seen in the films Thor and Terminator Salvation. He also was a songwriter and singer, here performing a tune called “The Present,” Great Awakening Edition.



Isaac Kappy Redux

It’s been almost a year since Albuquerque native Issac Kappy was reported dead from an apparent suicide while driving home from Hollywood. Kappy, who appeared in such films as Thor and Terminator Salvation, had accused several major Hollywood figures of involvement in pedophile rings, including director Steven Spielberg and actors Tom Hanks and Seth Green. Kappy reportedly committed suicide on May 14, 2019, by jumping from a bridge onto I40 in Bellemont, Ariz.

Here’s a video that explores the charges that Kappy presented as well as draws attention to the circumstances surrounding his death. There’s a hint dropped that Kappy might not have died at all, but simply gone into witness protection. If that’s the case, look for him to resurface sometime in the future once indictments are brought against the many Hollywood figures he implicated.

Much of this video consists of a TRUreporting broadcast done on May 15, 2019, that recounts the pedophile stories and allegations Kappy had revealed. Also there are tantalizing disclosures: For instance, we did not know that an underground DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) formerly existed beneath Bellemont, Ariz. Could that have been a location where he might have gone to chill and hide out for a spell? More from Alice Down The Rabbit Hole.

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The Death of Isaac Kappy

We have been running videos for the past week exploring what happened to Isaac Kappy. The Arizona State Police say he jumped to his death from an overpass bridge above I-40 in Bellemont, Ariz., west of Flagstaff. In our opinion, that’s a bald-faced lie.

Isaac Kappy, the Albuquerque-born actor and singer, was most likely murdered. And he was murdered for a cause — to shut him up after he exposed pedophilia being committed by many of the leading directors and actors in Hollywood, among them Seth Green, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

Here, McAllisterTV focuses on the crude, appalling, horrific Tweets of Hanks. We concur with her: What a fucking pig and an especially brazen asshole.

McAllisterTV returns with a second video on the death — possible murder — of Isaac Kappy. She explores what might have happened to him. She returns to the Tom Hanks Instagram image showing a pea and a bottle cap, alongside text about Route 66 road kill. This Instagram, released in April, foretells the death of Kap (the bottle cap) and Py (the pea). Oh, how clever you are, Mr. Hanx. Hope you burn in Hell, Mofo! McAllister TV’s conclusion: These people are sick!

We close with a new video by Lift the Veil. He interviews an individual named The Phoenix Enigma, who traveled to the scene in Bellemont, Ariz., where Kappy died and interviewed many of the people who witnessed the immediate aftermath. The Phoenix Enigma believes Kappy did jump and died, leaving a blood mark in the asphalt. But the Enigma questions why the Arizona Department of Public Safety moved so quickly to close the case. Was this an accident or a murder? Not clear at this time.

Isaac Kappy Reportedly Dead

Isaac Kappy, the Albuquerque actor who has been exposing pedophiles in Hollywood, has turned up dead — mysteriously, of course.  Kappy has been seen in a number of major films, including Thor, Terminator Salvation and Fanboys. But he raised much more dust — and dirt — with his YouTube videos naming and shaming active pedophiles in Hollywood. Among those he identified: Seth Green, Steven Spielberg, Dan Schneider, James Gunn, Tom Hanks, Kevin Spacey, Kathy Griffin, Jimmy Kimmel, Barack Obama and Steven Colbert.

Details are still sketchy about Kappy’s death. Supposedly, he jumped from a bridge over the interstate in Bellemont, Arizona, on Monday and had been hit by a car. At the time of his death, Kappy was 42 years old. Bellemont is located around 10 miles west of Flagstaff. It’s not clear if Kappy was committing suicide or was murdered under directions from any of the pedophiles he had been outing.

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Here’s one of Kappy’s vintage videos discussing how pedophiles get their children and which state is the major source for child trafficking.

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Culkin Flees to France?

Isaac Kappy has a new video calling attention to Lift the Veil and its Voodoo Doughnuts video that we ran a couple of days ago. Be sure to watch it — and soon — because many other videos regarding Voodoo Doughnuts have been getting censored off YouTube. Funny how far the social media platforms will go to cover up for pedophiles and the agencies, including the CIA, involved in transporting the victimized kids. This chicanery must cease and the truth be told.

Here, Kappy also touches on Macaulay Culkin, whom he alleges to be a pedophile. Culkin has gone to France and Kappy maintains the actor has fled the country.

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Macaulay Culkin went on Joe Rogan and spoke about his time on a Island known for Pedophilia called Ko Phi Phi in Thailand. He said he picked up a worm from a “cat,” who spent a lot of time in his bed.

In light of the recent allegations from Issac Kappy saying that Seth Green admitted he is a pedophile to him, and that Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green are very close friends, this is an interesting connection to say the least. This video shows cat symbolism in other material of Macaulay Culkin which proves the “cat” has another meaning than just a feline.

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Portland’s Deep Pedo Ring

A whistleblower appearing on Lift the Veil discusses in great detail how Portland’s pedo rings work. He says the hubs for the trafficking of children are the networks of underground tunnels lying beneath the city. At the center of the ring are the individuals running Voodoo Doughnuts. They also have outlets in Denver, Austin, Hollywood and other cities — all with underground tunnels similar to those in Portland. Here, the whistleblower names names and discusses what he has personally witnessed, in an explosive expose that confirms what many of us have been saying for the past two years.

You have to wonder why law enforcement has not busted up these pedo rings? It’s quite obvious there is a degree of complicity. As such the federal government needs to take a direct role and bypass the corrupt local police departments. Attorney General Jeff Sessions: A break-up of these pedo rings is long overdue. We have patiently waited and now you need to act. The corruption must cease and our children be saved from these monsters.