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Capstone Events & Plasma Fires

Deep researcher Sofia Smallstorm returns to SGT Report to discuss the capstone people and the plasma fires. Directed energy weapons are now being used worldwide to separate peoples from their lands. This is being done to usher in United Nations Agenda 2025 and steal the people’s birthright.

Operation War Speed

Dustin Nemos knows exactly what’s up. Do you? This is ALIENS, FALLEN ANGELS & OPERATION WAR SEED. Get the truth here. More from the SGT Report.

FEMA’s Zombie 5G Apocalypse

FEMA was scheduled to implement an emergency broadcast alert takeover on either October 4th or October 11th at 2:22 PM EASTERN, and intel suggests that the frequency used may trigger graphene in the both the vaxxed and unvaxxed. If this “test” is not averted due to public awareness, will it trigger the CDC-predicted zombie apocalypse?

Meanwhile, New Yorkers are being sprayed with God knows what for God knows why as our dystopic reality comes more fully into view for all to see. Todd Callender and Lee Vliet are back to discuss it all with the SGT Report.

Bloodlines Of The Illuminati

Nathan Reynolds was heir to an illuminati family fortune, but after a childhood filled with unimaginably horrific physical, sexual and mental abuse, he learned that the cost of his inheritance would be his first-born daughter, and his eternal soul. With the grace of God, he escaped, but just barely. This is his story. Here’s more from the SGT Report.

World War III Already Ignited

Vladimir Putin today said that the United States is forcing this fight until every last Ukrainian is dead. Is he wrong?

Meanwhile, the head of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council has claimed a Third World War is already under way, with the Moscow-Kiev conflict pulling in countries far beyond the region. Here’s more from Clayton Morris on Redacted.

Meanwhile, there is mounting evidence to suggest Chinese involvement in the Maui wildfires. Major Jeffrey Prather (ret.) is now the intelligence officer for we the people and he returns to SGT Report with breaking news about China, Maui DEWs and the district of TREASON known as Washington, DC.

“Chinese satellites went over Maui at exactly the times that the fires started,” says Prather, who formerly worked as an analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Europe Broadsides Free Speech

Academic researcher and Freedom of Speech advocate David Thunder joins Redacted to discuss Europe’s new draconian Digital Services Act. Will it give bureaucrats unbelievable power to censor citizens who speak out against the official narratives? Will it act as a Trojan Horse to give even more power to European governments? Here’s more from Clayhton Morris on Redacted.

YouTube Poster

Ray Vahey, the founder and CEO of Bitchute, joins the SGT Report to discuss YouTube and Google’s tyranny, Bitchute, free speech and the war against humanity The full title of the episode is “Free Speech: Just No Free Reach?”

CIA Behind The Covid Pandemic

Joining me today Destiny Rezendez, here to discuss yet another of her very revealing and insightful threads. Destiny discovered a very important document from 2019 (that I had not seen prior to her work) in which In-Q-Tel, the venture capital firm of the CIA, outlined near exactly what later took place during the COVID-19 illusion of 2020.

This has potentially major implications for the origin of this COVID illusion, the execution of the manipulation to this very day, as well as possible accountability for these crimes. Here’s more from The Last American Vagabond.

Dr. Ana Mihalcea, attorney David Meiswinkle and Dr. Joseph Sansone join me to discuss the war on humanity and their exhaustive efforts to ban the jabs in in all 50 states. “Jabs’ is the colloquial term used to describe the Covid-19 bioweapon injections which are masquerading as “vaccines” and which are killing and maiming people all over the world.

Join the National American Renaissance Movement to help take our nation back. Here’s more from the SGT Report.

Maui Mountain Dews

Dustin Nemos returns to SGT Report to discuss Maui DEWs, UN agendas, NWO tribes and the children of darkness. The discussion turns on the Deep State and the devil. Here’s more from the SGT Report.

Gold Bricks/BRICS Gold

Jim Willie joins me to discuss banana Joe, the UD debt bomb, CBDCs, Bonds and BRICS gold. Here’s more from the SGT Report.

Banana Joe’s USA

BANANA JOE is a hopelessly corrupt career criminal masquerading as a politician. And everyone in the country who can think hates his guts. Crypto Blood joins me to discuss our banana republic. More from the SGT Report.