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Sounds Like The End Of Freedom

They’re building a system that will make slaves of us all. I go over 3 topics that demand attention. More from Amazing Polly.

Slaves Under Mass Obedience

Thousands of concertgoers at Glastonbury in Great Britain attend the announced final concert of Elton John — in a stage shaped like a pyramid with a seeing-eye on top. The rock scene is now squarely Luciferian, from Elton John to Madonna. To show independence, you must shake off The Beast and end your mass slave obedience. Here’s more from Hugo Talks.

Joe Biden: Trafficker-In-Chief

Sara Carter reports from the southern border that human trafficking is rapidly rivaling drug smuggling as the largest criminal enterprise in the world.

Cartels are aggressively exploiting the Biden Administration’s intentional open-border policy, flooding the U.S. with thousands of migrants, many of them consigned to sexual abuse or even slavery. Carter says this makes Biden “El Jefe,” or “the boss,” of human trafficking. Carter explains further, plus also shares the shocking revelation from fellow journalist Todd Bensman that the Biden Administration is actively coordinating with the Mexican government in sending the tidal wave of migrants across the border in the coming days.


The Swamp Is Everywhere

Most all powerful organizations have sinister components. So while the swamp is draining, this will not happen overnight, nor can we expect smooth sailing every step of the way.

In the latest video from And We Know, the range of topics includes: Mainstream media lies, BRICS and its efforts to get around restrictions from the United States and Europe, and Robert Kennedy Jr.’s testy interview with ABC.

Trafficking On Rise Under Biden

American cartels are trafficking children for sex, organs and slavery. “You thought all of that stuff was a thing of the past,” says Michael Jaco. “It has really gone high-order since the Biden administration came into office.”

This is in contrast with the Trump administration, which was the most active in American history in rooting out and ending these cartels.

Jaco identifies several of the chief villains in this regard. They include Bill Gates and the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Here’s more from Jaco, former CIA officer.


MK-Ultra Survivor Gives Hope

Mind control, forced suggestibility, and brain manipulation were hallmarks of the government’s MK-Ultra program.

Cathy O’Brien has worked to expose the government-sanctioned trafficking, slavery and pedophilia that she endured since she escaped from its clutches.

In this Edge of Wonder interview, Ben Chasteen, Rob Counts and Cathy O’Brien discuss not only the nefarious deeds conducted under a corrupt system, but they also talk about how much hope and positivity there is in exposing the evil. O’Brien appears in a new documentary called Trance: The Cathy O’Brien Story,  due out at the end of February.

Masks Not What You Think

Warning: Masks are not what you think! They have nothing to do with protecting you and others, but are basically a dark occult symbol of mockery and psychopathic control.

History will tell you that slaves were forced to wear masks, a symbolic gesture to mark them as not having a voice and to be owned while under the control of another entity. As our world continues to spiral into a state of tyranny and chaos, we come to realize that government is slavery. Here’s more, courtesy of the Sam2IAm channel.

Revolution Spreads Across China

It’s being called the White Paper Revolution and it’s now spreading across Communist China. The protests against the government of Xi Jinping are the biggest China has seen since the 1989 Tiananmen Square uprising that led to a massacre of civilians by the Chinese military.

Why has it been named the White Paper Revolution? Because strict laws forbid any outright protests, so the demonstrators hold up blank sheets of paper that have no writing on them whatsoever.

The protesters are angry over rigid covid mandates, especially after a fire tore through an apartment complex in Urumqi, a remote city in China’s Xinjiang region. Urumqi residents suffering under a covid quarantine had been locked inside the complex and many burned to death, including a three-year-old child. The tragedy has brought citizens to the streets to call for Jinping’s resignation and an end to the lockdowns. Here, Steve Turley explains the growing crisis.

This isn’t just about COVID, Glenn Beck says. In fact, the protests currently spreading throughout China are about something much, much more serious: Slavery and control. In this clip, Glenn dives into the real motivation behind the protests. He explains why they’re different from the 1989 ones at Tiananmen Square, and he predicts how these events could play out in our near future…

YouTube Poster


Slavery Abolition On The Ballot

The Constitution says you can be made to do labor if you’re imprisoned, but voters in five states will decide whether working prisoners are actually slaves.

Should we put an end to prison industries, or does having a job in jail teach the dignity of work and prepare convicts for return to the free world? The “Right Angle” trio Alfonzo Rachel, Scott Ott and Stephen Green debate the issue on the Bill Whittle channel.

Technology Of The Beast System

Here’s a Special Report from the SGTReport entitled The Children of Darkness & Beast System Technology. Researchers Hope and Tivon join the platform to discuss such matters as how the globalists plan to use 5G, vaccines and modified foods to control us.

Do they merely want to herd us like cattle, or also dictate what we can think, say or do? Give it a listen and find out more.