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How To Control Surveillance

Ramiro Romani of TakeBackOurTech.org and AbovePhone.com joins us today to discuss technology: what it is, how it works, and how we can make it work for us. We discuss how governments and big tech corporations are collaborating to undermine our rights to privacy, free expression and even freedom of travel and how we can remove the Big Brother surveillance and controls from our devices. More from James Corbett at The Corbett Report.

The Mark Of The Blue Tick

Online, you are surrounded by deception. Twitter — now known as X — serves as a great example of this hypocrisy.

Here, Hugo Talks delves into the many peculiarities that surround Elon Musk’s social media platform. X might be one means of communication, but it’s also a propaganda machine for the ruling establishment.

Biden Crime Family Chalkboard

Cocaine … shell companies … shady money from foreign oligarchs … cover-ups that go straight to the top of the federal government. It’s not a movie. It’s just another day in the life of the Biden Crime Family that would make Michael Corleone jealous. But despite MULTIPLE federal whistleblowers, FBI documents, testimony from Hunter Biden’s business partner and even BANK RECORDS that show millions of dollars being exchanged while Joe Biden was vice president, the Justice Department continues to look the other way.

Instead, prosecutors go after Donald Trump on RICO charges. But they’re missing the REAL “Don” here. You know him as Joe Biden. His family calls him “The Big Guy.” And Glenn Beck is tired of waiting: He breaks out the chalkboard to lay out a RICO case that the DOJ can’t refuse.

Also, he speaks with Michael Franzese, a former capo for New York’s Colombo crime family, who knows a thing or two about facing racketeering charges. He lays out why he believes the evidence against the Bidens would be a “slam dunk” in court. It’s time to build this case so we actually see RESULTS … and it goes directly to the godfather himself.

YouTube Poster

Meanwhile, Apple has removed Glenn Beck’s show on The Blaze from the Apple podcasts. No explanation was given for the blatant censorship. Apple is deeply embedded in Communist China, so it’s shocking the company would run its social media platforms so rigidly and in a clearly un-American fashion. Drop their podcasts and don’t ever buy any of Apple’s lousy computers. Here’s more from Tim Roth on Timcast.

Told Ya…

How many people were hopeful that Twitter would banish widespread censorship after Elon Musk took over? But as we have seen, the censorship keeps creeping back into place, same as it ever was. Doesn’t matter if Musk tries to rebrand Twitter with his space-age “X.” He’s still weak on censorship, same as slum lords rarely reform and become decent landlords. Here’s more from Dave Cullen on Computing Forever.

When Bad News Breaks…

Why doesn’t anyone trust the mainstream media any more? Because it’s fake news — dished out by the CIA to protect the Democrats.

If there was even a tony, slender thread of truth to anything reported by the fake news, we would have learned more about Jeffrey Epstein and his notorious Caribbean island for pedophiles. The rich, fat cats descended upon that cesspool in droves to rape and massacre children, yet the fake news still denies what happened and tries to shield those responsible.

It’s time to cut to the chase in addressing this sham. The same fake news told us the vaccines were safe and effective, when they were neither safe nor effective. They pressed upon us to wear masks and demanded those who didn’t “mask up” should lose their jobs. Now, we know this was all just another humiliation ritual perpetrated upon everyday Americans by the child trafficking scum in charge.

Here’s more from And We Know, including a look at how Australians are dealing with a cashless society.

Fed Censors Bit In The Ass

In a major legal victory, a federal judge has slammed the brakes on the Biden administration’s alleged manipulation of big tech to censor social media. This ruling, spurred by a censorship-by-proxy lawsuit, prohibits key government agencies from inciting, persuading, or pressuring social media firms to censor content containing protected free speech.

The judge’s injunction, a result of litigation by attorneys general in Louisiana and Missouri, has signaled a substantial win for free speech advocates. The controversial practices of the administration, described as an alarming infringement on free speech, have been starkly spotlighted.

Despite potential appeals and continuing legal battles, this ruling has disrupted the Biden administration’s narrative control efforts and propelled concerns of government overreach into public discourse. More from the Next News Network.

The Hits Keep Coming

Drones hit inside Moscow as Zelensky states “It’s natural, fair that war is returning to Russian territory.” Was is a false flag or Ukraine? New CDC Director says annual covid shots will be recommended. Rep Jim Jordan unveils the Facebook Files showing the Biden administration pressured the social media company into censoring Americans. WEF Agenda advisors foresee Climate lockdowns and “carbon swapping.” Here’s more from the Kim Iversen Show.

Meta’s Threads Dying On Vine

In today’s video, we take a look at how Meta’s Threads app is doing. Spoiler alert! Not well…Here’s more from Awaken with JP.

Osiris Risen

Elon Musk has gouged the bird and rechristened Twitter as “X.” This is the next stage in a transformation that will see Twitter turned into something much closer to the Chinese social media platform WeChat.

Namely, people will be able to use Twitter as a mobile payment app. But they also might be subject to much more surveillance, social media propaganda and outright censorship. Here’s more from Hugo Talks.