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Hawaii Fires! Solar Flash!

Hawaii fires! Solar flash! Bush funeral note! New Internet system switch!?! No ads. The long-awaited coffee video! Reptilians and more from McAllister TV.

Demons Populate Music Videos

Dome removed and 5D slides in while 3D is escorted out! Burning Man! Demons manifesting in music videos! A conversation with Christian 21! Potus rally notes! Rosie! More from McAllister TV.

Rothschild Flea Fetish!

Christian 21 update! The Flash! Mind/Soul Complex! Learn about Walter Rothschild’s flea museum at the family’s Tring Park mansion, within Hertfordshire County, Great Britain!

Also, here’s an introduction to castles that have prisons inside of them! The Soul Loop! East and West! The Intel Lady! More from McAllister TV.

Flash: What’s Going To Happen?

Christian 21 returns with a military breakdown of the Solar Flash Event! 3-Day Blackout followed by 10 days of darkness! 3D Martial Law! 3D Matrix vs. 5D Enhanced Perceptions! Perfect Bodies!

New Gateways! Galactic protection! People who died from the vaxx are bypassing the Shift! They are waiting for the others to arrive! Positives will help with transports! We’ve already done this before! We’re not on a schedule…We are waiting for them to wake up!

Big questions get big answers! 9-11 was entertainment! Trump stopped child trafficking with covid-tainted adrenochrome! Bush funeral! Over 2.7 million executions already a year ago! Secret “elite” meeting place blown to smithereens! Kissinger executed first…And more from McAllister TV.

Reptilians Report To Orion!

Christian 21! Bogdanoffs have an unreal castle with an even more unbelievable underground! All castles are Reptilian! All are connected through underground tunnels! The Reptilians must kill children ritually because the energy has to be used beneath the castles!

Negativity can be detected in light forms and removed! Omicrons! Alice in Wonderland done in 30! WWG1WGA! More from McAllister TV.

CPS: Run By The Reptilians!

Christian 21! Child Protective Services (CPS) is run by Reptilians and Demonic Black Dust for food! The military won’t be flying in…they’ll be coming out of motels worldwide! Lists of systems and why they will come down last!

Omicron Reptilians: Bigger than Dracos and from a higher line of royalty than Dracos! Bogdanoff Twins are Omicron! Dracos, Greys and Omicrons can change magnetic fields and kill people! Reptile eggs are royalty! More from McAllister TV.

The Illuminati: All Reptilians!

Christian 21 resurfaces on the new McAllister TV video. Some highlights: We inhabit a Lizard Planet! The Illuminati are Reptilians, hence, their plan for world destruction!

Also: The Bogdanoff Twins! What will happen during the 5D Shift? What will we see? What will it feel like? Synopsis of the moments before and after the flash! White Light Tech will heal us! Done in 30 seconds!

Time Doesn’t Exist!

Here’s a new update from Christian 21! There will be new 5D life forms on a 5D Earth to help us! Animals will be healed, too! Two flashes, one will fix our DNA! Christian offers his own breakdown on how the event will transpire!

He says everyone who has died in the last couple of years has gone to a new Earth! Little Earth will have assistance! There will be a lot of negativity on Little Earth! 5D Earth will have no noise and no negativity! More from McAllister TV.

Solar Flash Trump

How will the solar flash work? Here, we learn of the transition to come. There will be three groups of humans removed to new larger, greener planets — Christians, Moslems and Indians. How will med beds be distributed? Who can use them? More from bluewater.