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Build Back Butter

This week on the New World Next Week: Peachtree Corners’ Curiosity Lab leads the way into the Brave New World Order; the CIA is investing in holograms, AR and the metaverse; and BTS visits the White House as the political show biz reality merges. More from The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy.

EU To Declare Food Emergency

The food crisis is here. The European Union’s agricultural ministers held an emergency meeting, and are set to activate a “Food Crisis Contingency Mechanism” in anticipation of the shortages resulting from the blocked 40% of global wheat exports that are no longer flowing from Ukraine/Russia.

South Korea’s animal feed producers are preparing to declare force majeur, unable to produce feed without the 300,000 metric tons they’d expected from Ukraine now stuck in the Black Sea. Nations are banning exports to cling to what food stocks they DO have. Things are escalating quickly in the food crisis. More from The Ice Age Farmer.


Will Robots Be The Death Of Us?

This is an archived presentation, courtesy of Divine Travels, filmed during the UFO Cruise, 2019. In 2019, military whistleblowers say their human bodies are already getting artificial cyborg enhancements; by 2030 an estimated one-third of the U. S. work force will be replaced by robots, while more than 100 autonomous robots are patrolling the North and South Korean border.

Warnings are coming from many directions that A. I. “is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization,” as Elon Musk, CEO and Founder of Tesla and Space X, told a recent National Governors’ meeting. Further, investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe links A. I. to a revelation about UFO and E. T. phenomena past and present. More from the Zohar Entertainment Group.


Go East, Young White Men

Women in the Far East, in places like Japan and South Korea, are seeking out young white men. The interest: If not love and marriage, then possibly sperm donations so these unattached women can have children. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Upright Croc Species Confirmed

A  stunning discovery of 100-million-year-old footprints in South Korea has dramatically captured the imagination of researchers across the planet. For the first time in history, a crocodile has been known to have existed in the remote past that walked upright, on two legs. The creature had features similar to that of T-Rex, walking upright in a hunched-over position, with small hands and was 9-feet-long from snout to tail. One researcher described the discovery as one of the most important clues found in the evolutionary record. BuzWeaver tells us more of the shocking discovery in this episode of The Lost History Channel TKTC.

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America Ablaze

No Nikes, No Peace. Razorfist offers his perspective on the Leftist riots that have run roughshod over major cities across America. To the dumb young punks taking part and allowing terrorists like Antifa to rule by taking advantage of your stupidity, we offer this one warning. Remember, “It’s all fun and games until the rooftops start speaking Korean.”

Lee Jung Hyun, known in South Korea as “The Techno Queen,” sings Wa in a TV broadcast from Oct. 31, 1999. If the rooftops start speaking Korean, we appoint Lee to translate.

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A Coronavirus Testing Snag

After one of my son’s coworkers tested positive as the first case of community-spread Covid-19 coronavirus in Hawaii, the company had all employees come in to be tested. But it didn’t go well. More from Jake Morphonios with Blackstone Intelligence.

Meanwhile, Stefan Molyneux offers a coronavirus update, including discussion of new scientific tests with hydroxychloroquine that are beginning to suggest a possible cure. Does this mean the crisis is over? Not yet. But it does mean that the number of cases might actually begin to subside and we could be looking at more of a cleanup operation, rather than facing an insurmountable pandemic.

These college spring break morons refuse to stop partying in Miami and don’t care about Coronavirus. More from Mr. Obvious.

There is no such thing as a pain-free life, and the earlier you understand that pain is inevitable, the happier you will be. This Fireside Chat is dedicated to the silver linings found in difficult times. Is there a silver lining to coronavirus? More from Dennis Prager at PragerU.

Dr. Joe & Scientist Max rejoin Sarah Westall’s program to discuss the real solutions that exist to fully solve the coronavirus crisis without the need of vaccines and other costly pharmaceutical programs. We discuss why South Korea’s numbers are so low and why Italy’s numbers are so high. This information is the key to getting our country out of lockdown and back on track.


Outbreak In Washington State

A nursing home facility in Washington State has been hit hard by the coronavirus. It looks as if a number of patients as well as caregivers could be infected at a nursing home in Kirkland, a suburb of Seattle with a population around 90,000. Several other counties are now reporting their first cases: Qatar, Ecuador, Ireland and Luxembourg. More from Styxhexenhammer666 as he gives his daily coronavirus update.

Holistic nutritionalist Valerie Robitaille joins SGTReport from Morocco to discuss the multifaceted attack against humanity. Coronavirus is just the tip of the iceberg, but fortunately there are ways to protect yourself from it, as Valerie explains.

Here on leap day 2020 (February 29th) the US records its first coronavirus death on the continent, a 50+ year-old man in Washington State. Cases continue to grow exponentially in South Korea and Italy. Meanwhile, most hospital systems in western countries are woefully unequipped for any large influx of serious respiratory patients.

After dragging its feet for seeming forever, the CDC “allows” states to begin testing on their own. Finally, and inexplicably. Through all of this we’ve been consistently telling you that you need to prepare.

Now it’s more or less too late. Already many communities are experiencing runs on basic items of food and water. Any preparing you do from here on out needs to be done ultra-responsibly and without any hoarding. From here on out the words are going to be “mitigation” (not containment) and “non-pharmaceutical interventions” or NPIs. That’s a fancy way of saying no large gatherings, no school, and no unnecessary travel or contact. More from Chris Martenson.

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Coronavirus is real but only in a very limited sense. The fear of the virus is being fanned and fed by the mainstream media and the globalists, who wish to continue to push an anti-nationalist agenda and steal more freedoms from the public. More from TheCrowhouse.