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Earning Our Distrust

Dinesh D’Souza makes the case for why so many public institutions–from the FBI to the CDC–have earned our distrust.

He also discusses how Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is dispatching troops to the southern border, Attorney General Ken Paxton’s woes in Texas and baseball players speaking out against woke propaganda.

How Do You Sneak One In?

The [Deep State] is panicking. The evidence is coming out against [Joe Biden] and the Democrats need to remove him. He has become a liability. They are prepared to replace him.

Trump announces how we can fix the border and how we can stop the illegals. One way for the [Deep State] to bring in a candidate is to remove a senator and replace them with [Michelle Obama]. Then use this as a spring board into the Presidency.

Trump is most likely counting on this to put [Barack Obama] in the spotlight. More from the X22 Report.

Border Patrol Under Cover

The CBP — the acronym for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection — claims it does not spend taxpayer dollars to transport or assist illegal aliens. That’s true, but also a flat-out lie.

It’s true because the CBP doesn’t directly pay for the bus transports or plane flights that take illegals from the border and scatter them in towns and cities all over the nation.

It’s actually a lie, though, because while the CBP might not pay for those flights and hauls, the CBP works directly with NGOs — non-governmental organizations — that do pick up those costs. And guess what? Those NGOs currently receive nearly $150 million in federal grants, so your tax money is paying for much of the charade. In other words, lying Joe Biden is on the job, while on vacation, in his basement!

Here with the facts is Natly Denise. She focuses on what happens with the transport of underage children, many of whom are among the deluge of illegal aliens along our southern border.


Biden Crookery Exposed At IRS

The Biden Crime Family IRS Whistleblower reveals his identity and speaks out against the IRS cover-up of the Biden investigation.

New documents reveal the extent of the FBI’s investigation into the mysterious group known as “Q”.

China’s Ambassador issues a new message to Chinese students in America asking for their allegiance. Meanwhile, Chinese “migrants” are pouring across the southern border in record numbers. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Is The CCP Invading America?

Sara Carter reports that an alarming number of single, military-aged Chinese males are among the wave of illegal immigrants at our southern border seeking illegal entry into the United States.

Is this the beginning of an orchestrated invasion by the Chinese Communist Party? House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green joins the Carter podcast to break down the danger to our national security posed by the immigrants and details House GOP legislation to restore order to the border. More from Carter.

Internet Going Down Soon?

Trafficking movie! Nuclear threat from Putin! Senators given emergency satellite phones!

The Border is falling! Woke companies facing a pinch!

Is the Internet going down soon? Rumors suggest that the plug could get pulled on or by Thursday. Operators in harm’s way!  More from And We Know.

100 satellite phones were offered to all members of the U.S. Senate, sparking rumors that something big could happen. Is a global internet shutdown or manmade disaster really the reason why they were given the phones? Or are people just hyped up for nothing?

Speaking of strange things, Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts found a list of some of the most ridiculous events that have happened in the Senate, which they’ll cover on this Edge of Wonder Live show. They’ll also discuss Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmailing of Bill Gates over Gates’ alleged affair with Russian bridge player Mila Antonova. Is something deeper going on?

Joe Biden: Trafficker-In-Chief

Sara Carter reports from the southern border that human trafficking is rapidly rivaling drug smuggling as the largest criminal enterprise in the world.

Cartels are aggressively exploiting the Biden Administration’s intentional open-border policy, flooding the U.S. with thousands of migrants, many of them consigned to sexual abuse or even slavery. Carter says this makes Biden “El Jefe,” or “the boss,” of human trafficking. Carter explains further, plus also shares the shocking revelation from fellow journalist Todd Bensman that the Biden Administration is actively coordinating with the Mexican government in sending the tidal wave of migrants across the border in the coming days.


Media (TV Conspiracy) Is Dead

The Media (TV conspiracy) is dead! Trump Town Hall backfires for CNN. “The Storm” has begun. Biden family just the start in exposing the corruption. Now, we can witness the mainstream media revolt! Pray! More from And We Know.

Juan O. Savin: Major Break

Juan O. Savin says that shocking disclosures in the next few days will dictate the direction of the country, especially regarding our economy and the mess on our southern border.

Savin tells Gideon’s Army that many Americans will have trouble understanding the revelations, which began on Tuesday when the House Oversight Committee provided evidence of the Biden Crime Family’s money-laundering schemes involving foreign adversaries through LLCs. He digs into the details and offers some sage advice.